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    Really??!?!? Are you serious? If they changed the Boy Scout book to add some pictures of girls and changed some pronouns you would have went nuts claiming they “changed the program”. They are adding a girls book with picture of girls and adding “she” instead of “he”. They did this in a separate book so they don’t upset the existing boys and their leaders... and that is now an issue? WOW! Perhaps we need to add trigger warnings to any BSA announcements going forward so existing leaders can go to their safe spaces prior to hearing such things like there is a scouts BSA book with pictures of girls or uniform pants that come out and are sized for girls. Oh, the humanity! 😀 There is a lot to complain about but having a separate book (as long as gender is the only delta) makes sense given how they are introducing the program as non coed.
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    Thanks for that! I feel, from a pedagogical and practical point of view, it would be better not to use a ceremony like this for a Cub Scout's Bobcat award. At this stage we are only just introducing the child to the idea of Scouting, and we want them to feel that the achievement in and of itself, with the associated badge and mother's pin to represent it, is something meaningful and significant. Adding facepaint and colors and bonus symbols and balloons and all that fluff is rather like gilding the lily if you ask me. Greater accomplishments more worthy of such "ceremonial adornment," such as the Arrow of Light and, further down the road, the Order of the Arrow, will come. But this is the Scout's first award. Let's start them off by letting this award be special on its own, without being tethered to other superfluous activities or rituals. And at all costs avoid feeding them a taste for over-wrought theatrics that will only end up with parents wanting something bigger and fancier with every level. Nip this one in the bud, my friend. Keep your pack grounded. That's one of the most important roles of a good leader. Make things exciting and fun, but make sure excitement and fun are tools and means to an end - not the goal of Scouting itself. Good luck! Post Script: please note that many boys this age are extremely averse to any kind of face-painting or other similar attention-drawing activities, especially in front of large crowds. Some parents may like it, but there are many Scouts who will not. Never do anything without FIRST consenting with the boys. Without their complete and total approval, I would withdraw any proposed activities such as this.
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    To the contrary, I know a few different people that have suffered through lugging aluminum dutch ovens out to favorite backpacking campsites and buried them. I believe some have been out there for ten years or more.
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    My favorite answer to this: *(( The true author of this article is unknown. It is here copied from the COME HOSTELING newsletter, Sept. 1980, of the Potomac Area Council of the American Youth Hostels, who received it from Dick Schwanke, Senior PAC Staff Trainer, who read it in the APPALACHIAN HIKER by Ed Garvey, who got it from the Potomac Appalachian Trail Conference Bulletin, which quoted it from THE RAMBLER of the Wasatch Mountain Club of Salt Lake City, which reportedly cribbed it from the I.A.C. News of Idaho Falls, which reported it from the 1966 PEAKS & TRAILS. I offer it here for your enjoyment and inspiration. Note that some of the ingredients are a bit dated. Adjust as necessary. Enjoy!)) "Courageous Cookery" by John Echo* Once the convert backpacker or cycle camper has accepted the subtle gustatory nuances associated with sustained operations beyond the chrome, he should try the advantages of ultra fringe living so that he will realize what he is paying for his nested pots and pretty pans carried so diligently and brought home so dirty after every "wilderness experience". The following system works. It is dependable and functional. It works on the big rock. It even works when the weather has gone to hell, you are wet and cold and the wind is blowing down the back of your hairy neck. It is not for the timid. It consists of a stove, a six inch sauce pan, a plastic cup and a soup spoon. If you insist on a metal cup, you must never fail to mutter "I'm having fun, I'm having fun", every time you spill the soup on your sleeping bag. Breakfast: Instant wheat cereal-- sugar and powdered milk added-- ready two minutes after water boils. Eat from pot. Do not wash pot. Add water, boil, and add powdered eggs and ham. You'll never taste the cereal anyway. In three minutes, eat eggs. Do not wash pot. Add water or snow and boil for tea. Do not wash pot. Most of the residue eggs will come off in the tea water. Make it strong and add sugar. Tastes like tea. Do not wash pot. With reasonable technique, it should be clean. Pack pot in rucksack and enjoy last cup of tea while others are dirtying entire series of nested cookware. Lunch: Boil pot of tea. Have snack of rye bread, cheese and dried beef Continue journey in 10 minutes if necessary. Dinner: Boil pot of water, add Wylers dried vegetable soup and beef bar. Eat from pot. Do not wash pot. Add water and potatoes from dry potatoe powder. Add gravy mix to taste. Eat potatoes from pot. Do not wash pot. Add water and boil for tea. Fortuitous fish or meat can be cooked easily. You do not need oil or fat. Put half inch of water in pot. Add cleaned and salted fish. Do not let water boil away. Eat from pot when done. Process can be done rapidly. Fish can even be browned somewhat by a masterful hand. Do not change menu. Variation only recedes from the optimum. Beginners may be allowed to wash pot once a day for three consecutive days only. It is obvious that burning or sticking food destroys the beauty of the technique. If you insist on carrying a heavier pack, make up the weight you save with extra food. Stay three days longer.
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    I've been able to track down the SKUs for those publication numbers. I'm told that "the warehouse has 10,000 copies on order that have not yet been fulfilled." Posting this information here because this is the only place I was able to even find this information. Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys, 14th edition, publication 34462, SKU 648103 Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls, 14th edition, publication 39006, SKU 648768 I see the necessity of the Spanish vs English books. I also agree with the point that there should be a single book. Perhaps it was done in order to make the boys and girls both accept the book more readily. Boys, especially when they are 11 - 13, don't want to read books by girls or that feature girls or do anything with girls. Take the Harry Potter author; Joanne went by J. K. Rowling because the publishers asked to user her initials in order to disguise her gender and open the book up to young (and apparently finicky) readers.
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    What has been said. The Cubs need to be "recognized" and celebrated. The Cub Stripes is a nice simple way to do this. If you are thinking you have not enough time to make the award, perhaps you have a different problem. Are your ceremonies simple, noteworthy, or are they too ostentatious, and meant for the adults' benefit more than the Cubs? I agree with the previous posters, the Bob Cat is important to help the new Cub feel welcome and excited about Scouting. See you on the trail...
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    We got a sneak peek of the two books at the area conference earlier this month. The difference is the color of the cover, the pictures inside one has girls in the pictures one Boys in pictures, and pronouns are changed from he to she him to her Etc. My understanding is that they had thought of doing a combined book however certain people complained that with both boys and girls in all photographs it appeared to be co-ed not Separated by gender. So we end up with two books. Don't read anything more into having two books.
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    Above sign remembers Burnside, KY Troop 1, but was it the first Boy Scout Troop of Kentucky let alone the USA? Frankfort Troop 1 also formed in 1908. More info from the State Sentinel, Frankfort, KY . The CO of this Frankfort, KY Troop 1 was the YMCA and Mr. Stanley Harris was their first Scoutmaster. Here is a photo of the troop taken behind the YMCA. Scoutmaster Harris is on left in third row. But why the confusion - shoes, the court system,... The same year that Harris started the boy scouts troop, 1908, a doctor told him he had heart trouble and would die within three months. Harris did not die until 68 years later in 1976. He organized the troop to go hiking, so he could regain his strength. It was later discovered that the “heart trouble” was just bad indigestion. The State Journal Article from August 15, 1976, announced Harris’ passing. That article contains a quote where Harris recalled speaking to the doctor who told him he had three months to live. The doctor, Harris recalled, “told me to die peacefully and I told him I never did anything peacefully.” A letter written in 1940 from Harris to Todd Crutcher Jr. states that on Jan. 9, 1909, Harris received a letter from Robert Braden Powell, head of the British Boy Scout Association. The letter, which was written Dec. 29, 1908, authorized the troop. However, the Boy Scouts of America does not recognize the authority of the letter, according to the April 1976 State Journal article. It cannot be proven that the Frankfort troop was the original Boy Scout troop in America because the charter was lost. The charter was used in a civil lawsuit between the federal government and Excelsior Shoe Company, which was selling “scout shoes.” Once the lawsuit ended, the charter was filed in court records in Washington. However attempts to regain the charter were unsuccessful, according to the April 1976 State Journal article. One report said the charter was lost in a fire. ... More at source, excellent research by author Holly McClurkin https://www.state-journal.com/2018/05/18/original-boy-scout-troop-reportedly-started-in-frankfort/
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    B.S.A. is one of many Scouting organizations that appeared in the U.S.A. after BP's books hit the streets in January, 1908, and hardly the first. I would be surprised if B.S.A. could say which troop was the first started under its auspices or first chartered with it, but the first Scout troop predtaed the B.S.A. Ninwty-nine troops were in existence in the area that became the Cleveland District of B.S.A. when B.S.A. arrived in Cleveland in 1912, including five claiming to be Cleveland Troop 1. The 1st Glasgow Scout Group in Scotland holds the earliest known registration certificate, dated 26 January 1908, issued by the Scouting Association. "Burnside, in south-central Kentucky, is believed to be home to the first Boy Scout troop in the United States. In 1908, two years before the Boy Scouts of America was officially organized, Mrs. Myra Greeno Bass organized a local troop of 15 boys, using official Boy Scout materials she had acquired from England. A sign at the edge of town declares Burnside "Birthplace of Boy Scouts of America", and an official state historical society marker commemorates the troop. Burnside is now part of the Blue Grass Council. Boy Scouts of America Troop 1 in Frankfort, Kentucky was established in 1909 by Stanley A. Harris. There has been a long-standing belief that this was the very first Boy Scout troop in the United States. ... Troop 1 was originally formed under the British Boy Scouts and the charter was destroyed in a fire around 1920. Nonetheless, Troop 1 is still active and is sponsored by the First Christian Church of Frankfort, Kentucky."