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    The child would be the plaintiff. He or she might sue the parents too in most states - probably would if they have insurance. The jury would apportion fault. The "Sue them all and let God sort it out" is a typical PI lawyer approach. Given that both God and Satan have been sued, you can sue the store. Winning is another question. "Negligence" is using less than "ordinary reasonable care." 100% is not the standard, in theory - simply less than orc.
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    Few local Scouting enthusiasts realize that during the first decade of the Boy Scouting Movement, Charlottesville was the location of an early council that failed to survive its success. Read about it here...
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    I find it interesting that no one is publishing their plans for what happens if someone becomes symptomatic and/or tests positive while at the camp. What happens if Johnny scout spikes a fever on Wednesday? What if he spikes a fever and starts coughing? Is there testing available? What kind of test is it, the kind that is readable that day or the kind that takes a three day turn around? Does his troop all go home? Do they go home in individual or all together packed six to a car? What about the staff members who were in direct contact with him? Who goes into two week quarantine, where do they do that? The strength of a plan is not what happens if everything goes well, but rather what happens when things start going wrong.
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    I'm not sure this is a good decision. As of today, we are moving from a now-closed Council camp to Summit's merit badge camp. We asked some questions including if they plan to reduce capacity. I was quite surprised that they intend to operate at full capacity. Here's some other info we got from them. a. All troops will be required to monitor scouts and adults temperatures daily beginning 5 days prior to arrival. b. Temperature checks and additional screening will be done upon arrival and daily while we are there. (So arrive early) c. Face Masks/PPE will be required to be worn by all. (Still working out those details.) d. Chow Hall will be run at 50% capacity and they are looking at having pre-packaged food for all meals. So no one has to serve, or anything like that. Yum, Yum!! e. Scouts will be required to monitor temperatures for two weeks after leaving. If anyone gets sick we must notify them immediately. f. Merit Badges/Brown Sea Island will still be done but with PPE. Not sure if PPE is just Face Masks or anything additional. Need to bring your own face masks.
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    Interesting. What responsibility does a parent have for their own child if they send them someplace knowing that the coronavirus is out there and a danger? Can I sue the grocery store if I get coronavirus there? If I had kids, and I took them to the grocery store and they got sick, can I sue the store? (Assuming I can prove it?) At what point are we responsible for ourselves and our families? We all know the virus is out there, and it's a risk, and anybody who can promise 100% safety from it is a liar. If 100% safety from the virus is the standard, then nothing is opening until there is a vaccine. We aren't holding other activities or businesses to that standard. I can see if it's something negligent and someone gets harmed, like a structure collapse, or a fire, or even a food borne illness. That being said, it's just too early, and while we are in this early phase of the pandemic, Scout Camp is a luxury that just doesn't need to happen. Hopefully by next Summer, vaccine or not, we'll be able to have summer camps again.
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    JCC camps in my area just cancelled. Surveys just started at my council. I think that ACA guidance document that was just released will accelerate decisions. Hoping my camp stays open, but if it doesn't, decided to take a father/son fishing trip.
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    DuctTape, ....certainly was an ultimately comprehensive training back in the day. Anyone would have come out of it very well equipped to lead boys... glad you enjoyed it..!!
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    Not sure … I think the fact that Covid is a declared pandemic present in our community and the others are not would play a factor. Our ASM asked the lawyer friend as the ASM started to get a bit concerned about personal liability when another parent, lawyer, asked what would be our plan if someone got sick and we were sued. We thought we would be safe from lawsuits by attending a council camp. The lawyer said he wouldn't care … his answer was basically sue everyone and see what sticks. In the end, we decided to still look at going to a council camp and emphasize to parents that there is no guarantees and we will do our best. We also discussed some additional permission slip to reduce our legal liability (I know those don't work well). The bigger impact the conversation had was on us putting on our own camp in the middle of a pandemic. If we could follow the ACA guidance then perhaps … but we know there would probably be gaps that then could open us up the real legal fallout (and also put scouts at risk). Perhaps other areas would have lower legal risk, but our town seems to be lawsuit happy.
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    Would your lawyer friend sue if their kid got bronchitis or the flu from camp? If camp opened against health codes, or violated established codes, I could see a lawsuit. Otherwise, being able to sue people because I got an illness from them sounds ridiculous (although I am not a lawyer.) How would they prove the kid got COVID at camp and didn't have it asymptomatically before camp? Personally, I think camp and HA should be cancelled, but the liability piece is fascinating.
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    Ultimately, this echoes my concerns with the BSA trying to run the HABs. Physical distancing needs to be maintained- that means carpools are out the window. You can't physically distance with 5 people in a 5 passenger vehicle, and Everyone is going to need to do shared transportation getting to a HAB. our council seems to be thinking they are going to go ahead, on a pushed back start, for resident camp. Their initial guidance is no where near complete or comprehensive, but the first item addresses that temperature checks will be conducted on arrival to everyone that arrives with the scout, and if anyone has a temperature of 100.4+, all individuals arriving in that vehicle will be barred from entering camp.
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    Great article. I followed an embedded link to the other article about UVaS Scoutmaster training. Reading the content summary of that course should shame anyone who considers current scoutmaster training adequate.
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    Many camps were waiting on guidelines to be published by ACA, the guidelines (82 pages) were just released yesterday (use link below and click on - Download Field Guide for Camp). I expect camps will be reviewing these and releasing their own guidelines. https://www.acacamps.org/resource-library/coronavirus/camp-business/camp-operations-guide-summer-2020
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    Maybe they should try patrol method cooking. They might actually learn how great this for summer camp.
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    Recommendation: Split off the Puerto Rico Council into its own scout association. Support: Puerto Rico already has its own Olympic team. Having its own scout association would not be unprecedented. BSA is going under. There is no reason to drag Puerto Rico down with the rest of BSA. The native name for Puerto Rico is Boriken. The new association could be named the Boriken Scout Association, allowing them to retain the BSA acronym.
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    Not just separation but cleaning becomes the larger issue with shooting. IMHO, handgun shooting should be doable, just clean handgun. Rifle shooting with cheek weld on stock, bench rest setup, prone mats...a lot of National and regional matches have been canceled.
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    I admit I am dense at times. My Brotherhood sash was "used and abused." Dirt stained and some of the embroidery was coming undone. At the fall fellowship, which is when we announce the Vigil candidates, all my buddies kept bugging me with "you need a new sash." I finally broke down to buy one only to be told I would have to wait until the next day so that they would have enough for that nite's Brotherhood Ceremony. Trading post would be open after Lodge Meeting. Long story short, I got pulled up for Vigil. Still got harrassed by my friends for not catching on.
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    Looks like the Brady Bunch...Wood Badge Edition 😀
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