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    Retired Maryland state trooper Russell Williams suffered a heart attack while Christmas shopping with his daughter. Troop 355 ASM Wes Thatcher responded and started CPR - chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth followed by two shocks from the mall's defibrillator before EMTs arrived. Recovered, Mr. Williams attended a Troop 355 meeting to tell scouts personally the importance of CPR training and thank scouter Wes Thatcher. Video and sources: https://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/miracle-at-the-mall-scoutmaster-meets-heart-attack-victim-he-helped-save https://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/christmas-miracle-boy-scoutmaster-saves-heart-attack-victim-at-white-marsh-mall Scout Salute
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    After college I moved out of state for 3 years, and while there took WB in 2015. It was fantastic and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. After moving back, I have discovered how "cliquey" and odd the Woodbadgers are in my home Council. There have been a number of "local traditions" that distract from the course and I have a number of friends my age (late 20s-early 30s) that are so turned off by WB that they have no interest in looking into it. I was asked to be on staff for an upcoming course, and the SM is pretty serious about doing things "by the book" so I'm super excited!
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    I think the challenge here is to find someone that can talk to the SM calmly. This sounds more like the SM wanting to save face than any troop policy. BTW, if it is a troop policy is it stated somewhere? My guess is the reason for saying no multiple projects on the same day is that scouts shouldn't share a project. Sounds fair to me. But just ensure they really are independent.
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    I create a custom scoutbook report that shows rank, age, eagle required badges, etc. Scoutbook would be a bit more useful if we could sort and invert the columns into rows. But it's still a pretty good report.
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    The key is that each project is owned by the scout. Planned, developed and led. I've had projects where we coordinated with other projects. But my project is still my project that I'm the driving force on. As for the scoutmaster, "it should be" outside his control. His chance would have been during scoutmaster review of the proposal. Perhaps the scoutmaster could have refused to sign proposals because he did not see it as three separate projects. But he did sign. Now it's the scout's project and it's up to the scout to plan, develop and lead. I'd imagine the Eagle board would be looking for the same criteria. Was it the scout's project? Did he develop, plan and lead his project? If he was just a helper on another person's project, then no. There is lots of grey between okay and not okay. The key is the scout being able to represent what was his project. For myself, I'd leverage the "a scout is thrifty." Why drive out three times? Your supposed to be helping the beneficiary. Why add extra cost and head aches for the beneficiary.
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    Does your troop use Scoutbook? There are some helpful reports there that you can use: There is an Individual Advancement Record (IAR) report, which is available from the Troop or Patrol pages. Also at Scoutbook, you can download a pre-filled (but editable) Eagle Application that can help Scouts get started. Your troop can give you access to Report Builder, which allows you to create custom reports. One that would be helpful for you would be a progress toward Eagle report or a merit badge report where you select all of the Eagle-required merit badges. I also have an Excel spreadsheet that you could use for an individual Scout, although I'm not sure how to upload it to the forum.