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    This "debate" goes back to that debacle with Yve St. Larent (spelling? ) back in the 70's when for some god forsaken reason, the BSA decided they needed to "update" the uniform, and so asked that fashion decider, Mssr Larent to redesign the Scout uniform. The short sleeves gained cuffs, the no collar gained a collar, the pockets got smaller, the long sleeve shirt was (I think) abandoned, the material became softer and lighter (and more snag prone) and the necker shrunk from the usual (then ) 36" or larger (either fully square or on a side triangle) to a polite 24" on a side ONLY triangle. It became a cravat, a fashion accessory, rather than the possible tool previously mentioned. As a fashion accessory, the necker became superfluous, and gradually became "optional", rather than something a Scout might need to have. Slides/woggles became (at least for Cubs) a REQUIRED profit item. I wore one yellow necker and one Cub slide thru my 5 years of Cubs. When I joined the Troop, I was presented with the Troop Necker, a large one, with some ceremony. It was noted that the necker was designed by Scouts in the Troop and had some important history behind it. It identified the Troop at events. Need to have ? Did I say that? Yep. Originally, in Pleisticene Scout time, it was encouraged to wear the uniform (If your family could afford it) with the necker because it was a piece of expected, included gear in a Scout's kit. The whole uni was intended for camping, hiking, special events (patrol a parade?) , it was not intended merely as ceremonial. Then came YSL. I have an old book, "Matching Mountains With The Boy Scout Uniform" by Edward F. Reimer from 1929. It lists no fewer than 55 different uses for the necker, from identification in games (tie around the arm ) to first aid (sling, bandage, ankle support), to signal flag, dust mask (!), and horse bridle . Yes, the slide was intended to allow the necker to be QUICKLY removed for use. And some of the older slides in my collection are noticeably larger. That tradition, that historical reference (if not the actual utility) is what is lost when the necker is reduced in size and reduced to "optional". That red necker of my yoooth with the dusty boots labeled ""ALWAYS ON THE GO 759"" has several small tears and holes in it where it was turned into a wigwag flag or tied onto an ankle for Capture the Flag Tough cotton. Friendship knot? That I know was first intended to be tied low on the necker so the whole thing can be whipped off to trade with others at the World Jamboree, so I was told by a fellow some years ago. It lends itself for that purpose. Big Necker on Cubs? They can grow into it. We did. Small necker on Scouts and Scouters? It is a cravat, and on a tall man or woman, looks like . . . . a cravat, not a tool or tradition worn proudly to remind us of what Scout was and (as if it ever wasn't) could be again .
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    Necker became optional with the 1972 Improved Scouting Program. Thankfully the majority of the troops I've been in had neckers. When I was a DE and worked for supply,they did not want me wearing a necker. Which surprised me when I worked for them since the uniform was meant to be used as a model and advertising. I still have the troop necker I was in as a youth. Green Bar Bill's signature is barely legible because it got washed after using it for an actual first aid injury. While I regret the signature is barely legible, I think Bill would approve of the necker's use. I have a bunch of neckers I have collected over the years from trades, attending events, gifts, and yes ebay to replace some lost in Katrina. But there are two custom neckers I am looking for: the YOULBURY INTERNATIONAL CAMPSITE SERVICE TEAM NECKER and a. KINGSDOWN INTERNATIONAL SCOUT CAMPSITE SERVICE CREW NECKER. I know how hard those neckers are to get because they ran out of them when I was on the crew and team in 1995. Especially the Kingsdown necker since they camp was sold a few years back. As far as slides go, While the Friendship knot is popular, slides tend to have meaning. Some troops have custom made slides like mine growing up. Other slides have meaning to the wearer. There is one necker I have that will be worn with the Friendship Knot, my 1995 WSJ necker. That's because the WSJ slide has too small an opening for both necker ends to go through. SO I have a slide on each end, and a freindship knot connecting the two ends together.
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    A quick search gave the correct spelling as Yves St. Laurent. Didn't need to search the fact that it was Oscar De La Renta who did the 1980 redesign. While many fellow old timers complain about the redesign, and in particular the epaulets, I liked them, as I was constantly having to adjust my sash at OA events. That is probably an unintended benefit, but one I welcomed. While my troop does not wear the neckerchief, I do have quite a few, going back well over 50 year. I do still occasionally wear them when in one of my 60's/70's uniforms. Still have my very first one, from '64, although it is no longer in wearable condition.
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    Many are realizing that over-staffed councils provide little value to unit level scouting. The financial gravy train is over. @Cburkhardt, I understand your point, but generally speaking, are council strategic planning committees up for the task? It seems to me that many of the folks on the committees, well-intentioned they may be, will be more interested in preserving the status quo.
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    I searched again but found only one council - Pee Dee Area Council (SC). If there are more, I would have expected more disclosure as an aid to other councils considering PPP loans. Typically, this time of year the Pee Dee Area Council is “headstrong into its annual fundraising campaign Friends of Scouting,” Michael Hesbach, Scout Executive said. He said the local council receives 39 percent of its annual income from this campaign, and to date it has only raised 29 percent of its $285,000 goal. Hesbach said normally the Scouts would have raised twice that amount by now. He said they have only one-third of their operating expenses for April. “We have a PPP loan to cover May and June,” he said. “I don’t know about July. We are working on some ideas.” https://www.scnow.com/news/local/pee-dee-boy-scouts-go-online/article_aa1312c9-7b5f-5b57-b3c5-5532ed47e43c.html Pee Dee Council's Camp Coker Summer has been canceled.
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    Merit Badge Counselors must take YPT and have a background check completed. For youth protections sake, they fit the bill.
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    A cord or thong, worn like the Wood Badge beads, prevents the slide from coming off and provides a bit of cordage. Yup, all those foreign degenerates and their knoted neckers. worn over the collar 😁
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    Love that slides can (and should, IMO) be made by Scouts. Scouts who make their own slides tend to guard them more carefully. If it gets dropped, everyone pretty much knows whose it is "Handicraft slides made by youth may also be worn." G2A&I
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    Until they change the uniform officially, and since you can choose your own slide, I was thinking of wearing this one: https://baden-powell-service-assoc-quartermasters.myshopify.com/products/bpsa-us-woggle
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    Update: Camp Stigwandish has now been posted on auctioneers website. https://oldsite.kikoauctions.com/?nav=auctions OPEN HOUSE: Saturday - May 23, 2020 – 1:00-3:00 PM REAL ESTATE: Looking for a family hideaway, hunter’s paradise or nature retreat? This is truly a one-of-a-kind property. 281 acres total. Majority gently rolling wooded land. 3 scenic stocked lakes approx. 6 to 9 acres each! Nature trails and Scenic Mill Creek winds through the property. Improvements include a large rustic dining hall with massive 20’ tall stone fireplace. Commercial kitchen with Ansel system, range hood, 3 stainless steel sinks, and 2 walk-in coolers. 7+ small cabins throughout the woods. 40x90 concrete boat storage with 2 OH doors. 40x80 shop/storage bldg. 3-bed, 1-bath home and 3-car detached garage. Several picnic pavilions, shower house, archery range, shooting range. And large gravel parking lot for guests. Approx. 100 acres at rear of property under conservation easement to protect Mill Creek (copy of easement available on request). Many other highlights! Plan to attend the open house on May 23rd from 1:00-3:00 PM. Bring your hiking boots or get a ride on 1 of our ATVs. 281 ACRES TOTAL TO BE OFFERED AS FOLLOWS: PARCEL #1: Approx. 145.5 acres all wooded. Main camp entrance, dining hall, parking lot, and small cabins. Scenic Mill with creek conservation protection easement. PARCEL #2: 38.8 acres over half wooded, driveway, stocked lake, 40x90 boat storage bldg., 40x80 shop/storage bldg., small cabins, shower house, timber, and trails. PARCEL #3: 97 acres majority wooded, two large stocked lakes, small cabins, shooting range, trails, hardwoods, and timber. PARCEL #4: 3/4 acre with vinyl sided 1.5 story, 3-bedroom, 1-bath home with LP heat, central AC, and 3-car detached garage. NOTE: Parcels will be offered separate then together and will sell whichever way brings the most. Land is a good investment you can enjoy! Bank financing available to qualified bidders. Camp Stigwandish has been a youth camp for over 90 years. Can’t make the auction? Online bidding is available! Don’t miss this rare opportunity. More details: https://oldsite.kikoauctions.com/?nav=auctions&details=10460
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    "...BSA’s financial position and general operations have already been significantly impaired by COVID-19; BSA has cancelled events and programming, its fundraising activities have slowed considerably, and BSA furloughed about 60% of its workforce effective April 1, 2020. (Id. ¶ 7.) BSA also closed nearly all of its 175 Scout Shops, and expects some of those locations to remain closed well into the summer. (Id.) Moreover, BSA is also facing the potential cancellation of its summer programming at its high adventure facilities, which historically provided a material portion of BSA’s annual revenue. (Id.). Overall, BSA estimates that COVID-19 will have an impact of over $60 million on its liquidity position." Doc 497, page 3 filed 04/28/2020 In Chapter 11 by BSA attorneys https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/815432_497.pdf
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