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    I concur with @Eagle94-A1, I've got bad feeling too. I'm glad to see the gains, but they are modest at best. They mostly represent motivated girls, the ones who have been waiting to join the BSA and did so as soon as they could. While there are still more girls that will join and excel, I doubt the additions will offset the other much larger losses the BSA is facing. Factor in other issues: 1. Adult volunteer fatigue/burnout/resignations 2. National's woeful financial status; its commitment to bureaucracy and poor communication; its ham-fisted management style with volunteers (and even council level pros) 3. Units inactive or not rechartering (several to my personal knowledge) 4. Ongoing litigation and insurance crises I think the BSA is an organization at risk. A good example: National's decision to put Philmont in hock. When you resort to taking grandma's wedding ring to the local pawn shop, you're one step from the poor house.
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    I too hope @Cburkhardt is correct, but to quote many characters in my favorite movie franchise, "I have a bad feeling about this." I'm a former pro, and know that units can still be listed as "active" up to 2 months afters the expiration of recharter, unless things have changed since I was a DE. That is because there are sometimes paperwork issues with the recharters, and other times the staff get overwhelmed with the process. I vividly remember the Scout office being "closed" for Christmas, yet all hands were in the office working on recharters. Everyone able to process recharters was on a computer doing so, and the rest of us was doing whatever it took to support them. We were lucky, we were able to get every charter either processed, or fully prepared and paperwork issues resolved on Dec. 23rd, otherwise we would have been in on the 24th working. And even with all the work prepared and ready for processing, it still took about 14-21 days after December 31st to enter everything into the system. And I know of a few cases where it has taken longer. So I believe the April Stats will be giving us a more accurate view since some councils use a January 31st recharter date instead of a December 31st date.
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    Are you looking at the numbers for the year as compared to last year (November 18 vs November 19) or are you looking at Jan 2019 vs November 2019? The reason I ask is that BSA does not adjust any numbers out for crossovers or age outs until recharter at the end of the year. For example, if you have a pack of 45 and 10 Webelos crossover in March and you add 10 at School night, BSA will indicate 55 in the pack, while the pack (correctly) would say they were at 45. Those 10 Webelos would now be also showing in the Scout troop they crossed over to in March That troop that had 50 Scouts and 10 aged out while they added 10 new crossovers would show as 60 on the books, operationally the unit leader would say they had 50 Real indication will be the annual report for 2019 which will be reflective of the recharters actual numbers, units not rechartering, and importantly the 20% loss (+/-) from the LDS departure. 2018 Annual Report numbers Cubs - 1,231,831 Scouts - 789,784 Ventures / Sea Scouts - 55,101 Explorers - 109,613 TOTAL - 2,186,329 2019 PREDICTIONS Cubs - 1,108,648 Scouts - 631,827 Ventures / Sea Scouts - 52,345 Explorers - 98,652 TOTAL - 1,891,472 Drop of 13.5%
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    "...arrested Friday, Savannah police said. Tommy Callaway, 43, was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery, Bianca Johnson of the Savannah police department confirmed to CBS News. " "Thomas Callaway, 43, was arrested after turning himself in, Savannah police confirmed to NBC News Saturday. He was released on $1,300 bail. Online jail records show that he was charged with sexual battery, a misdemeanor in Georgia that is punishable by up to a year in jail." https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tommy-callaway-man-accused-of-slapping-reporter-alex-bozarjian-bottom-on-live-television-is-charged-2019-12-13/ https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/runner-accused-groping-reporter-during-live-tv-broadcast-charged-sexual-n1102146
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    The justice system assumes innocence in the absence of contrary evidence presented beyond a reasonable doubt. That does not mean that we act as if the accused was actually innocent. After all, they are accused of a crime and if we acted as if they were innocent no trial would be held. Society can make whatever judgement they feel is reasonable about this guy as we are not a jury of his peers or a judge dispensing justice.
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    That's quite an assumption there. I'm going to assume that you haven't camped much in Oklahoma. Barry
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    As a non-Wood Badger, but with 20+ years of scouting experience, just remember that scouts don't know or care about Wood Badge. They only care about what you say and do, and how you treat them. So, use your training wisely, and remember that this journey is not about you, it's about developing tomorrow's leaders.
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    I am quitting because of poor self esteem and depression. I am going to use the free time to sit at home and not burden others with my incompetence. Honestly!!