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    Thank you all for you thoughtful responses. I wanted to put this out there to temper my initial emotional response and hear varying perspectives. I have listened and considered each of your points. I do agree that a stronger policy on meds and phones would have spared the troop this misfortune. Thank you to those who pointed that out. A few answers to queries: I am a trained leader. I have also completed the committee chair training as well as the merit badge counselor training. There was another Scout leader present. It should be noted both he and the scoutmaster are good friends. This occurred the second morning of camp, before the bottom drops out and everyone gets cranky. (I’ve been with them at camp enough times to know the routine.) After attending family night last night, it is clear that the boys are not upset about the items that the scoutmaster is claiming as controversial, it was the search without them present. They stated that they would’ve offered up any meds or phones had the SM been prepared with his new policy and had a procedure for collecting those items. As far as should a scoutmaster go through a scout’s belongings without the scout present, I am convinced they should not. (Unless there is an emergency, which this was not.) Since this incident, the SM has spent more time on his phone both with Council (who I haven’t even contacted yet) and contacting parents of those he confiscated items from, rather than participating with the scouts. He has not acknowledged the opinions of the boys nor offered an apology for the violation they perceive. The older scouts stated that he has been cold to them, at one point telling them to “build your own damn fire,” during a rainstorm when two patrols were attempting to share a cooking fire. He has not spoken to them directly since he searched their totes. When I asked them how they could resolve the situation, they stated that they don’t feel a conversation would be welcomed based on his behavior since. I asked if they had spoken to the SPL. They informed me that he doesn’t like what the SMS did either, but he feels he has to go along with it 😢 There has been a great deal of damage in troop relationships due to his actions (and I’m sure also due to the boys resulting behavior and attitudes) and that is just not what scouting is supposed to be about. Everyone makes mistakes and part of modeling good scouting and leadership requires one to admit their’s.
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    That's it! Stop blaming the girl. Blame Canada!
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    No I don't. Were there any ads like "American girls, your path to Eagle is through Canada. Keep Exploring and more in Canada..." ?
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    Would you happen to know if it is a common practice for Canada? Or were the Canadian scouts just trying to mess with us?
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    Nah, chances are they're still clean. Everyone knows Scouts don't change underwear at camp.
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    This is where I disagree. It should be the Chartered Organization's policy that prevails in this situation. If the CO is a church or school that regularly searches the luggage before an overnight trip, then it should be the same with the Boy Scout troop. If the CO doesn't conduct searches, then they shouldn't search the Boy Scouts either.
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    Nobody has a problem with a SM taking actions directly related to addressing safety. The original posting has zero to do with safety and all to with an over-bearing SM trying to enforce HIS policies, not the Troop's Youth Leaders' policies. That is a problem. Even if it was a health & safety issue, I firmly believe he should still have a second person there as a witness. There's no way in hell I'm rooting around anywhere a scout keeps his underwear without a second set of eyes present.
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    Well if she wants to be recognized as an Eagle for work she done retroactively so she can be the first, I am thinking why not? Then we can go back and retroactively recognize all female Sea Scout Quartermasters, Venturing Silver and Summit recipients as Eagle Scouts and possible the female Explorer Achievement and G.O.L.D. Award recipients if those two awards are comparable. After all, fair is fair.
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    And the advantage of Liberty is not having to put up with songs, skits, announcements and waiting to be dismissed.
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    Just an update, I wanted to keep the original ribbon, so I did clean it with Dawn soapsuds and a soft tooth brush (gently), removing the ribbon from the scroll first. Then rinsed it well, and dried it with a hair dryer. I'd say it removed about 80% of the dirt, and it looks much better now. Thanks for all the advice.
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    If a Scout claims to be agnostic - and I have had that conversation, the basic definition I fall back on is a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God My view was the Scout was in fact developing his beliefs. He was trying to define. He did not claim there was no God, just he was not really sure. We spoke on beliefs and that true, you likely could not prove the existence of God. This particular Scouts issue was more with organized religion. He did not really feel that Church was beneficial. We had a good conversation and my advise to him was to let your faith and beliefs develop, be open. Defining God is tough, sometimes organized religion is not your path.
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    It says that if female scouts are negotiating with the terrorists, there must be at least one female adult terrorist present. Cub scouts are only allowed to negotiate with terrorists armed with BB guns. When terrorists are detonating bombs, the scouts must be accompanied by an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer.
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    I'm convinced that the impetus for lame dining halls at summer camp is lazy adults, not lazy scouts. Most scouts I've met LIKE cooking their own meals.
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    It's also important that kids get an OPPORTUNITY to do and learn through experience. Pre-cooked everything is just a babystep away from sending mom to the nearest McDonalds for fast junk food instead of bothering with camp stoves. Am I the only person who thinks it's unconscionable that MOST BSA summer camps have eliminated patrol cooking in favor of mess halls where a surrogate mom fixes meals for the kids? The pitiful argument that it lets kids have more time to squeeze in an extra merit badge only shows the foolish over-emphasis on checkbox advancement embodied by too many scouters.
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    All excellent points, but this is the one I see after 50 registered years: • Adults - either do not know or do not accept that they are not the leaders but are, instead, coaches, mentors, and resources.
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    How to improve Scout Summer Camp Purpose: to encourage the ideals of Scouting and provide opportunities for the Scout to learn and exhibit those ideals. Technique: 1) Eliminate the dining hall. All Scouts live and work in Patrols, "under canvas". Patrols build their own campsite (except tent platforms and tents), setting up their own Dining flies and Dining/Cooking areas. Because of the need to reuse and not totally destroy the campsite, the camp would provide the poles and ropes and such, and would provide "guides" to help the Troop/Patrols lash up and set up their camp gear. Cooking done over camp stoves , lighting is by battery or moon. Permanent "Patrol Boxes" provided. Water tap, privy provided. (?ice chests? Real refrigerator?) Food and such drawn on the Quartermaster daily. Tools signed out and signed in by the SPL. SMs required to sit and smile. 2) All "ScoutSkill" activities are done under /in the woods, a hike away from the Patrol sites. Merit Badges are limited to those not ordinarily available to the local Scout: All watercraft, Pioneering, Axework (actually chop down a tree?), Nature, Birding (before dawn? Most birders go out before dawn to hear the calls...), Astronomy, Geology , etc. Bugling can be offered with the camp bugler.... Field trips are built into the camp schedule, to historic sites, quarries, lumber camps, white water river trips, etc. as available. Craft MBs are offered at the Craft Hall. Drama, Communication etc. can be accommodated by including them in the CampFire area. So-called "academic" Merit Badges are not offered. 3) All needs around the Troop/Patrol sites are the responsibility of the Troop/Patrol. Duty/work rosters are posted on the Bulletin Board in camp. Patrol camps are visited and rated by Camp Staff daily and SPLs and PLs are counseled by the Camp Guide (each Pcamp has an assigned Guide). All work is shared equally by the boys. Adults take their turn, as appropriate. 4) All electronics are put away for the week, with the sole exception of the SMs cell phone, and web access in the Camp HQ Hall. 5) Morse code/semaphore is taught and allowed and encouraged across the Camp Lake and between campsites. Speed contest? 6) Awards are given for good inspection scores. Awards include but are not limited to: Ribbons for the Patrol Flag, watermelons for the Patrol, Patches, ice cream chits for the Camp Store, extra time on the Archery /BB/22 ranges, extra time on the beach, a guided/catered canoe trip around the lake to "The Island". 7) Reveille is at 6am. Lights out (OUT. except for Astronomy MB class...) at 10pm. 8) Camp is populated and settled Sunday afternoon. First meal scheduled at 5pm. Last meal is Friday Dinner. Camp inspection and check out begins at 8am Saturday (no breakfast, only a take with you bagels/cheese snack), camp is clear by noon. 9) No visiting parents thruout the week, only by Camp Director permission. Howzat?
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    At camp it's difficult enough for the coffee truck to make its way to all the campsites in the morning early enough before the flag ceremony. Oh lord, nothing worse than adults crying bout not getting their coffee. I get it, but sometimes things happen. You can get your coffee at breakfast. Deal with it. I like coffee too. Stop complaining! Someone get this scouter their coffee so we can get some relative peace here!
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    I'd agree. That council decided that her work completed in the Canadian Scouting Association warranted recognizing her with a rank of Life. People can say it should not have happened - but it did. That decision is done. Now that she is a Life Scout, she has to wait until October 2020 to be awarded an Eagle rank? From what I can tell, she's already 18 (or close to it) and asking her to wait means she'll be 19 or 20 before it happens. I imagine she'll be off at college and far from day to day Scouting when this happens. This seems like penalizing a youth for adult decisions. I thought we were not supposed to do that. All this because the BSA was afraid of some rush for girls to get to Eagle Scout? I still think it's a dopy reason to have an artifical time restriction. Just award the girl her Eagle and move on. Who really cares who the first female Eagle is. What I care about is that those boys and girls that earn Eagle have a rewarding Scouting experience that helps them grown and develop.