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    Anyone remember filmstrips and records...advance one frame when you heard the beep...
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    Cue the "We Need the Dues" gif from Animal House.....
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    I kind of agree with Jameson, there may be more to the story. I don't agree that 5 scouts can't have a good outdoor program, they just need to find the right adult. If I were 2 hours closer, I might even look into it. I've hunted in that part of the state and Coweta sits in the middle of some of Oklahoma's most beautiful country and lakes (Green County). And it's only a few minutes from city. Ideal really. The DE, or even the SE, need to start searching for that one adult. The program that the adults gets going will bring in the scouts. Barry
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    Ask the organizer (might not be the Scout shop) because it depends on them. They usually have a plan for delivering the gift and many don't want it wrapped so they can verify the gift. Barry
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    That is what the SM ended up doing. Bought 4 from Hikerdirect. We initially were looking at the Taurus but it sold out.
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    Used those may a time when I first started teaching middle school. It was a big deal to the kids to be trusted with advancing that puppy frame by frame.
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    Yeah, it was slow in the old days.... that chop chop chop noise of the chisel on stone always bothered me..... Then cuneiform on soft clay was invented, much more agreeable to the ear....
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    This. Yes there can be various reasons for this situation, Council should be doing all it can to save scouting in that community. If not Coweta then where's the line? Broken Arrow, or Tulsa ? IMO, merging whether it is units or councils does not grow membership. Scouting is local. Another $0.02,
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    Going by the Registration Guidebook of the BSA, Scout Executives may waive the 5 Scout minimum. This would be an exception to the standard requirements. "Units may register with as few as two paid youth members with the permission of the Scout executive."
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    More to the story? We can bet there is. The SM is quoted about "legacy", "Eagle rank", "19 year charter", etc ... But what is not said speaks volumes. How many times do the boys hike and camp each month? What happened on the last campout? How friendly are these three remaining scouts to others? Are they good mentors? What skills do they have? Are they first class scouts? What was the last notable good turn of one of these scouts? Have they won at camporees or camp-wide uniform inspections? Folks, if you're going to the press about your unit, stop talking about how good you were. Tell the reporter about how you are fulfilling the promise of scouting by inculcating a vision of hiking and camping independently with your mates. And tell them how your scouts will help their kid make that happen this weekend if he drops by tonight! Otherwise, find your scouts a new home, where they stand a chance of becoming "all that."
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    To add to Ian's comments, I too find it hard to recognise the UK that article depicts. Like Ian as well I am lucky. I live in Cambridge. A relatively small city at approx 160K local residents and around 30K students, and also a very wealthy area, but an urban area nonetheless. And I can say there is not a single street or area that I would feel in any way unsafe visiting. There are perhaps 2 or 3 streets where, should I find myself walking through them at 2am, I would keep my wits about me and not wave my wallett or phone around, but nowhere feels unsafe. Some of our larger cities do have some more dangerous areas. Nottingham, for a while at least, had some dangerous areas. Manchester has one or two areas I would steer clear of. Nevertheless these are exceptions and I don't know of anyone that feels generally unsafe. There has been a rise in violent crime in recent years. Yet these are percentage point changes in what are already very low numbers. Some of our more shouty newspapers keep going on about "Wildwest Britian" but this is a picture I don't recognise. There have been some terrible tragedies, the Jodie Chesney murder earlier this year was particularly shocking, yet these are still isolated incidents in the bigger picture. Fact is that on Thursday evening, when scouts has finished, me and the other leaders will go for a beer at a pub called the Carlton Arms. In theory the Carlton is on a street that has a high crime rate as the UK goes. I can tell you I will think nothing of walking up and down that street. As for these calls to ban pointy knives, it has no momentum behind it at all. Find an absurd suggestion, any absurd suggestion, look hard enough and you'll find someone arguing for it. It doesn't mean it will happen. There are people in this country who believe the earth is flat. Says it all really.
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    VHS? What about the slide show trainings? I was too young for those, but remember my father setting them up.
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    @RememberSchiff Nice summary.
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    Maybe they can start with the "offishul" training. Usually, it is the SM and ASMs that need to back off....
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    More of the same except copies might use less toner? Changes: Less color ink (easier to copy) , and alert ! icons. "DOB" replaced with "Date of Birth" Part A: Added following permission : California's BB gun (device) law - Penal Code 19915. Every person who furnishes any BB device to any minor, without the express or implied permission of the parent or legal guardian of the minor, is guilty of a misdemeanor. (California Penal Code Section 19915[a]) My signature below on this form indicates my permission. I give permission for my child to use a BB device. (Note: Not all events will include BB devices.)  Checking this box indicates you DO NOT want your child to use a BB device. old two page part B is now Part B1 and Part B2 - same content except, as @mashmaster noted fields for epipen and rescue inhaler added. Part C: same content except added Skin Issues and dropped "For high-adventure participants, I have reviewed with them the important supplemental risk advisory provided."
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    I believe that @The Latin Scot has had his uniform custom tailored and has mentioned that it turned out well. He may provide additional details. Uniform shirts seem to last a long time, so I say go for it.
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    Don't forget ebay. That gives more options of shirts available a few years ago -- such as nylon. People in my troop tell me that the polyester-microfiber shirt snags too easily. Of course these particular scouts, who are telling me this, would be capable of snagging almost anything.
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    Yes I did have my last shirt altered. But I'm not a great seamstress so I took it in. They added darts to the back and since I'm vertically challenged, the shirt was also shortened. I have never received any comments that anyone even noticed. I would say go for it.
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    Soon to be a Sea Scout ship... The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 8-11, District 5 Southern Region, is sponsoring the creation of a new Sea Scout unit in Smith Mountain Lake (VA). The Flotilla will serve as the chartering organization and in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). More at source: http://www.smithmountaineagle.com/boating_fishing_and_outdoors/article_5feed788-107d-11ea-83af-1bbd7c515077.html
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    Thank you for your concurrance, ASM. Another reason for talking with District/Council is that there may be some misunderstanding on the part of someone of what the job really is and that can be quickly straightened out. Imagine, for example, if the statement were: "Our Scoutmaster isn't doing the job at all. All he does is sit around. He's so lazy that the boys have to do everything. I was a leader in Cub Scouts and I know that's wrong. He's got to go." This is perhaps a silly example, but I can tell you that I've heard that more than once in my time. Scouting really only works well as a consensus organization. I have learned that whenever I hear the words "Who has the authority to ...." that is an air raid siren, warning klaxon, etc. There's trouble in the immediate future and possibly big trouble. It's not like the military or even like many jobs where the person in charge gives orders and everybody else obeys. And in the military or in business if there is a problem with the person in charge, that's a common enough situation that there's a clearcut procedure for resolving the problem and changing the person in charge. Not so in Scouting. We often hear "the council doesn't do anything for us." Here is a case where the district/council CAN do something for you and yet there is the suggestion that they should not be involved. Don't expect the district/council to solve the problem, that's the job of the unit. But the district/council can provide aid, support, counsel and, if necessary, be ready to pick up the pieces.
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