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    First, thread title edited. second, my late Dad was a CPA. When he discovered businesses were borrowing for operating funds instead of capital growth, he’d get out of any positions he held in them forthwith. I pray the National Council does not need these funds for operating revenues. If they do, BSA is on some form of borrowed time.
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    I'd love to see them bring in someone from the outside for this. The organization is at a critical juncture. Rather than tapping someone in the system, it would be better to have the absolute best person in the role.
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    For the life of me, where does a families permissive or non-permissive sexual ethic come into BSA? I do not equate being an inclusive organization as being a reflection of any sexual ethic.
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    I think that you have swallowed the bait. We Southerners have always used a slow speech pattern to deceive carpetbaggers into underestimating us while we separated them from their money and women...
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    From Ministrywatch.com: "The Boy Scouts Mortgage their 'Crown Jewel'" "According to documents obtained by MinistryWatch.com the Boy Scouts of America has mortgaged Philmont Scout Ranch, one of the BSA’s largest and most valuable properties. "The Boy Scouts filed the mortgage in Colfax County, New Mexico, where Philmont is located, on March 21, 2019. The filing was recorded on April 3, 2019. The document places a mortgage on the entire Philmont property – which covers more than 140,000 acres, or about 220 square miles – in northeastern New Mexico. The mortgage also includes “all improvements” to the land. "Philmont has been called the “crown jewel” of Scouting. More than 1-million Scouts and their leaders have attended Philmont since its founding. A typical year has about 22,000 campers plus about 5,000 adults and their families attending the training center. Philmont is also home of the National Scouting Museum, visited by thousands of tourists each year. "The mortgage is held by JP Morgan Chase Bank. The terms of the deal are complex and depend on a number of factors, but the filing states that “the lien secured by this Mortgage shall not at any one time exceed $450,000,000.” https://ministrywatch.com/the-boy-scouts-mortgage-their-crown-jewel/?fbclid=IwAR0lXqWsp2RQe7QCvODR0M2uxWHF2qX42Y2cKLyyMnbkAlretKwtkD7BQ5M __________________________________________________________________ - Link to legal documents is in first paragraph of article (signed by Michael Surbaugh in March 2019) - Also reported on in World Magazine: https://world.wng.org/2019/11/a_desperate_move?fbclid=IwAR1mpVF-mvJRhV9qS7YzMNIfHppM1gfm25xYAwL8-57_8L2Tdeao4rJ78us
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    I don't think one could disagree with this statement: “The reality there is we didn’t really leave them; they kind of left us,” said M. Russell Ballard, acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “The direction they were going was not consistent to what we feel our youth need to have ... to survive in the world that lies ahead for them.” One could certainly argue whether they agree with stated positions of the Mormon Church, but they are what they are. Fact is the BSA has made changes in membership requirements. The BSA felt they needed to make changes to be more inclusive, the Mormon Church feels they need to adhere to their values. In this case both groups are in many ways correct. The outcome (in my opinion) is not good for either group. BSA is losing 20% of their membership while the Mormon Church is becoming more insular and interacting less with non-Church groups.
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    Agreed. It often felt like a square peg for a round hole. Never really fully matching. It was more LDS used BSA as a youth program as the program was 70% matching. It seems more a left-over relationship from the 1920s-1960s. But as society evolved, the LDS faith development program needed something else. I don't view it as LDS strong arming or BSA leaving LDS. Rather, society changed. LDS could have chosen to use BSA within the context of LDS but instead decided it was finally time to create their own branded youth faith development program. It may have a huge financial impact, but it should not be surprising or even debatable. The program and needs drifted apart over many decades.
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    I can accept that the BSA and the LDS have drifted apart. The little bits of their new program I've understood seem like a bunch of priorities that just won't fit with the BSA program.
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    So at a quick glance of OP document, this is rob Philmont to pay Bechtel?
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    I'll have to disagree....When it comes to the social agenda, the Mormon Church has never respected separation of church and state. This course of action that the Mormon hierarchy decided to pursue was purely punitive, their original intent was to force BSA to back down from social changes that they strongly disagreed with. Recall Prop 8, California's Equal Rights amendment where the Mormon church illegally used the pulpit and deceptively named grassroots groups to enlist supporters against the amendment. It should be obvious that the Mormon church placed the BSA in a no win situation... to either conform to Mormon values to keep the dollars flowing into BSA coffers; or, to adjust the program to current societal changes and loose LDS support. As I see it, BSA took the right course by standing on principle and refusing to be exhorted by the LDS
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    Popular Mechanics magazine ran an interesting article about Scouting a few months back. Some of their 10 facts about Scouting's history are well known to scouts and scouters, but a few are rather obscure, and may be a bit surprising. For example, did you know that there were 5 U.S. presidents who were former Boy Scouts, only 1 of whom was an Eagle Scout...and there was 1 president who was a former Scoutmaster. Want to know who those Scouting presidents were? You can read the article.... https://www.popularmechanics.com/adventure/outdoors/g26145549/boy-scout-facts/
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    Yeah, the Indonesians seem to have wholeheartedly embraced the scouting program. BTW: I see that for 2012, Indonesia claimed 21.6 million members and in that same year, BSA's membership was 2.9 million. In 2012, the total population of Indonesia was 248.9 million while the US population was 314 million. Proportionally, the Gerakan Pramuka is kicking BSA's *ss when it comes to recruiting and retention.
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    Oh boy. Never been to Subic myself... but I have heard many stories from shipmates. I am glad to see you survived. Mike
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    I disagree about the outcome. It is very good for LDS. They are no longer throwing $$ toward an organization for which a large portion of their male youth weren't actively involved, and the adult leadership demands were overtaxing. The potential for the LDS to attract non-LDS families is as high as it's ever been. If TL/USA is any indication, they are poised to vacuum up a lot of youth in families with a restrictive sexual ethic. On the other hand, those tens of thousands who might want their boys to be brought up with a mind toward a more permissive sexual ethic have not flocked to BSA.
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    @RememberSchiff, my impression is "in part." I think National is cash-poor in just about every category....
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    I'm assuming some new council person made the wrong decision when looking at the form. I'd encourage you to wear then anyways. If you really want to get official, have a meeting with the council to discuss and request an explanation. Don't let the council just push you around.
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    @Onslow, my guess is you're getting a response you didn't expect. Hang in there, you're at least trying. It sounds like this culture you're seeing is new to you. Don't be so quick to judge. Keep listening and watching. There is goodness everywhere. If there's anyone that needs scouts it's these kids in the town you're describing. Nobody else is trying. So it would be great if you would. To those that see this as the usual tribalism in our country at the moment, all I can say is never waste a problem.
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    At cub scout camp this year they had the First Aid station right next to the fire making station. I happened to know that they had an open packet of burn gel sitting on the table because someone earlier had needed it. They showed it to the kids as they were talking about burn first aid. After my daughter finished up her first aid session, we went over to try our hand at making a fire on a sand table. We were only allowed one match, and mine broke, and since it's been a long time since I've used a regular match I have forgotten how easy it is to burn one's self on it and without thinking I tried to strike the broken match (honestly thinking I wouldn't get it to strike anyway) when it flared up and burned my finger which was too close to the match head. I asked my daughter to go over and ask one of the Boy Scouts at the first aid table for some burn gel. Which she did, but was completely ignored. She came back empty handed. So I called over to the Scout and said "Hey, I burned my finger, can I get some burn gel?" And he looked at me and proceeded to completely ignore me. I then walked over to him, held out my finger, and said "I KNOW you have burn gel over here. I saw it like 5 minutes ago. And it's already open. Please give me some, and while you're at it, may I please have a band-aid?" He stared at me blankly but eventually pulled out the open pouch, put some on my finger, and reluctantly handed me a band-aid. Seriously. The burn was small but it HURT and it shouldn't be that hard to get a Scout with a first aid kit to help you out. Yes, I was being stupid, but still. SSScout - You'd better hope my littlest one is never in your unit. LOL. She's going to turn any Scout leader's hair grey overnight. Yesterday after she landed flat on her face on the living room floor I had to tell her, "You cannot fly. Please stop trying." She answered. "Oh yeah. I forgotted. I was just trying to fly like SuperGirl." This is not the first time I've had to remind her that she cannot fly. She is almost 5. 🤦‍♀️
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    Sounds like that Council Executive has given up. Of course traditional Scouting still works -- at the unit level, if you have leaders who know what they are doing and an active program, especially an active outdoor program. Traditional Scouting isn't working nearly as well at organizational levels above the unit because the layers of bureaucracy above the unit level aren't adding much value to unit Scouting and instead are a drag on the movement.
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    I've always thought that underdeveloped rural areas face many of the same challenges as impoverished inner city areas. Crime, drugs, poor schools, broken families and few economic opportunities. As others have already said, there are people and leaders of character in every community that are fighting the good fight. You need to find those people and partner with them. That starts with not going about it in a judgmental manner. These people may have different lifestyles and challenges in their lives than you do, but that's not always a reflection on their character and capability.
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    Sounds like fun! Since it's a competition, I assume that fabulous prizes will be awarded...
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    I've heard the same thing about only wearing uniform when fundraising with popcorn. Like you, we ignored it.
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    My SM and ASM were no nonsense WW2 veterans. While not an official BSA policy, in my troop, if a scout could not achieve achieve the little asked in Tenderfoot requirements quickly, why are you there? This was common with other troops at the time, particularly those with waiting lists. This may seem unkind today, but my SM was not there to babysit, he was there to develop first class scouts. You didn't waste his time . I took a long time to earn First Class too. Somehow, I eventually passed Morse Code after failing, trying Semaphore and failing, and trying Morse code again and again. I was particularly unskilled at understanding messages. Meanwhile, my Great Lakes (he said it was a Scout camp ) trained father tapped away at 20 wpm. My $0.02