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  1. I can't believe some of you think it's OK for scouts to sell stolen goods. And whoever voted to ban laser tag should be permanently banned from all scout events.
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  2. My first B&G as Cubmaster is tomorrow night. (Better late than never). Its going to be outside and spread out. Im planning on ending with Scout Vespers and the the Scoutmasters Benediction. Is that corny or is that the sort of thing we should be doing more of?? I do tend to second guess myself a lot.
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  3. Good on ya, mate. My stints as Cubmaster and "First Assistant Everything Else" for CSDC are some of the most fun I have ever had. I still run across some of the "boys" in my travels and am remembered. One CUB made Eagle , is now head cashier at my local bank . Not my story, but I can claim some credit. One year, the CSDC theme was "Way Out West" and our District decided to tell the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition. My partner, name of Ted, and I were the chief instigators. Every morning at opening, we would "tell " a story about the L&C trek, and thus set the theme fo
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  4. Where you and I may recognize the difference in playing football vs. tossing it around a little, when a Scout twists his ankle while tossing the ball, that report is going to be written up as an injury while playing football. If asked, the Scout will say they were playing football. At that point, he was engaged in a prohibited activity. Insurance claim denied. I don't think that we should have to coach our Scouts on how to use the correct verbiage to make sure that we are jumping through all the proper hoops. We would have to make sure that little Johnny knows to say that they were "just thr
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  5. https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss07/#b See #13... as the mom of a varsity level Fencer and Eagle Scout I can tell you the protective equipment keeps the fencer safe. Literally scoring is done electronically meaning if the tip of the epee, foil or saber touches the opponent it’s considered a hit. And it doesn’t have to be a hard touch. Once again - the lawyers at BubbleWrap, No BooBoos and Son have missed the point of something that kids can learn and have fun with. did you see that #14 includes no sock throwing game? So the snowball fi
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