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    Scouter.com? Oh, sorry. But, to answer seriously, I suspect that if it's a phone company style breakup then the councils will have to agree on any changes. It will be bureaucratic to some extent but the bigger councils may end up with more say. Some councils might just split off. They might want to adapt it so different councils can make changes.
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    Don't know about where you live, but eight buddies pitching in $15 can get a kid to some very sweet campsites in Western, PA. That includes filling their bellies with some quality ingredients -- possibly fresh eggs and milk if you're willing to pitch in and help the farmer/ranger with a project or two. So, the calculus has become: pay BSA registration vs. go camping once a month. I am honestly astounded that the parents in my troop think it's worth the price of admission.
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    But to many $15-$20/ month for dues alone IS a lot of money. Only thing that helped me out was camps being cancelled. Between summer camp deposits and budgeted food saved, I got enough to pay for 2020 recharter.
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    Here's what I found. https://www.scouting.org/about/annual-report/ 2019 2010 Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 105,536,000 51,587,000 Gift annuities 7,099,000 Unearned fees and subscriptions 42,799,000 38,240,000 Notes payable including line of credit 224,517,000 112,203,000 Insurance reserves 234,845,000 70,050,000 Payable upon return of securities loaned 1,881,000 55,232,000
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    We have an entire forum devoted to the patrol method. Is there a polite way for me to suggest that this conversation be moved over to that forum?
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    If National gets through reorganization, it will retain the IP as a core property for future operations. If National is liquidated, the IP will be sold in bankruptcy like all of the other assets. A group of going-forward councils that have survived and received individual third party discharges could bid. Other purchasers could outbid a council group, so there is no guarantee that a Scouting-related group would be in control of it.
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    Personally not a fan. Allow me explain... advancement is a method, not the goal. All of the methods work with each other in furtherance of the aims. As an example, mBs as advancement in concert with adult association provide both the motivation and the medium for the scout to progress towards the aims. Advancement with mBs in absence of true adult association denies the scout the opportunity as promised by scouting. While I applaud your initiative, I do see this as a replacement for a real adult association opportunity. Scouts will simply go to a mB counselor (likely not even qualified in the mB, but approved by council anyway) and get "signed off" without gaining anything from the mB counselor except for a signature. If this resource is needed by the mB counselor, then he/she does not have the requisite knowledge or experience to be the mB counselor.
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