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    From the school of hard knocks ... This ends badly. For the love of your SM ... Look around at your commissioner corps. If you are not the best available UC for this troop, have the person who is take that assignment so you may keep yourself registered as an MC. Take a UC assignment for another unit. If you are are the best UC for this troop, stay that way. For your personal growth, look to see if you can MC another unit. Then listen very carefully to what those unit leaders have to say about their UC. Adjust how you approach commissioning accordingly. It's kinda like when Sons #1 and #2 looked like they were serious about engineering. I told them to back-off their service-sector high school jobs and call a buddy who I knew was short on help renovating his apartments. Changing toilets and hauling tons of bricks isn't pretty, but I told them, "You need to learn about the kinds of poor engineering that people complain about when the engineer isn't in the room!" Being a good engineer UC means knowing how folks changing toilets and hauling bricks trying to manage their unit feel about engineers commissioners who set them up. And I'm sorry that people are this way, but they ain't going to fairly evaluate your job as a UC if you are also an MC. Because you're a nice guy, they may not even do it if you are just UC, but the odds are in your favor if you're only that.
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    Another option would be to take on some roles on the district training committee.
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    Cyber Chip can be taught in a patrol or troop setting. I have taught it several times. I usually do embellish the materials with updated info (because risks constantly change with technology) and I use extra material from sources in addition to NetSmartz. A few months ago, I put some of my methods and experiences into the following post on this site:
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    That's something to discuss with your "boss," the District Commissioner. Generally, being Unit Commissioner for one's own unit is discouraged so that the UC can be a neutral and objective friend to the unit. Obviously, you are already invested in the success of this unit, so you may want to consider making the most of that enthusiasm by serving as an adult leader in this unit, but also serving as Unit Commissioner for a different unit. The District Commissioner might appreciate knowing that in addition to the SM there is another experienced and dedicated Scouter in that start-up unit; and he'd still have you as a Unit Commissioner. Win-Win.
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    This is going to be a growing experience for you. One to recognize when you are going too far. And two, doing something about it. We all go through it, some of us better than others. Barry
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    Our small pack has struggled with getting parents to volunteer. The Cubmaster has been doing three or four jobs. In May and June we sent out emails and asked for help at the end of year pack meeting. Only one adult stepped up. We really thought that we would not be able to re-charter this year because we didn't have enough adults. Through my travels (BALOO or maybe on this forum) I was given the seed of an idea that ended up working well, so I wanted to share. During our first pack meeting of the school year (tonight), adults were asked to fill out a small name tag to stick to their shirt when they came in. One of the leaders stood at the sign in table to make sure they knew what to do. Then while I was running an activity with the kids, the Cubmaster explained that we were looking for adult volunteers and after covering the rest of the business, she directed the adults to the "Adult Participation Board" that had a bunch of statements (15) on it. They were asked to stick their name tag to one of the statements. Instead of asking for someone to volunteer to be the treasurer, the statement said, "I can do the banking for the Pack". A sample of other statements were, "I can keep track of adult volunteer's training requirements", "I can help organize one Den meeting or activity for my child's group" and "I can lead an outdoor activity such as a hike or nature walk". Anyway, we had 9 adults volunteer and one adult volunteered for multiple positions. They all stuck their name tag sticker to the board. About 75% of the adults volunteered to do something. I am thrilled with these results. I don't fully understand why it worked, but it did!
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    I think LaSalle Council themselves raise money by selling parking spaces at their council headquarters in South Bend, right across the street from Notre Dame, on football Saturdays.
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    As a district type person, I don't see any problem with any CO national-type symbol on a neckerchief. If the wearer has an issue with the symbol, they may want to transfer to another unit. If the CO is in good enough standing with the Scouts BSA to be a CO, there shouldn't be a problem with it. If there is a local goofy or offensive symbol that discredits the program, then it should be a lengthy discussion. Many overseas units even wear local and that country's symbols. Take a look at the Transatlantic Council website or even the Kandersteg International Scout Center sites.
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    My son thought I was crazy when I bought a large one for him. I asked him if he wants to remove and resew all his MB's and patches as he grows 😂. Discussion ended quickly.
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    A short update: The Chartering Organization removed from the committee the two parents causing trouble in my troop. Ideally, intense conflict resolution with a professional would have been better, but my gut says they would not come to the table. The two parents convinced other parents to join their faction and will be starting a new troop. So half of the active scouts will be leaving my troop. It is a sad day for me given the year and a half I invested in these scouts. Looks like I will return as scoutmaster and will put the pieces back together for the second time. The committee will be decimated with the loss of a number of people willing to do some work, so we'll have to find and train replacements. So I find myself looking back to see if I should have done something different to avoid all of this, but at root I took a stand against adult bullying of scouts and parents. I started to give back the reins of the troop to the scouts as the scout program dictates. Not popular with the faction, but I think I did the right thing. I am looking forward to a new start and challenge, however.
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    The public position of the LDS Church did not identify the allowing our gay/lesbian/transgendered members (they have always belonged) to disclose their status as the reason for the mass departure. It further has not stated that our welcoming of all-girl Cub Dens and Scouts BSA Troops would have caused them to depart had this occurred before they made their departure announcement. I regard the departure of our LDS friends as unfortunate and regret knowing there is unavoidable economic disruption for those families of former BSA professionals. However, like any other national leadership of Chartered Organizations it was their right to do so and I wish them well. If you want to use our camps and if some of your children want to participate in our program, you already know you will be warmly welcomed. What is regretful is that there are many who regard the BSA as an organization that should conform its national program in a manner to express a more-specific political, social, religious or other point of view. A large bulk of public commenters on these issues over the past 5 years were not even members of BSA programs. Well-informed or not, that so many argue so loudly about the BSA is proof by itself that we do important work on a large scale -- we count in American society. The BSA would never be able to conform to so many specific views. Rather, in our increasingly-fracturing society groups of large organization membership are encouraged to break-away into smaller focused groups of similarly-minded people. When this happens our country loses capability to bring together people with varying points of view -- sometimes views that are not capable of resolution -- so we can glue together as a free society. The far right, far left and groups with focused expectations have attacked the BSA incessantly and hope for our demise, but I predict we will be around as a vital organization because what we do is important, unifying and building. We have to take one more action (the financial restructuring/bankruptcy) to provide some justice to members damaged in the BSA's past, after which we will no longer function as a cultural or legal punching bag. I look forward to the aftermath when we can confidently look to the future and breath freely. Our long process of eliminating exclusionary practices, implementing fortress youth protection and restructuring financially will combine to be one of the finest organizational work-outs in US history. I wish our LDS brothers could be there in large numbers to help see this though, keep American youth and society firmly united and benefit from the outcomes with us.
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    Yes. It is specifically allowed and no unit or district should be putting in place rules that state otherwise. To do so is to put up obstacles to the scouts advancement and is a disservice to the scouts. From the Guide to Advancement, rule "Approved counselors may work with and pass any member, including their own son, ward, or relative. Nevertheless, we often teach young people the importance of broadening horizons. Scouts meeting with counselors beyond their families and beyond even their own units are doing that. They will benefit from the perspectives of many “teachers” and will learn more as a result. They should be encouraged to reach out." So, yes, it is specifically allowed. But no, it's not really a good idea... The explanation really gets to the heart of why the "adult association" method is so important. As a merit badge counselor, I have twice worked with and passed off my own son --- but in both cases it was in the context of a unit merit badge class in which my son was part of a larger group open to every scout in the unit. In that case, it would have been stupid to have said that if my son was doing exactly the same activities alongside his fellow scouts, and I signed off requirements for all those scouts, that I couldn't also sign off for him. That would make no sense and would be unfair. However, as a rule, I will refer him to another counselor or sign him up for a class at summer camp, even if I am an approved counselor for a badge. By the way, a previous scoutmaster once told me that the reason it was better to work with another counselor wasn't that Dad might be too easy on his own kid, but rather, Dad might be tougher on his own kid than he would on somebody else. I think that is often true.
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    I think it's great if older scouts want to peel off and plan some summer HA outings. After a certain number of years, many of them are bored with traditional summer camp, which some of them have been doing for years. Neither of my sons are HA types but I support any scout that is. I see too much HA as a good problem to have, not a bad one.
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    On a side note, why does the BSA not offer a flag you can put out front of your home? I would love to get one to fly with my American flag but I tried searching for something and come up with nothing.
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    This is awesome! I guess I'm one of the old farts now. Over the past 40+ years I've received 13 square knots, two Eagle Dad pins, and a partridge in a pear tree. Yes I wear all 13 knots because they outline my scouting adventure that I shared with two daughters and three sons. I proudly display that two of my sons are Eagle Scouts and I will be adding an Eagle Scout grandparent pin as soon as he completes his project. I ain't gotten paid and I bought my own clothes and I really don't give one twitch about what somebody else thinks about how I decorate my clothes. Very very very few wear a complete uniform with everything is perfectly placed. Anyway, that's my view on things and if you agree that's fine and if you don't, you are the one stressing about it, not meeeeee!
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    Good heavens I would not use Tor.
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