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    Want to start a new Pack or Troop? Everything you need to know about starting a new unit is outlined in the "New Unit Organization Process" (#34196A) and in the "New Unit Organization Kit" (13-563). You should be able to get copies of these materials from your Council Service Center. Given the importance National and local councils place on starting new units, it is odd that finding these materials online is so difficult. Here is one reference I found to the 12-step process for organizing new units: http://www.baltimorebsa.org/council/committees/images/NewUnitProcess.pdf (if the above URL wraps, try this: http://tinyurl.com/3vh4b) This is a link to a PDF file of the "New Unit Organization Process" (item #34196A), a complete guide to the 12 step process of organizing new units. Many of the 12 steps can be completed by a motivated volunteer who wants to see the new unit established (for example, I started a new Cub Scout Pack in my son's school a year ago, and I accomplished almost every step without the aid of a DE or UC, although they of course supported my efforts). For those interested in starting a new Cub Scout Pack, there is the "Cub Scout Pack Organization Kit" (#13-055), also available from your Council Service Center (unfortunately, I can find no reference to this valuable resource anywhere online). Finally, don't overlook your District Membership Committee; they should be able to provide resources and assistance as you go about organizing your new unit. In fact, pages 14-17 of the "Membership Committee Guide" (33080C) discuss the process of organizing new units (again, not available online as far as I can tell). Here is a link to a PowerPoint presentation I found that appears to be intended as a training overview of the 12-step new unit organization process: http://www.hightowertrail.com/Vanguard/12-StepTrain.pps Good luck organizing your new unit! Fred Goodwin, Organizer: Pack 2003 Alamo Area Council
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    Parkman is certain right, I was responding more to your philosophical discussion of advancement vs Patrol Method and fun. You are responding the same as we did, and I will say that you might loose a few scouts when the parents don't see their expectations happening fast enough. We had a parent pull their son when I wouldn't "Place" their son in the PL position. We lost a few scouts to Eagle hungry parents. I say parents, because the scouts were happy with the program. Ironically, our troop was 2nd with the average number of Eagles in the district per year. That was to a well known Eagle Factory Troop three times our size. But, we had more scouts 14 and older, which wasn't lost on Council. If a scout is having fun and hanging around in a fairly active program, they almost can't help walking away as an Eagle. But, that kind of program requires faith and trust. Parents want a written process that can be tracked. Character growth can't be controlled in a process or tracked. Barry
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    Our roundtable this month focused on Webelos to Scout transitions. One recommendation was to have an Assistant Scoutmaster visit Webelos 1 dens in the area for parent information meetings and making sure the den leader knows how Scouts, BSA runs and where to find information on the program. Will it work? idunno.
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    Why not just tell them that the boys will start as a group and it will be up to them if they want it to stay that way. Explain that the boys choose their own patrols - so if they want to remain as a group, just choose to stay together as a patrol. Explain that advancement is at their own pace and you'd be happy if the boys all helped each other and advanced at a similar pace. Of course, we all know that once in the troop, friendships will change and interest levels will vary. But, as parents of a den that's been together for years, they don't see that yet. They are more worried that you're going to force the group to split up. Explain that this isn't the case and that as a Scout led troop you'll do no such thing.
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    That was fairly typical even back in 1995. We stuck to our guns with our program and eventually the reputation was our marketing tool. But in the leaner days before the reputation, the Webelos watching our scouts in action was the sell. For some reason, most troops change their troop program to a Webelos recruiting visit program, while we just keep doing our troop program with the Webelos in tow. The Webelos liked what they saw and took the risk. We went from roughly 20 scouts to 100 scouts in about 7 years. And that was loosing at least that many from rocky starts. Boys like adventure, adults like Eagle. If the scouts have any vote in where they go, than adventure will win. That doesn't mean the adults need to have a good response to the adults questions. There is a plan to developing character from adventure and the adults need to be able to explain that plan. Barry
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    The habit would be at least tolerable if the DL put some effort into the kids. Neglect is the worse sin here. I'd get in touch with the parent who stepped up. Ask him/her to take more training.
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    First Lady Melania Trump went rafting on Wyoming's Snake River with Boy Scouts. Story: https://apnews.com/60d51cc1785f462eaf590fb13134ce64
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    Like most who comment on this site, I have a good amount of exposure to the ups and downs of Scouting through the years. In my case it is 54 years since I became a Cub and I have served in just about every role as an adult leader since age 21. I have carefully read the fine thoughts shared by all on this particular string and must say that despite some of the current issues, the BSA is going to come out of this 5-year workout in reasonably good shape. We have faced many other seemingly-existential matters before and handled them pretty well. We are now just needing to address the YPT fails of earlier decades and finish the normalization that once again, all are welcome in the BSA. After all of this discussion I will go to our Troop meeting tomorrow and deal with the big, real issues of the BSA. When will my daughter make Second Class? Why can’t my daughter go to Philmont at age 12? We don’t make enough money to purchase hiking boots for our daughter, can the Troop help us? My daughter has anger management problems and yells at the other Scouts. What should we do? ASM Jones is being tough on my knowing the outdoor code. Can you tell him to go easier on me? Yes, these are the questions that we all will continue to answer as we continue to help families form good decision-making habits and character in our Scouts. so for all of you pros and volunteers reading this, have faith and confidence that all will be well.
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    In my opinion, popcorn encourages hucksterism in scouts. The product is of dubious quality and outrageously over priced and most scouts know it. They hear the feedback from people who say they can buy better product at a fraction of the price and yet National keeps exhorting them to peddle it. In any other youth organization my scouts have been involved with, the fundraisers offered something of value that didn't feel dishonorable to sell. Don't know why BSA can't find another fundraising partner.
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    Who else is going to coordinate for FoS to come solicit for money?
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    When marshmallows are outlawed, only outlaws will have marshmallows.
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    It's great that this is available, but it does nothing to help the vast majority of Scouts coming from middle class. These families are not considered "low-income", but certainly don't have a spare $1,000/year to throw at BSA; and the families that do, have higher things on their priority list.
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    With all due respect to National I call BS. The increased insurance cost isn't a surprise nor is the departure of LDS. This decision should have been made and announced months ago so units could plan and be honest with their parents. Instead they wait until after fall recruiting is done?
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    She is a Type "A" personality micro manager that has a lot of maturing to do. What you need is a CC that will filter her communications and direct her energy. She can't help herself, but you do have a great resource there with the right director. As chairman of committees, I recruited these people because they are very productive. Barry
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    Perhaps CE will become a volunteer's position?
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    Well, if the troop is being run properly, there shouldn't be just one person handling it. The Patrol Leader Council, under the leadership of the Senior Patrol Leader, should be running things, and they in turn are supported and assisted by the Scoutmaster and at least one but ideally two or three ASMs. It sounds to me like your Scouts still operate under the firm thumb of the adults involved, and have not been given any remotely like the autonomy with which Scouting is supposed to empower them. As is almost ALWAYS the case, the adults need to back off and let the boys run their own program.
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    Since we crossed our boys over by birthday, we had no need to award the AofL as a group; rather, each boy received it whenever he earned it, whether it was six months into the program or a week before he turned 11. Since we worked on most adventures as a group, it wasn't unheard of for a few boys to earn it at the same time, but just as often we'd have a few Arrows awarded throughout the years along with intermittent crossings-over. The school year never had any influence on our awards programming though, and if a boy earned the AofL early enough, he would usually proceed to earn a bunch of electives and other awards (World Conservation Award, Outdoor Activity Award pins, et cetera).
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    Here is the issue...... I am not sure they were ever intended to help folks quit smoking. It has become a seperate addiction to it's own. In a discussion with one of the chemist at work, he was wondering how long before they figure out how to put other things in liquid. Say THC, PCP or some other much more significant mind altering drug. I have some coworkers that have switched from cigarettes to the ecig.....They use it in our shared work space. I am sure that I am exposed,
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    Agree totally that kids shouldn't use them. It's an adult product made (intended) for those who wish to quit cigarettes. Use it away from Scouts only because it can be easily mistaken for the "real thing".
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    Frankscout, lets not tivilize one of the most destructive idelogies of violence in the history of mankind, Nazism to people who want to ban cigarettes. Because it's a controversial thing, I'd say no, but the issue has never come up in my unit.
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    We have a problem with youth using ecigarettes in our schools and many children are addicted. Our school system is struggling with the issue. Kinda hard when you see a 10 year old using one of these walking home. We treat it as a cigarette and no youth are permitted to use it on a scout outing. Harmless, Probably fall into the same category as caffeine in coffee.....We do not allow youth to drink coffee with out a note from mom or monster type energy drinks on outings or activities. Caffeine is fine for most folks in reasonable amounts....... It looks like it will be irrelevant, the Canadian Health agency has banned the sale. The FDA will probably end up banning it as well. http://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/features/ecigarettes-under-fire
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    E-Cigs definitely nullify the "second hand smoke" argument because, well, there is none! Yet the Tobacco Nazis continue to rebel against a HARMLESS product because,well, it LOOKS like smoking! GOD FORBID someone should be allowed to have a little enjoyment! Some folks need to get control of their OWN lives before attempting to control the lives of others, IMO. We had a leader who used E-cigs DISCREETLY, and was still scoped out and hounded by a Cig Nazi in our troop. My response? "Why aren't you commending him on trying to quit, instead of criticizing him for it?" Self-righteousness. Food for thought,. By the way, E-Cigs ARE banned in some places for the very same reasons I listed above.
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    Yes, as a discussion point under substance abuse, sub-topic addiction.
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    Just like any other tobacco product, shouldn't be used in front of the Scouts.