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    I am now a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow
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    Son #1 is sewing on his own merit badge for the first time. Then he will do is new position patch.
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    I still have a solid 18 months to see what good I can accomplish in the Scouting world, so don't count me as gone yet! I intend to go out with a bang!
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    Oldest son is now a First Class Scout!!
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    Camp is over.. an experience I will never forget, friends I will always have, and a need to return to staff.
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    Boys are on a hike today. If son #1 completes a few more things, he will earn First Class before summer camp (#3, he's 13). Son #2 completed the Swimming merit badge. We are encouraging them to log for Personal Fitness over summer vacation.
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    Son #1 finished the Swimming merit badge! Son #2 is almost done but needs to work on diving.
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    My sons took on new roles in their troop -- 11 y.o. is Assistant Patrol Leader and 13 y.o is Scribe.