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    You should probably ask the older scouts Mom as she obviously has set the rule.
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    Yes, and it still makes a Giant Sucking Sound.
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    "A surgeon would later reattach the bone holding his nose to his skull, using four plates and some 20 screws that remain in place" that ain't no bloody nose; he also missed two months plus of work. That's a pretty big financial hit, possibly devastating to he and his family, especially if he has anything but first class medical coverage. As DavidCO said this might have been driven by an insurance company, or it might have been driven by desperation. I'll withhold judgment without a whole lot more information.
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    This happens all the time. In most cases, it is the insurance company who is actually doing the suing. The insurance company files the suit on behalf of the customer, in the customer's name, in an attempt to recoup some of the money they paid out for hospital bills. The customer is often required, under the terms of the policy, to cooperate with the insurance company's suit. If the customer refuses to cooperate with the suit, the customer could be liable to repay the insurance company. Some insurance companies are becoming very aggressive in their attempts to recover their losses. We had one insurance company go after our church after an elderly parishioner slipped on some ice in the parking lot. The pastor was somewhat saddened and dismayed that a long-time parishioner would sue the church, until someone explained to him that it is actually the insurance company that is doing the suing. The insurance company lost the suit. The irony in that case was in the judge's ruling that the church wasn't responsible because snow and ice are "an act of God". One might suppose that His church would be responsible for "an act of God".
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    I'm always sad to hear of good people leaving our world. If there's a silver lining to today's vacuum of strong role models, it's that those individuals who truly do reflect positive values stand out even more than ever. When I heard about Perot's passing, I had to reflect for a moment on how he came across to others. I always admired his leadership style, and I think his strongest leadership skill was his ability to think outside the box and develop a strong vision. When I think about how his life reflected the points of the Scout Law, I think his strongest point was "Brave". He had the courage to pursue his goals and vision even against the odds and even against advisors who would have him play it safe. IMHO, Perot is a good example of the kind of man we want our scouts to become...
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    We went out of our council to camp last week. They seemed not very well prepared for females as some other camps are. At this time one bathroom/bathhouse had a wooden sign you flip Males Only/Females only and same with the changing rooms at aquatics. At a leaders meeting they gave the leaders instructions to talk with the scouts about knocking and not flipping signs while someone is in there. We wish they had dedicated male/female facilities like some camps do. The latrines have locking door stalls and so does another bath house so no male/female separation. Here was a huge issue we had. I attended as leader of our male troop. We had 1 girl from our linked female troop go provo. She was registered in advance, both male troop and female troop leaders went to the camp leaders meeting 10 days prior to camp start date where the provo girl was discussed in detail since she has a disability as well. We were told there would be a female staff member in provo. Did not happen. No female staff. There was 1 other girl there, but her dad was with her so she was ok. Serious YPT/female rules questions were raised not by us because we were not aware of the issue until after dinner. Other scout leaders in provo were concerned. We were told that National was involved, but that there is no set policy on provo summer camp staff. In the end the girl slept with female staff in a cabin and spent the days/ate with the provo troop. Not sure how we feel about that... was she lucky because she got a behind the scenes look at camp staff, had plenty of one on one mentoring, sleep in air conditioning OR did she miss out on a true camp experience. Our biggest problem, that took staff 2.5 days to figure out, was who was responsible for her in case of an emergency situation/assembly, staff or provo? In the end they decided to bring her directly to the main office during an emergency assembly.
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