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  1. ... for you. Experiences with Covid seem to be very individual. I think the key lesson with Covid is that what works for you, works for you, and not necessarily for someone else. I'm very glad you are doing well. For myself, I don't think I won that same genetic lottery and have been thankful that the vaccine and boosters have so far apparently done their job to keep me and the other high risk individuals in my sphere healthy.
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  2. We did CIS as a troop and I believe it was really good for the scouts and adults. One of the things I brought up was that people come from different economic backgrounds and that we help with scholarships for those families that need it. One scout stated that no one in our troop needed that. He is wrong. I also shared with them the story of my 91 year old father who came to the US (Arkansas) from China. When he was a child, he was not allowed to attend school in his town because of the Jim Crow Laws, i.e. my father was labeled "colored" and therefore wasn't allowed to attend scho
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