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  1. Your mental gymnastics could come back to bite … Philmont trek is a series of overnights interrupted by hikes with full packs. Seabase sailing adventures is a series of overnights interrupted by rolling up your bunk, stowing it in the hold, and snorkeling reefs or touring islands. We could say the same for extended adventures with dog sledding, cross country skiing, or circus caravans. Look, let’s clear all of the machinations off the table and do what this forum prattles on incessantly about doing. Be boy led. Have the scout read the requirements, look at his campin
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  2. I recall a young DE that was at everything. He was especially blessed because his wife was right there with him. We recently crossed paths about 40 years later. He had a successful BSA career and is now retired. Thank heavens for guys like that!
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  3. I fear that scouts sometimes are harder on themselves than others would be. I fear that many of us would pass him if he's a good scout, but the scout might block himself. IMHO, you have a legitimate argument that the canoe trek was not a long-term as each night was a completely different camp site with setup and tear down.
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  4. Asked and answered here: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2015/06/24/ask-expert-isnt-camping-night-camping-mb/ Wade through the myriad comments, if you dare.
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  5. OK, bit of an aside, but I always found the Req's for the Camping MB weird. The Scout can only claim one long term camping trip (up to 6 nights) and needs 20 nights. But no guidance on what a short term camping trip is. 1 night? 2? 3? 4? 5?. What about a Scout who has done multiple long term camps? It seems weird that they can use a one night car camping trip, but no nights at all from that 12 night Philmont expedition because they already had a summer camp counted? Or does it camp for x nights?
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  6. I do it for the money! Our Committee just doubled my pay!! $0 x 2 = $0
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  7. Not shirking. But I am a spirit if the law person, rather than a letter of the law type.
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