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    Saw an interesting documentary by an expert in the field of population, Hans Rosling, an very entertaining and informative presenter he was too. If memory serves, as countries "sort themselves out", as women get educated, as health outcomes improve, the birth rate drops dramatically. We are not being replaced by more people in the next generation. There's a "bulge" of people living longer, while in some places more are born than die. As this sorts itself out, population will level off. Basically. But with more examples and said in a much more interesting way. We'll still have to manage 10-11 billion people on the planet though. Of course, when a few generations down the line we're all gender neutral and the estrogen in the water has turned all the men infertile, and we're all living in some Handmaid's Tale dystopia, that should sort population levels out. Well, for those that stay on earth anyway. (dons tin foil hat to stop the government mind control waves)
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    Darn those pesky paywalls! Here's a quote for you and Al... This summer, almost a dozen Houston-area Girl Scouts spent three nights on the trail in Colorado, backpacking 18 miles through rough terrain and demonstrating that the Girl Scouting experience can be pretty intense — more so than the familiar door-to-door cookie sales. The 11 girls are members of the Girl Scout Backpacking special interest group. The young women are in junior high and high school but have outdoor skills that most adults lack. They know how to assemble their packs, prepare and cook meals on the trail, and aren’t afraid to sleep out in the open. They’re also crushing Girl Scout stereotypes. “When I talk to people who don’t know anything about Girl Scouts, they think it’s all about cookies and crafts,” said Heather Solomon, backpacking coordinator. “One thing about San Jacinto Council is we have a huge outdoor department.” Solomon said a lot of people don’t know about the Girl Scouts Outdoor special interest groups, called SIGs, which exemplify one way the organization tries to keep junior high and high school girls engaged in Scouting."
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    You make allowances where allowances are called for just like rank advancement in a troop. We had a young man with cerebral palsy confined to a wheelchair who earned the Vigil Honor. What kind of work did he do that got noticed and got him nominated? His father pushed his chair to the beginning of the serving line at the dining hall where he held the box of hand wipes for people to clean their hands. Every meal at every event, without fail. Outstanding service depends on one's abilities. If a young man who has memory issues wants to seal his Brotherhood, by all means encourage him.
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    RichardB asked the question three years ago. Does anyone know if there has been a formal answer? I would absolutely not allow any scouts to vape. Regarding adults, does anyone know if there are formal BSA rules. We have one leader who smokes, he's tried to quit a couple times. He knows it's bad for him and a bad model for the scouts and so he is very discrete. I don't think many of the scouts even know he smokes. If we had a leader join who wanted to vape I would insist he treat it like smoking and never do it in anywhere that the scouts could observe.
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    Yes. We have an outstanding SPL who can visualize success and communicate goals to his troop. This SPL has gone through NYLT and takes his leadership seriously. He not only influences the scouts, but is respected by the adults as well. An excellent influencer!
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    Well, @RichardB, my opinion has changed 180 degrees based on recent developments. The evidence is trickling in that these "drug delivery devices" are not as "safe and harmless" as the manufacturers led us to believe. They are clearly being marketed to kids and the clueless. Let's go buy a vial of unknown chemicals at a shady "vape shop" and heat it to around 1500 degrees and inhale the combustion products deep into the alveoli of our tender young growing lungs. What could possibly go wrong? Yes, ban them. No place in a Scouting venue.
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    Resurrecting because, well, death. https://www.fda.gov/tobacco-products/products-ingredients-components/vaporizers-e-cigarettes-and-other-electronic-nicotine-delivery-systems-ends
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    Unit Commissioner is a registered position at the District level.
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    Good heavens I would not use Tor.
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    Nobody grades any singing voice...so let it rip. Don't blame me for my voice, god gave it to me. They spirit of the song is much more important than getting every word right, even pronunciation of WWW with the oath. This shouldn't be a problem within any lodge. For anyone pointing fingers, ask them to recite any ceremony word for word. This scout would a great elangomat for others with a situation like his. Arrowmen come in every type and no mold. and no OA police please.
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    For Catholics the adult religious emblem knot is used to represent the St George Emblem alone. So it sounds like they simply gave you the knot as an award which is not a proper use of the knot given there are several patches the National Committee provides for such a purpose.
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