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    I'm with @skeptic: one law (as referenced in the Oath) with 12 points.
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    So, on a FB group I had made a comment about the theoretical 13th point of the Law generally being accepted as Hungry, though Punctual was noted as well. One poster indicated, politely I must note, that there were 12 laws, not one. Now, I have always read it as "The Scout Law", singular, which seems to say it is one Law. The twelve points work in conjunction with each other to guide the Spirit of the Scout or Scouter in everyday life. Trustworthy and Reverent are like the bookends, tying it all together as one. So, while I have found no specific interpretation in literature, there may be some as there is much to review. Any comments or discussion?
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    I admit I haven't tried it, but I've read that they aren't as stable, particularly with scouts operating them. I believe the Philmont Guide suggests not to use them. I don't think it forbids them. EDIT: Here is what the Philmont Guide says: If using isobutane/propane fuel stoves, be sure that they are designed to hold an 8 quart pot. The safest stoves on the market that accomplish this requirement have a fuel line that separates the canister from the stove. This reduces the reflected heat from impacting the canister and permits the user the ability to adjust the temperature safely. Smaller one or two person stoves have become available and popular, however they do not meet the requirements for crew cooking (Patrol Method) at Philmont Scout Ranch. A small stove might be a good addition for quick heating of water for coffee, tea or cocoa while on the trail. Biofuel stoves are generally small, although, due to the desert southwest climate and frequent fire restrictions, these are not permitted for use at Philmont.
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    Desk top pencil/pen/cell holder. Paint pretty.
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    We never had patrol boxes. We divied up the gear before the campout and everyone took their share. Other than that and fires the movie looks similar to my troop now. I tried ditching the patrol boxes to no avail. The portable wood stoves would be better than a fire pit or a gas stove.
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    Pinewood derby cars? That’s upcoming and is a wood project you apply a finish to.