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    edit: I've also had the idea to look into adult team building games and share those with him. He's been to NYLT and I know they've done some stuff there. I usually roll my eyes when I have to do this kind of team game as an adult but I have to admit I recently did a few that were fun.
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    In the summer years ago I worked at a camp, and noticed the canopy of a large tree in the woods. It was uniquely "elm" like. It took me a few hours to locate it, and I had the camp director make a call and a rep from the state forestry service stopped by a few weeks later. Samples were collected and it was an American Elm. Spared from the dutch elm disease. Turned out to be in the top 5 largest American Elms in the state.
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    It's only six months till girls in Scouts BSA. Will you be ready to start up a girls' troop in February? I know that @AVTech is planning to be scoutmaster for his daughter's troop. I know the @Hawkin's daughter is already planning her patrol name and patch. @Hedgehog was talking about a linked troop. My daughter is eager to start as well. So, for any of you planning to be associated with a girls' Scouts BSA troop, how close are you to ready? Do you have the necessary five girls already planning to join as soon as possible? How are you planning to recruit more girls? Do you have a scoutmaster and an ASM, at least one of which is a female-over-twenty-one-who-is-willing-to-go-camping? (Willing to go backcountry camping as well as frontcountry camping? ) Do you have a chartered organization lined up? Is the CO of the local boy's troop willing to sponsor a girls troop? opposed? undecided? Or have you found a different institution willing to be CO of the girls troop? Is the local boy's troop willing to share a troop committee with the girls troop? opposed? undecided? If being a linked troop is not an option for you, do you have several troop committee members lined up?
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    Our CO has approved the creation of a troop and appointed the new SM to take the position once the troop can be chartered. They have also approved the starting to advertise to the outside world to talk with them about joining, And they have scheduled a multiple troop campout with fun activities(shooting, climbing, paddleboarding) in December to any potential scout boy or girl that wants to come check it out. So I think they are pretty well prepared, but it will be interesting to see the transition. Most of the new leadership are Girl Scout leaders that liked the Boy Scout program better. There will be a culture shock for them IMHO. Some have sons in our troop so they are accustomed to it, but others aren't.
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    Sadly, not every council has a list of approved camp grounds for Cubs. Some councils still have folks who believe "Cubs don't need to camp" on their camping committees. That's my council. My pack only goes to places listed in the OA's Where to Go Camping book since that is the closest thing to council approved locations. I've been told some councils only approved their own camps for packs to camp in. FYI prior to May 2015, Cub Scout packs and dens were not allowed to do boating activities. Cubs were only allowed to do boating at district/council run events. I had a discussion with my SE about why Packs could not take advantage of the boat rentals at the local Scout camp. Also commented how the new boating adventures could only be done at the district/council level. Thankfully that policy changed. It's only 3 years old, not 80.
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    Thanks 'rat. I like what you've described but unfortunately the troop and therefore the patrols don't usually work like that. Too much adult interference. There's no theme and most things are left to the last minute. I think this is a great idea. This is the kind of leadership qualities that the wife and I emphasize to him and it would give him time to prepare. When he joined the troop a bunch of the older boys played cards at camps. When the older boys aged out the card games stopped. I'll suggest that. He also has some small travel type dice and camping games that don't get used. I am concerned the adults will decide a game is disruptive but its up to him if he wants to try it. A lot of his work will be convincing adults that meetings don't have to be boring where you sit around and try to stay awake. I think I found a PDF version. http://www.thedump.scoutscan.com/patrolleader.pdf. I forgot there was a PL Handbook. He had a new version but it belongs to the troop and is passed down each election.
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    You got lucky to get that one. Most crews only get the coral reef adventure which is limited to 8 people on a 42' sloop.
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    And that’s why the American airplane propeller manufacturing industry died ... I hope you’re happy! 😁
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    I slapped together a bunch of my videos from our trip. https://youtu.be/c-w_B88aNQg
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    Welcome to the forum, @SamMidkiff.
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    Andrew Wheeler, the new acting EPA Administrator, is an Eagle Scout and was a member of Boy Scout Troop 960 at Holy Cross in Fairfield, OH. He worked summers as the nature conservation director at the Woodland Trails Boy Scout camp in Camden, Ohio, between Dayton and Cincinnati. Three years ago, he hiked Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, but he has no aspirations to climb Mount Everest. “I’m a hiker, not a climber,” he said. https://www.journal-news.com/news/who-butler-county-andrew-wheeler-the-acting-epa-administrator/osWTVXgujSCV8dCqvLGX0H/ https://www.eenews.net/stories/1060092725
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    I heard him and the CSE at the Council of Chiefs. Seems like a real guy, just served as Council President, has a good vision.
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    I don't care how many knots and doo-dads he has on his uniform. He's not "getting it". He needs to go.
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    The position is Assisttant SM. If he ain't helping, the SM needs to tell him so. In this case the SM should request the ASM to apologize to each and every scout to whom he flew off the handle, admit that he had a short fuse, and promise he'll try to do better next time. If he doesn't want to assist the SM by doing so, no problem, he can take off the patch. FWIW, I do believe that among men and boys, apologies don't necessarily come in words. Gestures of respect and kindness go a long way. But something has to happen so that these boys know this scouter, at the end of the day, has their back and wants to be less of a bully. And to be double clear, I'm not asking any scouter to eat a different slice of humble pie than one that I've had to chew on from time to time.
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    Yes, thank you for articulating my feelings. I’m not thrilled by the situation, and if my son was upset, or didn’t want to continue, I’d be livid. But...he’s not. What he took away was that, yes, ASM loses it and it’s not OK, but that other adults saw it and intervened. He said the SM got him a sandwich so he didn’t have to go in the dining hall crying, said it was OK, that flags get dropped every year, everyone knew it was an accident. SM also told son he was “going places”, which thrilled son to no end. I’m doubtful, frankly, that talking to the ASM will be effective. He has a long history of stuff like this. He’s not changing. He’s a SuperScout— Eagle, Wood Badge instructor, etc. Getting rid of him, full stop, will be tough, and may not happen. Focusing on that as a goal might not be realistic. I don’t know.