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    As a DL for a female den, I try to never use gender terms. My girls are "scouts." If I start to say, "hey girls" I quickly correct myself and call them "scouts." Using gender terms is a crutch I, as an adult leader, need to learn to overcome. No reason for either boys or girls to think of themselves - or to hear others refer them - as anything other than a scout.
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    "Here in "Scouts BSA", we have girls only troops and boys only troops. Either way, your child will be joining the largest and oldest scouting organization in America." Other than during recruitment, would there be a real need to tell someone you are talking about a girls troop vs. a boys troop? Even if there is a need, I am not sure there is a need to refer them as a boys (scout) troop vs a girls (scout) troop. It should already be clear that you are talking about Scouts BSA.
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    What they should have done is come up with a completely new name for the age 11-17 program for girls, which is what they said (or at least strongly implied) when the changes to Cub Scouting were first announced about a year ago. But they didn't. And they left us locals with an issue that, while its an issue, is not insurmountable. We can say "female" instead of "girl." It's awkward, but it's not a huge deal.
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    My gracious. I dread the possibility that a person like this might actually be a Den Leader working with children.
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    Ask your parents if any of them have a knife with one. It's best the boys learn on devices they can access everyday. Regardless, if it's your own money, it's better to just buy one or two of your own to share for the den meeting than to buy a dozen cheap ones. Tell Cabela's that you're coming with a carton of cans to test their knives on. Not every brand works as cleanly as the knife in the video. I've found Swiss Army and BSA to sell products that pretty much do what they say they will. Some of the new-fangled openers are so confusing ... opening cans is faster with my knife. It took me months to figure out one of those ergonomic ones, then once we all figured it out Mrs. Q decided she hated it. So, she gave it to Daughter for her apartment. I did inherit one without a can-opener. Well, "inherit" wasn't quite the right word for it. Mom got tired of grandpa whittling away his cane.
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    I just used mine a couple weeks ago when the can opener at the place we were staying broke. Be Prepared and all...... Separately, don't buy cheap knives, they are probably just as dangerous as dull knives. The tinker linked above is my everyday pocket knife.
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    and every flier from every unit for every activity will have to be approved by the Commissar of Truth and Language.
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    Missed sales opportunity? If a parent said they were there to sign up their kid for Soccer, Band, 4-H, Girl Scouts, ...I would ask them " Say while you are here, could I tell you about our Scout program?..." Informed not confused. Not poaching either. Girl Scouts may think they have dibs on all girls coming in to join "scouts", but that is simply not true. My $0.02,
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    It was made abundantly clear at the school nights I attended as a Unit Commissioner that they were signing up to be Cub Scouts, and a part of BSA. We had one school night where we were in the school cafeteria and the GSUSA folks were in the Media Center at the same time. We were instructed to make sure that we asked every parent coming in with a girl if they were there to join Cub Scouts or Girl Scouts. If they replied Girl Scouts, they were sent across the hall to the Media Center. No poaching, no confused parents.
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    This will be interesting. I foresee some additional training as part of some consent decree in our future Maybe a 30 page Powerpoint
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    Oh good! Now we can talk about him. Can you believe................................
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    1) WELCOME TO DA FORUMS! 2) As @MattR stated, it is an 8 year old thread, but timely in my opinion since I was dealing with this recently. Sadly not every Bear DL actually goes over Whittling Chip. Some use toys to teach it, but do not allow the Cubs to actually use a knife. This was a situation I inherited when I became a WDL; the previous DL used plastic knives to teach, but would not allow them to use actual knives, nor gave them their cards. First thing as a WDL I did was teach Whittling Chip. As for a troop recognizing WC for new Scouts, while I would prefer it to be the PLC's decision, it is ultimately the SM's decision. I've seen some recognize WC and allow new Scouts to use a pocket knife until they earn TC and others do not. I was in one troop that the SM based his decision to recognize WC based upon his observation of the Webelos when they camped with us. If they were using knives properly, no problem. If not, then he would make them wait until earning Totin Chip. Got interesting one year when a den from one pack was allowed to use knived because of WC, and a den from another pack wasn't. But the SM saw the first den actually use their knives safely to build shelters, fires, and cooking implements for CASTAWAY ADVENTURE prior to Crossing Over, and did not once see the other den use knives at all when they were with us. FYI this knife myth is the result of various knife laws. Some jurisdictions only allow pocket knives, some laws limit size of the blade, some laws say youth cannot posses, and some laws prohibit certain types of knives. I had a discussion with one SM who moved into the area about this matter. Told me I could not allow sheath knives at a BSA camporee with a survival theme. Pointed out the G2SS, Scoutshop.com's links to the sheath knives, and BSA publications that stated sheath knives, where allowed, are perfect for survival. Even pointed out that one BSA publication written by Hugh McManners stated that a Kukri is the best survival knife. One of the reasons I got a Becker 21 :) As for alcohol stoves, thankfully BSA only bans the homemade ones. I remember when making these stoves were in the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book. Bit the bullet and got a Trangia, and to cut down on weight a Batchstovez 2.0FE. Both are a lot more reliable than my MSR Whisperlight International. Twice now it has let me down when I needed it. As long as I have fuel for my alcohol stoves, I am golden.
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    For the lawyers, here's the complaint. All 50 pages of it. https://www.scribd.com/document/392523926/110618-SDNY-Girl-Scouts-v-Boy-Scouts-Complaint?fbclid=IwAR1LmH5X0N1xp28vKinf8_RpsRUHF5LInNhLNLWugrnqsMGGpBkXceriBL0.
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    The most efficient way to Eagle rank (be ye a ten year old tenderfoot or 17 year old life): Do the work! Epitomize the oath and law!
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    That is truly shocking. It's childish and totally unscout like. I was going to ramble on for a bit but I am somewhat lost for words.
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    LS, you only needed to post the last sentence. It made the point without disparaging the Eagles you feel didn’t have the motivation to earn the honor on their own. Every Scout IS different, which is why the adult staff should strive to build a program that doesn’t obstruct any Scout’s personal ambition. Barry
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    1) WELCOME TO DA FORUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2) As others have said, it's a journey enjoy. 3) HEAR YOU SCOUTS, AND YOU PARENTS TOO, OF THE ... TALE OF TWO EAGLES! Once there were two Eagles. The First Eagle was the son of a "Double Eagle," or an Eagle Scout and Explorer Silver recipient. "Double Eagle" dad pushed and pushed and pushed his son to earn Eagle at the ripe old age of 13. Since the Silver Award was no longer around for Exploring, dad did no pushing for that. Since the First Eagle met his dad's expectations, and thought his journey was over, he quit Scouting at 13, only to rejoin many years later when his own son became a Tiger Cub. Now the First Eagle had a cousin. Both "Double Eagle" Uncle and First Eagle Cousin pushed and pushed and pushed the Scout to earn his Eagle. As a 13 year old Life Scout, he was well on his way to becoming an Eagle at 14. But the Second Eagle took some winding trails after earning Life. First he did a local high adventure program instead of the traditional MB summer camp program, and he had FUN! A few months later he took the NYLT course of its day; Brownsea 22. It was a challenging week and he had FUN. Next Second Eagle was inducted into the OA, becoming a Brotherhood Member before earning Eagle. And guess what, HE HAD FUN! Then Second Eagle went to a National Scout Jamboree and then did a Canadian canoeing trek. It it was FUN. Finally Second Eagle realized he was 17 and some odd months, and he needed to buckle down fast if he was to become an Eagle. He finished everything but his Eagle BOR 5 days before turning 18. And Second Eagle stayed active in Scouting. He got involved in Sea Scouts, earning Ordinary, and then the OA again, becoming a Vigil. Second Eagle was selected to participate in the European Camp Staff Program, spending an entire summer at Scout camps in the UK. He also attended a World Scout Jamboree. He stayed active in a variety or roles, and was proudest when his three sons earned their Bobcat badge wit him as their DL. Now tell me who had more fun in Scouting, my cousin the First Eagle, or me the Second Eagle? Over the years, no one has asked me how old i was when i got it, or how many palms I earned. They ask if I am an Eagle, and what my adventures have been. And I can go on and on about my 35 years in Scouting as a youth and adult. Good luck on your journey.
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    From a thread in the /BSA Sub Reddit: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has 41 live records for the term "Scouting." Of these 41 live trademark/patient registrations, 13 are owned by the BSA including the following: NORTHERN STAR SCOUTING, FRIENDS OF SCOUTING, LIVE SCOUTING'S ADVENTURE NATIONAL JAMBOREE SBR 2017, LIVE SCOUTING'S ADVENTURE, SCOUTING WORKS, THIS IS SCOUTING, MY.SCOUTING, SCOUTINGU, SCOUTING FOR ADVENTURE, SCOUTING FOR FOOD, NATIONAL SCOUTING MUSEUM, NATIONAL CATHOLIC COMMITTEE ON SCOUTING, and SCOUTING. 0 "Scouting" are owned by the GSUSA. The GSUSA does own a trademark for "Scout" as it applies to their cookies, and interestingly enough in Sept. 2018 the GSUSA obtained a trademark for "Scout Cookies." The BSA also owns a trademark for "Scout" as it applies to: The BSA owns the following trademarks for "Scout:" VOICE OF THE SCOUT, SCOUTWEAR, NATIONAL SCOUT JAMBOREE, SCOUTSTUFF.ORG, and a few others out of the 715 registered "Scout" trademark derivatives.
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    Have not seen any confusion. One group sells cookies, the other does not. Hmmm maybe that is it - some rumor that Scouts BSA will sell Scout Cookies - Slim Mints, Do-or-Don't, Trailalongs, Gilwell Grins...
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    Scouts BSA sounds cool but I would have switched it to “BSA Scouts”. It rolls off the tongue better. Guess we’ll see how National responds to this. Saddest part is that there are people out there that actually think that the two organizations are interchangeable/the same. BTW, what’s wrong with red loops? As long as it’s on the correct uniform (de la Renta shirt) it’s still official.
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    Well that’s what I get for relying on my memory; nice catch NJCubScouter (I’ll swear that strip read Cub Scouts BSA in my day ... but that was 50 years ago!)
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    "Sadly not every Bear DL actually goes over Whittling Chip. " Interesting as it's a requirement for advancement. Tone? Don't worry I'm unsubscribing.
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    Scouts Unfazed Camping Kayaking Intending To Go Strongly Until Simply Amazed
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    I enjoy the ignoranance here. The Cub scout earns the privilege of carrying a pocket knife when they are in a Bear den but all of you assume they magically loose that privilege when they cross to a troop. I bet you all think BSA bans fixed blade knives and doesn't allow alcohol stoves.
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    No kidding. Unlike the other commenters here, I can read.