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    Just FYI, on Tuesday evening, I stepped down as Scoutmaster of my son's Troop to become the Scoutmaster of my daughter's Troop. It is a linked Troop (well, it will be on 2/1/19), using the same chartering org and Troop Committee. My wife is the ASM. I will be posting the heck out of this video and the other info on the new BSA branding site on local social media and getting articles in the local papers and school communication portals to recruit. I am also getting a head count from my DE of the Webelos 2 girls in all teh surrounding towns that don't have a planned Scouts BSA program for them to cross into, so we can go talk to them. These girls should have a Troop to cross into, and we're just the people to offer it.
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    I am a dedicated Scoutmaster who comes from multi-generational Scouting family. I share my Scouting enthusiasm with everyone around me because it is genuinely felt, and also because Scout Spirit is contagious. Along with my enthusiasm, I also explicitly explain my acceptance that not every family approaches Scouting with my same level of vigor - and that's ok. Troop meetings and weekend campouts will not always be prioritized first when choosing between competing activities - and that's ok. Sometimes other things in life are more important than Scouting - and that's ok. Last night, I held a Scoutmaster conference and signed off an Eagle Scout application for a VERY busy Scout in our troop. He sings in a prestigious boys choir, he plays elite-level soccer, he swims competitively, and he excels scholastically. In spite of many scheduling conflicts over the years, he has somehow made the required sacrifices to also become an Eagle Scout with three palms. I frankly don't know how he manages it all, but I hold him up as an example of a boy who takes an "and" approach to living life. Nobody should be forced to choose between Scouting OR soccer. Enough flexibility and alternatives should exist that Scouting AND soccer should be a viable option for anyone with the desire for both.
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    And typically look really, really, really sloppy. The GSUSA gave up on a "uniform" look uniform in the early 1970s when they went mix-and-match. Actually having a uniform is one of the things about BSA that appeals to my daughter.
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    I've actually made the opposite argument in my Pack. I'm an Eagle and it has not prepared me at all for herding Cub Scouts. 😁
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    As far as I've seen, BSA does not state anything about the adults being related or not. And in some southern states (mine included), everyone is related to everyone. lol I am my own Grandpa
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    On a campout, if its directly related to the Scouts, the SPL. Otherwise, the SM. My view is the SPL is the top of the organization chart.
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    YES! Yes to the whole idea of scouts have outside lives too. Thank you for that! I had an SM tell me that my son may not be counted as "active for six months" because he hadn't been a frequent attendee to meetings and campouts over the last six months over the fall. Never mind that he had been in this rank for two years and fall was marching band season. I replied that he should talk with my son about what he was doing and see how active he had been over the last two years instead of the last six months in this rank. My son was active during non-marching band times, going to campouts when it didn't conflict with his band/school commitments, but fall precluded him from all campouts and homework kept him out of half the meetings. The same SM relented with another scout who obtained Eagle that year. That scout had been mostly a no show for the last three years due to school commitments. And in my current troop, they also want to quantify what "active" means by making it a percentage numbers game. I quietly voice my concerns and thoughts on the subject to the adults when it comes up. As with most things in which I disagree with that don't line up with BSA guidelines, I don't do it in front of the scouts and I don't make ultimatums. I try my best to guide it towards what BSA states. However, if I see a scout get caught in one of those traps where the SM/CC/BOR whatever is trying to deny a scout their rights, I have decided I will let the scout and their parent/guardian understand their rights. I won't be party to things where the scout is denied simply because the troop/SM/CC/BOR want to change or add requirements away from what BSA sets. (Currently I'm fighting the whole BOR as a retest problem.)
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    Not convinced by the "scout me in" slogon but the imagery and music work pretty well. Over all I like it!
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    It’s a marketing piece, and they can’t be all things to all people, or expected to encapsulate the entire Scouting program in a short period of time.
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    I suspect that many of the girls to whom this video would appeal would have some idea of what their local girl scout troops are (or are not) doing. If they have found their local girl scout troop not to be outdoorsy enough, then this might make BSA look appealing. Not to say that GSUSA troops couldn't do this stuff (except wearing the BSA logo clothes) but many certainly don't.
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    I will apologize for this in advance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqomZQMZQCQ
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    Absolutely agree. We actually schedule some of our fall campouts (if possible) to depart early on Saturday mornings. This enables some of the HS Scouts to do the football Friday night, march, whatever and still do the outing. This small change has increased the participation. Scouts should be well rounded and do many different things. Some of ours play football and we do not see them in the fall. Our current SPL plays baseball and he took the fall SPL slot to accommodate Spring ball. His Eagle project is focused on some aspect of the HS Baseball stadium. Some swim, soccer, marching band, water polo, lacrosse, advanced math stuff, church commitments, rugby (yeah we had one of them play that), tennis, golf, AP classes, etc etc. We welcome them when they can be there and figure some participation is better than none. Attendance / participation is not about percentages and checkmarks. Our unit is large, the only written policy we have is about cell phones (single page). Other than that, it is all situational and we follow the Guide to Advancement as best possible. Full disclosure we sort of skim the Guide to Safe Scouting and try our best with that one (is it all applicable??)
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    Even though it sounds a bit flippant, I rely on something from an old role playing game from long while back called Paranoia. In which the whole concept was that you were part of a team whose members all had secret assignments to betray various other teammates etc on the mission they were assigned to. The slogan was, "Trust no one. Keep your Laser handy." Commonly, we as a society want to trust those who have been around for awhile simply because we think, if they were "bad" they would have been caught long ago. We watch the new adults more closely until we're satisfied they are doing okay. We give those who have been around for a long time a reprieve from scrutiny. In reality, we have to be on constant vigilance and willing to stand and make a report when something doesn't look right. It can be fatiguing and it does feel like we should trust those around us, but the scouts entrusted to our care demand that we don't take it lightly. We wouldn't go off on an outing without checking off the gear (first aid/communications/water/supplies/etc) we know to bring nor watching the weather reports etc. Same with watching for YPT failures. Ever vigilant. Thanks to the scouter who became suspicious. And again, don't rely on the person one-level-up to follow through to national. It is our responsibility to make the report to national. Let them do the investigation.
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    I would agree, but considering what National’s turned out for marketing collateral in the past, this is a pretty giant leap forward. Still, baby steps! We’ll get there. It sparked enough interest on my daughter’s part to reverse some previous teenage apathy, so I’m counting that as a win! 😁
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    Just so there is no confusion, that should have been: "We also do not try to limit new adults". I had that backwards. I know that it is a common thing to ask first year parents to be committee members or to ask them to wait a year to volunteer. We don't do that. Really what we tend to do is just guide new parents. If a new parent starts doing too much for the scouts, the New Scout ASM simply pulls them aside and mentors them. That tends to be all we need to do.
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    Just showed this to a few girls in the Scouts BSA age range, they were very positive. They loved the music and the adventure scenes.
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    Parents should always talk to the SM first not the SPL. Sure there are exceptions, but the SM may be working with the SPL on something specific (keeping camp clean) and may be waiting for a teaching moment. Adults should work through the SM on campouts and agree on what is the right questions to ask the SPL.
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    No doubt I stand my ground but some people dont want to be sold to and some just cant help themselves, I have turned the troop around fromadult to boy led and sold this to 60 parents already so I think I have the sales pitch down too. We have come a long way with the program and tripled the size of the troop and increased camp out participation from 25 to 75%. I do think the CC needs to do a better job selling to the parents in an active way. We all came out of a situation with too much drama in the troop 4 years ago so I have no problem asking people to move on if they cant/won't understand the program and want to make everyones life more miserable. This of course is in a nice way, we have 4 other troops in town and based on the problem they have with our troop I convince them there is a better fit. I have few problems with webelos making the transition. Some have home sickness issues but they outgrow these during summer camp. We do have some that just don't want to be responsible for anything so they move on. Not sure how you fix that.
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    The scene where the Scouts go camping by themselves and they rescue themselves is very timely for your discussion. Also when they take on the army to get their SM out of the stockade during war games shows a good level of personal initiative
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    Yes, it was amusing that both these women basically told me they new how boy scouts worked and that I was wrong. DE also liked the trip plan that I had the scouts do which clearly refuted some of her other staements about me not knowing where I was going. Duh of course I knew but I let the scout think they were lost so they could figure it out themselves. We did get grief from DE for not sharing phone #s with the ladies althought they didnt show up at the troop meeting before the campout so I didnt know this. Both had YPT and both were helicopters. We live in area where parents are really demanding of teachers and I get the same attitudes as if they are my boss and are paying me through taxes. I do this for free, I enjoy working with the scouts, the Committee is happy with me and my program but new parents are really making me want to quit. I have tried many times to go to a Webelos meeting and discuss with the parents the changes that are coming but no takers. We pull from 6 different packs so its not easy to get sme time. Does BSA have a video I can send new parents that shows what not to do, how to act when new to a troop etc?
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    Great idea, although I might amend that. I would say that the former cub leaders should be committee members, but shouldn't be working with the boys as ASMs or SMs.
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    I know that one of the troops our pack feeds to has an explicit rule that any parent who was in leadership in cub scouts has to take a year off of leadership before they can assist the troop. Again, good to help transition away from the cub scout model.
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    @qwazse, Prayers for your peace brother.
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    Thomas Close, 39, who is associated with Troop 406 in Richland County and is also known as “Aqua Joe,” admitted to filming boys changing between 2011 and this year. He also said he had downloaded child pornography since he was 16 years old, and that his sexual preference was for boys between the ages of six and 16, according to an affidavit written by U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations agent Benjamin Shaw. .... In August (2018), (HSI) agents talked to officials at the Boy Scouts' Lake Erie Council in Cleveland. They showed a director cropped images from some of the videos, and the director said it appeared they were shot in teepees at the Firelands Scout Reservation in Wakeman, five miles west of Oberlin. Scouts sometimes change clothes in the teepees, the affidavit states. The director said other videos look like they were shot in locker rooms at the Wakeman camp, investigators say. Since all the photos appeared to pertain to changing before and after swimming, a director provided agents with a June 2017 report regarding an incident at the Wakeman camp that may be related. A den leader made a complaint about Close, the affidavit says, and the director told Close that he would be fired if it happened again. Over a year later? Call the Police when incident occurs!!! “This case was solved because of good investigative work but also because a parent who was trained to look for signs of suspicious activity raised their concerns to Scout leadership,” said U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman. “We all have an obligation to be aware of what is taking place around us and let authorities know when there are concerns.” Anyone with knowledge of the man’s unsupervised contact with children should contact HSI at 216-749-9602. https://www.cleveland.com/court-justice/2018/11/ohio-boy-scouts-of-america-employee-charged-with-secretly-filming-boys-changing.html https://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/story/news/2018/11/01/boy-scout-official-arrested-child-porn-charges/1851611002/