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  1. For a decade or so my sons had a friendly competition for the highest mountain climbed. Mostly though I think they wanted to beat their Dads best of 11,711. A few years ago I got an photo of a smiling scoutson #1 standing in the snow, next to a sign proclaiming 18,500 ft. He was somewhere in Nepal.
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  2. This does not surprise me at all given the long term effects of Child Sexual Abuse on ones psyche. Drug abuse, issues with authority, and problems with relationships do not make a CSA survivor the ideal worker.
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  3. The Denver Area Council is hosting a virtual Sea Badge training over two weekends in April. This is the adult leader training parallel to Wood Badge for Sea Scouters, but is also open to any Scouters, and while similar in some respects to Woodbadge, is different enough that it would still be interesting. Registration is open to Scouters from any Council, and is only about 1/3 full at this time. I did this through Transatlantic Council in 2020, and while not a Sea Scouter, found it helpful and informative, and will be on the staff of this one, so thought it might be of interest here.
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  4. What’s the daily burn rate these days? Not my bailiwick, but if she can ditch a mediator with a flick of her wand, it would seem so. Right? In the event that happens, the “substantial contribution” argument by which they advanced the request (demand?) for payment of BrownRudnick’s fees would almost certainly go bye bye. Substantial contributor and obstructionist perch on the opposite ends of the teeter totter, me thinks.
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  5. May not be a bad idea. That could shake things up a bit. I don't think she has been happy with the coalition (asking for payments from BSA, fights between Kosnoff/KR, etc.) She sees that the voting percent didn't hit high enough and now this mess. Perhaps use it as a threat for now.
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  7. I don't think I am cut out to be a judge. It feels like she is herding cats. It seemed clear what she approved and now it seems like she is being ignored. If I were here, I would be angry about this ... but perhaps that is just how law is practiced.
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  8. Had a newer scout that was lugging the 5D Maglight around. I asked him why he didn't get a headlamp or pocket flashlight. His answer was one could not hit a bear over the head with pocket flashlight. I could not argue with such sound logic
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  9. $100m spent in 2021 (guestimate). Divide by 365. Approx $300k per day.
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