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    Cheers to Philmont and National! The upgraded tents for families sound great and are exactly what we need at this time. We need more of this across the BSA property footprint where appropriate and soon. The Philmont Training Base is not the back country, and never has been. Wade Phillips built his magnificent mansion complete with its own small row of hotel rooms before the BSA was ever a factor. It was used to bring in people from around the world to experience the American West who otherwise would not have ventured there. The result? The land and wildlife was experienced, preserved and eventually became the iconic and beloved place of youth. And, most of those folks indeed experienced the rough wilderness as well. Some of the griping, in my view, is just plain silly. Al Lerner and his staff engaged in extensive research to determine how to significantly increase awareness and usage of the high adventure bases — and by extension and example the equally-important larger council properties like Goshen, Ramsberg, Owasippe and Ten Mile. I know it is true because many other current and front-line Scoutmasters like me received and responded to the surveys and asked for this in overwhelming numbers. The rustic experience of youth crews trekking across Philmont will continue as always. The fact that many more thousands of families with spouses and younger children will delight In the experiences of the training centers and associated natural beauty at Philmont, the Summitt and (hopefully) the Sea Base, canoe Base and (eventually) our best council properties will support the appropriate growth and upgrade of the BSA. Count my family and me in.
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    Thanks for the review, we just received our date for next year and I am now in GEAR MODE. Pretty much made up my mind on pack (Osprey 60) so its the other stuff I am thinking about. You mention your sleeping bag and I guess I didn't realize how much the temp dropped, I was just going to use my small compact summer bag but it sounds like I need to be looking for a 30 degree bag. Is that what you're telling me?
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    Please talk to your council's Advancement Chair to confirm, but #1 is the answer. The leadership POR requirements for Eagle Scout rank have not changed. The only thing that has changed is that these older Scouts (girls and boys) can request a temporary time extension to continue working on Scouts BSA ranks, merit badges, and awards. Please do not register them as an Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM). This will mess everything up for them in the BSA's computer systems and would most likely risk their ability to earn the Eagle Scout rank. ASM is not one of the allowed positions under requirement #4 on the Eagle Scout rank application (page 2). As long as they are covered by the time extension, they can hold any of the Scouts BSA youth leadership positions. #3 is an option for them, but it is their choice (not forced by unit leaders) to join a Venturing crew or a Sea Scout ship (assuming that there is one nearby to join). From what I have heard, there is going to be a new registration code called Unit Participant (UP) for these older Scouts with time extensions but still pursuing Scouts BSA ranks and advancements. More information is supposed to be sent to council registrars in August (I do not know if this information has been sent out yet or not). To me, this sounds like a temporary version of Venturing/Sea Scouting's "adult participants" who can continue working on their ranks, awards, and advancements while they are age 18-20.