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  1. No, AIS is not a member of the TCC. The TCC is composed of nine abuse victims who have volunteered for that extra work (literally "volunteered", they aren't paid and don't expect to have their own claims treated any more favorably than anyone else's), and has a fiduciary duty to work for the benefit of all abuse claimants. AIS is Koznoff, Van Arsedale and one other lawyer. There's also the "Coalition of Abused Scouts for Justice", the "CASJ" or "Coalition" for short. The CASJ seems to have started as the AIS members plus some other lawyers, but back in September, when one of the insurer
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  2. The 20 Dec 1931 issue of the Houston Chronicle, describes the award ceremony of the first two men in Houston to receive the Silver Beaver Award. The article contains this sentence: "Each was presented with a silver beaver, emblematic of perseverance." The article has a photo of the parchment certificate. As an aside, my search also revealed that Ferris Bueller's father was a Silver Beaver recipient. At the 1 hr, 8 minute mark of the movie, he claims that there is a framed Silver Beaver certificate in the hallway.
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  3. Or the number of ornaments caught.
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  4. Georgia The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) collected close to 700 Christmas trees this year to help improve fish habitat at Clarks Hill Lake. The materials are pretty simple for creating the habitat. All it takes is a some metal twine, a concrete cinder block, and drop it in. The USACE has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America and Greenbrier High School Fishing team to build habitat. If you would like to volunteer, you can reach out to their office to see what opportunities are available. Christmas trees make great habitat, but only last about 3 years before they start to de
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