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    Humans are astoundingly fallible and incompetent at almost everything we do. Assume good will on everybody's part and that not mentioning your son was an oversight. Send a polite note to the COR reminding him mashmaster jr. is also going.
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    If I were your son, I'd reply "Hopefully when you all send care packages for Johnny, there's enough for him to share with me, as I'll be there as well" .
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    Your son can leverage his talents. Invisibility goes well with capture the flag. Seriously, if it matters to him, he should commit to sending pictures of the trip back to the troop every couple of days.
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    I absolutely disagree that adults need to lead the course. IMHO, one of the best teaching methods is having scouts work with scouts. Our troop hasn't done ISLT recently. But when we did ... SM coached the SPL (who ran the course). The coaching was not hours and hours. It was more to familize with the materials ... 15 minutes at a time. Over a few weeks. The night before the course, the SPL and SM (and another adult) prep'ed the training and the materials. The training itself was a combination of 10 to 15 minute segments of BSA produced VHS tapes specifically for ISLT … with "now pause the tape" Games Exercises Reflections and discussion Scoutmaster comments / thoughts … really short comments and thoughts It was all run by the SPL for the scouts. One of my favorite parts was lunch. Paper bag lunches. One bag had bread. One had cheese. One had meat. Chips. The scout that really was happy was the scout who had all the deserts in their lunch bag. It was interesting to see if it was immediate or 30 seconds ot 60 seconds before they realized they had to share and work together to have a good lunch. … But the kid with the deserts always had a big smile on his face.
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    Mash, your Scout should definitely raise his hand and say "OVER HERE, HEY, I'm GOING THERE TOO... I LIKE CHOCO-PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES<<< ! ! "" The more the merrier....
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    The underlying issue here is just lack of knowledge, and poor judgment. Any trip that takes place on a river with shoals, rapids, strong eddy lines should be planned carefully. A maximum flow benchmark should be established well ahead of the trip by someone who has a has many river miles under their belt, and is flow literate. The flow was 11,000 cfs. A reasonable moderate flow for a river this size is 2000 cfs. If one has no clue what a USGS gage is, and the relevance of flow rates, aforementioned person has no business planning a trip on such a river. Looking at the sat. imagery, I would have suggested a 3000 cfs max for the float. Sidenote: A river that is as narrow as 150-200' wide flowing at 11k will probably have water velocities of 6' per second. One can only imagine an unwary paddler unwittingly crossing an eddy line.....
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    I hope you didn't misconstrue my comment as a 'vote' one way or another for a visitor. I abstained because: It would never cross my mind to visit a Jamboree. The experience for a vistor is much different than a participant. The most important thing about welcoming the world is ... be welcoming. The most important thing about spending an August day in WV is ... beat the heat! If you can be welcoming and beat the heat in your uniform all day, go right ahead. If your kids would rather dress like they're spending a day at resident camp, go right ahead. The good news is you have two days ... your family can do it differently each day.
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    An indoor Wood Badge course is pretty bad. An indoor Wood Badge course AT A HIGH ADVENTURE BASE is just nuts. What's the adventure, trying to avoid getting a splinter from the seat?
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    I know there are extenuating circumstances that we're not aware of, and this is going to sound much harsher than I mean for it to, but I can't imagine many situations where someone was awarded Eagle and doesn't remember it.