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    It feels like the BSA is missing the key problem - the world has changed and district/pack/troop/crew leaders just don't know how to adjust to the new challenges. Packs & troops that know how to recruit do just fine. They run traditional programs and have plenty of members. Yet, we have plenty of units that have no clue how to recruit and so don't bother. The complain when they don't have enough scouts or volunteers - but yet do little to fix it. Districts have a very similar problem. They are running a program that was appropriate 20 years ago. Training - BSA sends us the slides and we present them. Program - we'll get together a few times, come up with some events, and call it a day. Membership - does everyone has a roundup night planned? Time and time I see the same thing. The quality of what we do matters. Focus on program quality matters. Focus on building up volunteers and units matters. Unit and district quality matters. In short, the BSA doesn't have a program content problem, it has a program delivery program. This will never be fixed by tinkering with the program. Charging more only makes things worse. They need to fix the problems that are leading to weak packs/troops/crews and districts. But, they are not doing this. As a result, we continue to see a slow, steady decline.
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    Just attended the first Eagle CofH in the 24-year history of our local Spanish-speaking troop. The kid was one of my best den chiefs - I couldn't be happier!
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    Centrifugal force. Mostly from the weight of the arm itself.
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    Last January, I turned in my registration as "Council Committee". I was hit with a $75 fee. I was told it included a new "Council Program Fee". I was floored and asked if all adults now had to pay that, or just Council/District folks. I was told it was for ALL adult registrations. No wonder units can't find "volunteers" to be Den Leaders and Committee people. Now that Mrs. Scoutldr and I are fully retired and living on 30% of our former income, I thought I would be able to devote more time to Scouting, maybe as volunteer summer camp staff, but I'm not sure I can afford it. My nearly 60 year tenure with this Council may be coming to an end.
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