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    Like many of us who post here I'm just a lowly volunteer. I work mostly with the OA at the chapter level where about a dozen troops make up 90% of its active members. As far as I have been able to ascertain none of those Scout participated in the survey. In fact they were totally unaware that the survey even existed. I learned about it only from this forum. I heard nothing from my district, nothing from my Council, nothing from my lodge. Nary a word could I find pertaining to it on the many pages of the council website. So please excuse me if I am also a bit of a Skeptic.
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    @Monkeytamer, all the best to your clutch of Eagles! I would be remiss if I didn't encourage you to tell them that theirs still work to be done. There a Palms -- not just insta-palms -- to be earned, Hornaday Awards, Patrol leaders to train, camps to staff, adventures to be had, etc ... There's nothing greater than a bunch of fellas modelling scouting to the rest of the troop without fretting over advancement. The rest of their terms should be awesome.
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    @Summitdog, I was hoping you were asking because you were a soon to be counselor hoping to get it right, and not another victim of some wannabe counselor who didn't ask any of us how to set boundaries on his session. Boys like yours are especially why we want patrol based and individual based counseling. When I was a scout, Environmental Science took a couple of hours of counselor time. I loved the sciences, but as a kid I had no patience for books. I watched nature shows and went out in the woods looking for the things they presented. We had woods and streams and lived on a hillside so erosion experiments were second nature. So, by the time I took the badge at camp, I sat down with the counselor and told him everything I knew no worksheet involved. He then told me that instead of coming to class, go find a spot in the woods for an hour or two and note everything that I saw and heard. (This was before buddy system, and it amazed me the critters that drifted by when it was just me.) I came back the next day, watched a few demos, did some service projects, and shook the counselors hand at the end of the week. Little if any paper was wasted in the process. And that is the one life skill that I got out of that badge ... going out and sitting and listening. I hope your son finds a counselor and buddies who will help him do just that.