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  1. I've been lurking for a number of months on Scouter.com. I finally took the plunge and registered. Understaffed LCs can't support the administrative requirements associated with an LC-sponsored unit. This makes the UMC Affiliation Agreement a non-starter. Furthermore, an understaffed LC can't help a unit find a new Chartering Organization should the unit elect to retain its UMC meeting/storage space via the Facilities Use Agreement. Prospecting and signing up a new CO will likely require some significant District Exec support, especially now that more national organizations (Elks, VFW
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  2. Thanks for the welcome and encouragement! I was SM and Committee Chair for the church-Chartered Scout Troop and CM and Committee Chair for the Pack. Currently, I'm Chair of the church Trustees and no longer registered with BSA. The Trustees get to work through the relationship between the church and the units going forward. As a Trustee, I have a responsibility to protect the assets of the church. But I still have a lot of residual loyalty to the Troop and Pack and want to see Scouting continue in our community. The most elegant solution (given the current options available) for t
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  3. 08/08/22: CHP officers responded to a call of a pickup truck and trailer stuck in the mud. Officer noticed Boy Scout patches and a map of Camp John Mensinger, a nearby BSA camp. That piqued the interest of the officers, who also noticed that the trailer had numerous items on it that were suspected to be stolen property. The officers called the Tuolumne Sheriff’s office for backup. Deputies went to the Boy Scout Camp and confirmed that six buildings had been burglarized. Sheriff’s spokesperson Sgt. Jacob Ostoich detailed, “Helsel admitted to burglarizing the camp and being under
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  4. Based on his descriptions I would venture to say that VFC stands for Volunteer Fire Company.
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  5. Update 8/12/2022 KILLINGWORTH — A lawsuit aiming to protect a bird sanctuary at Deer Lake Scout Reservation, which is for sale, and a countersuit from the Boy Scouts both have been dropped. Robert Brown, spokesman for the Connecticut Yankee Council, said the council is in negotiations with both Fortitude Capital, a real estate development firm, and Pathfinders, a local scouting group that runs the camp. Margaret Streicker, CEO of Fortitude Capital LLC, sits on the board of the Yankee Council, but had recused herself, she has said. When asked whether the Yankee Council was c
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