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  1. Plaques aren't essential. They are a "want" versus a "need." If they aren't in the existing budget, then this is a Committee issue, if there is a push to fund this from the AOL parents. IF the Committee votes to fund this, then they have to solve the problem of how to fund it or come up with plaques. There's a million ways to skin that cat. But, if you are the CM (??) then this really isn't your issue. If you are CM, then you don't have a vote 😜 Past history is just that... past history. That they were funded in the past is irrelevant to the issue. We did plaques s
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  2. Back in the Dark Ages, when B-P was a sub-leftenant, our AOL crossovers got that...the AOL patch, rank card and certificate. The receiving troop usually provided a troop necker and slide. Quite sufficient in my estimation. Wish them well and send them on their way. I guarantee the adults see this as way more important than the Scouts do.
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  3. STICK. TO. YOUR. BUDGET! (yes that is me yelling, not at you but the situation). You had a budget meeting, it was open and they didn't show up. If needed produce the emails with the proposed budget, invitation to attedn the meeting, and the minutes from the meeting with approval from those there. $45 per plaque is expensive IMHO. IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE (caps to note edit) Now, some options I have seen. One pack I was with had a guy with a woodshop, and he made AOL shaped plaques. Arrows were purchased and made by the OA chapter. Only thing they paid for was the arrows, as that was
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  4. In the years that I have been involved with our pack, the AOL's have done both plaques and banners, and they have always been funded by the AOL and their parent. We have never included either in the pack budget.
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  5. I agree. Many people want to known what gifs to give scouts, want mementos, etc. This effort isn’t needed as it is already baked into the program. We have done plaques, and have asked the AOLs to pay if they want one.
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  6. Don't be afraid to reach out outside of scouting if your scouts are bored and you don't have a lot of scouting resources nearby. County parks department naturalists, state wildlife biologists, local universities, Audubon state or local chapters, watersheds, hiking clubs, outdoors groups like Trout Unlimited and Ducks Unlimited. They are great resources to help adult leaders become more educated and more interesting, and they also can come liven up a troop meeting by sharing some knowledge or meeting up with scouts to give a demo somewhere. Through Audubon, I got a national expert to meet up w
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  7. Concur!! From the Scout Handbook (page 416): "Once you feel that you have MASTERED [emphasis mine] a skill, a leader tests you and passes you on the requirement. This could be a youth leader, or an adult leader, or a merit badge counselor. (This won't be your parent unless your parent is also a troop leader or merit badge counselor.)" This is the written rebuttal to the "one and done" mentality. I have had to show this to Scouts on a few occasions. The written word has great authority 😜 Good luck!
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