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  1. By the way, you also don't need an adult present when Scout skills are learned for advancement. Get those adults out of those groups, registered or not, and let the Scouts teach the skills. Let the older Scouts sign the younger Scouts off on the requirements. Only then does an adult need to be involved.
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  2. No, you don't need an MBC present when skills are learned. The MBC only needs to be the one to sign off when the Scout has completed the requirements to the satisfaction of the MBC.
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  3. What they said..... youtube button factory skit
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  5. Is this someone who was just helping out one time, or are they always there and always interacting with the youth? Is there a reason they are not registered? Have they been approached about registering and declined to do so?
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  6. ypt for everyone involved in the unit other than a guest doing a group activity. This guest is assigned a unit leader to be their guide during the presentation or additional interaction time. I would encourage parents to take the YPT training to know what they should see from the unit leader and what is expected of them and others involved in scouting. Any overnight YPT is a must, and transporting youth within a scouting event is necessary. Just picking their child is nice but not required.
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  7. At what milestone does the org “leave bankruptcy”? To me that is when this wrapped up.
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