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    Smart? I can't think of anything I have said in any of my 2344 posts that might lead you to that conclusion. But I'll thank you anyway.
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    Yes. They have killed the organization, but they can't kill scouting. Scouting is a movement. Scouting will continue long after BSA is dead and buried.
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    RE: Permanent BSA Job Cuts. I'd better start hearing about major cuts at the very top or this will be my wife's and my last year with Scouts BSA. The amount of money certain people make and the large payout on pensions of this organization is through the roof. There is no reason on earth some of these people should be making the amount of money they are making when working for a volunteer organization. Especially, one that has a paying membership on a major decline. As volunteers for the BSA and spending hours upon hours working with the kids and watching a program being even more dumbed down because of decisions coming from the top, this is almost too much to take... There are a great many other non-profit organizations that are begging for volunteers such as those currently with Scouts BSA. Do the people at the top honestly believe we'll go down with the ship as it continually sinks. Nope! Open your eyes. Keep it up Scouts BSA, your on the verge of killing the very organization. Start Cutting At The Very Top Now! Or, We Start Leaving!
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    Most who were downsized/rightsized, some multiple times in last 40+ years, in groups small and large (1,000's, 10,000's ), during difficult times and circumstances were good people who did not deserve it. For those who did deserve it, well this is a scout forum. From my experiences, suck it up and move on - budget and negotiate, maintain medical insurance, network, be open to new ventures (even temporary), stay positive...It is hard and lousy but the alternatives are worse. My $0.02,
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    Just got done talking to a buddy of mine who is (was) at ScoutingU. it was over 100 people...permanently. Most of the training team, member care, a good chunk of supply, membership growth coaches... This is heartbreaking. Whatever your feeling towards paid BSA members, it's gut wrenching to see people lose their jobs, especially in a time of such uncertainty. A lot of good people who don't deserve this.
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    Still can be stressful. You seem like a smart, thrifty and well prepared individual. You'd likely do well regardless of UI. A few co-workers of mine were furloughed. They ended up making more money on UI than I was making working. (I live a LCOL area.) I was kept on, doing twice the work I normally would, but I was grateful because I knew: 1.) The extra federal money for unemployment would eventually end or be modified. 2.) Furloughs can easily become permanent layoffs. 3.) I like what I do, and with the virus out, I wouldn't do the social things I did to entertain myself like I did when I was laid off in 2018. Even that was a stressful experience, and I was only laid off for about 8 weeks, during a good economy, with no pandemic. This week it was announced that half the furloughed members of my team would return, the other half would be laid off. I'm glad I didn't have to deal with that stress, and I got to pick up some new skills and have a shake up to the normal work I do. Plus now I have a ton of built up vacation to use, and the clock keeps toiling on my vesting for the company retirement plan.
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    I don't think we're allowed to say they deserve it.
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    A former pro from my council was one of those who was let go. He is truly top notch and I have to believe was a net positive for the organization. I just feel really bad for him and his family. He is a high quality person and will land on his feet but I know the stress must be incredibly high for him right now.
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    Easier implemented in some activities... (BSA Troop 565 Roound Rock, TX) Seabase 2020
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    I wouldn't worry about this at all. There are no uniform police.
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    Left? I was thinking back to WW1 when politicians and generals were moving people about. Lol, though I am a libertarian. Not only that, the word liberal is one I would gladly embrace but from the very specific meaning of classical liberalism as a product of the enlightenment. That is the basis our founders used and believed. It wasn’t til recently that ‘liberal and conservative became almost slurs. Those modern definitions are useless. But insofar as modern ideals go, fighting fanaticism, bigotry, ignorance are fundamentals along with strong separation of powers and separation of church and state. There are many other specific qualities of course but classical enlightenment and liberalism is a great position to frame a stable approach. At least I believe so.
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    Love it! I wonder if we can outfit our students like this when we return to class at the end of August. We were just notified yesterday that masks are mandatory when classes resume.
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    And I thought this was going to be a discussion of the merits of Wall vs. Baker tents... Seriously though...the college where I teach uses Canvas. I'm knee deep in it right now getting ready for fall. I could see how it might work for online MB's...the separate the requirements out as modules, allow for upload of documents/videos/etc. to verify completion, etc. But, I agree with @The Latin Scot that it may be overkill. I'm not sure what all is involved in the "back end" on setting it up, but from what I've heard from our IT and instructional design folks it does take quite a bit of legwork.
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    My friend who used to work for BSA until today posted this. My heart goes to those affected by this. Today, the BSA permanently laid off a large number of employees (I am told it is about 40% of the national office staff) as it tries to survive a number of unplanned events that affect the organization more severely than many can even imagine.
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