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    If you start with socks, by the time they're young adults it'll be milk shakes and molotovs in the streets of Portland! Is that what you want???? 🤣 Seriously though, nice job combining a fun activity with a community service.
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    https://www.hsri.com/forms/High Resolution Brochures/Council.pdf here you go, friend
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    90% of their council is LDS? Sorry, but no sympathy for those guys. They've been riding easy streak their whole careers.
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    In my opinion, one of the more distasteful aspects of BSA management, which I think comes in part from having an insular hiring and promotion policy that means everyone in the organization has essentially grown up knowing no other culture, is that they are compelled to spin everything as if they have it all under control. In this case: "As part of our regular evaluation of our needs and resources" and "it is partly based on the recent decision." Neither of those statements is remotely true. Nothing about this is part of anything regular, and the need to layoff thirteen people is entirely based on the decision by the church to separate. I am baffled by the inability to simply be transparent and candid.
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    Grand Canyon council used to add $2 for insurance. Till last year they added a mandatory Friends of Scouting donation per scout to each unit. $63 per scout or if paid before recharter $50 per scout. huge jump. Not helping retention. Luckily our unit has a good (separate from popcorn) fundraiser, so we could cover most of the $50 ourselves, but did pass on some of that to parents in the form of raising what we charge annually.
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    "it was very clear" ... I would not infer hidden planning or subverting efforts. When my sons did high adventure, ... as they left the high adventure ... they wanted to do more high adventures. They started planning and discussing during the hours of driving and flying. Wanting to do the next big thing is a natural result of a successful high adventure. I think they did something similar where they found the next big thing even before they got back. "every other year" ... From what I've seen of a successful older boy program, that's just not acceptable. That will give each scout one chance for high adventure. You will lose the older scouts. IMHO, the successful older boy program is more "every few months". A big summer event / trip (aka high adventure). Moderately big fall, winter and spring events. The real challenge is managing cost and adult time for these events. My view of a reasonable position ... The SPL and SM have responsibility to the troop as a whole. That is a commitment they make by having the role / title. Any single patrol can make alternative plans (aka older boys planning high adventure) ... BUT ... the SPL, PLC and SM have responsibility for the troop as a whole. IMHO ... you could have a 14 year old SPL and a older boy patrol that wants to focus on high adventures. There is no rule saying the SPL must be one of the older boys.
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    The San Francisco Bay Area Council offers an excellent hiking program (with very cool progressive patches to go along with it). Our troop completed all six hikes over the course of about 18 months. More info: http://www.sfbac.org/programs/hiking The purpose of the RIM OF THE BAY patch program is to encourage hiking and to bring into the lives of our Scouts a "mountain top" experience. There are six Mountains that surround our area that you hike up. When you finish the first mountain you get a patch and a "rocker" with the name of the mountain. Rockers are awarded for each additional hike completed. All of these trips can be accomplished in a single day. There are camping sites at or near most if your plans include an overnight camp experience. For Boy Scouts,this activity can contribute to the Tenderfoot Rank, the Backpacking, Camping, and Hiking Merit Badges; and Forester, Geologist, Outdoorsman, and Traveler for Webelos. These hikes are not approved for Cub Scout use. Secure (where available) the park folder which shows trails and also gives a short history of the area. For example, the Mt. Diablo folder states, "From here, you can see parts of 35 of California's 58 counties -- the view is unsurpassed except by that from 19,000-foot Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa." The park folder also includes natural history and a listing of mammals, reptiles, and plant life. Try to make your trip a "hike with a purpose" other than the earning of the patch. Please instruct your Scouts on the need to observe and obey the regulations that are in effect in National, State, and Regional Parks. On some trips you will be given the courtesy of passing across private property. Please repay these people's trust by keeping the area free of litter, respecting their property, and leaving the gates as you find them. Clean up and pack out any litter you may come upon. Perpetuate the good turn ideal. You will probably eat your lunch at or near the summit; be sure all bags, cans, etc., are packed out with you. Where it is necessary to cross highways, have your Scouts line up along the side of the road and when clear and upon signal, have the entire line cross at one time. Avoid stragglers or having individuals or small groups crossing at intervals. If everyone helps keep the record of Scouts' use a superior one, this will be a happy and satisfactory experience, and it remains that way for all Scouts who follow.