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    Boy did I ever derail this thread. Back on topic, my daughter earned her Bobcat last night.
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    The thing is, that kind of natural separation is entirely normal at that age. It's simply the way most pre-teen kids think, and so it would be unhealthy to force any legitimately co-ed program on these ages. That's why I hope National is true to it's word and creates a separate program for girls that steers as far away from the boys program as is possibly. No girl/boy patrols, no sharing troops - a total separation of boys and girls in their own programs, even if the girls are working on the same requirements. As far apart as they can be is best for these ages, developmentally speaking.
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    These inspirational articles always bring me back to the one that I think may have "started it all" . . . This is always re-quoted in what some may see as "politically correct", but I still like the original: Within My PowerBy Forest E. Witcraft (1894 - 1967), a scholar, teacher, and Boy Scout Executive and first published in the October 1950 issue of Scouting magazine.I am not a Very Important Man, as importance is commonly rated. I do not have great wealth, control a big business, or occupy a position of great honor or authority.Yet I may someday mold destiny. For it is within my power to become the most important man in the world in the life of a boy. And every boy is a potential atom bomb in human history.A humble citizen like myself might have been the Scoutmaster of a Troop in which an undersized unhappy Austrian lad by the name of Adolph might have found a joyous boyhood, full of the ideals of brotherhood, goodwill, and kindness. And the world would have been different.A humble citizen like myself might have been the organizer of a Scout Troop in which a Russian boy called Joe might have learned the lessons of democratic cooperation.These men would never have known that they had averted world tragedy, yet actually they would have been among the most important men who ever lived.All about me are boys. They are the makers of history, the builders of tomorrow. If I can have some part in guiding them up the trails of Scouting, on to the high road of noble character and constructive citizenship, I may prove to be the most important man in their lives, the most important man in my community.A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different, because I was important in the life of a boy.
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    No, but only had around 3-4 CITs, forgot to include them. They are kinda volunteers too.
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    My family has 3 generations of Eagles - My Dad, myself and twin brother and one of my sons. I don't have any grandkids yet but my brother has a granddaughter so maybe she will the 4th generation.
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    If I read this right, the dad this earning Eagle is good for him. I'm going to infer that the dad has latched onto the college application argument to motivate his son. It appears to have had a little success, but not a lot. If I'm right, you and the dad are walking a fine line. Push the boy too much and he gives up. I think you support the boy here. Will he get more out of Scouting if he gives up, or if he even puts a tiny effor?
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    I want to echo others here. You get one Eagle project - don't rush it. Give yourself time to enjoy it and do a fantastic job. Your schedule sounds too aggressive for you to get a lot out of it.
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    Very true, this side of the pond the necker is very much what says "scout". Typically on camp we don't wear full uniform except for formal moments except for the necker which we normally wear all the time. Typically worn over the collar (if what we're wearing has a collar) but I don't think we have a specific rule about it. Nearest we have is that the official badge positioning diagrams show it as over.
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    I'm a third generation Eagle Scout (1977) , behind my father and his father. My son is a Webelos Scout presently and may choose to do the same. My dad and grandfather were in the NESA database but not myself until I submitted documentation. The photos is from 1949 Buffalo Area Council Court of Honor, Buffalo NY. It was noted in the newspaper article that accompanied this photo, that a second generation was very uncommon in he council, as well as being a 14 year old Eagle.....youngest on record in that council at that time
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    Personally, I think a lot of packs could stand to tone down their "elaborate events" - they become almost like wedding receptions what with all the pomp and money thrown into them. I think that learning to simplify things and creating a more modest approach to rank advancement at the Cub level is an important lesson for many packs. Yes, we should be celebrating achievement and advancement - I always do with my den - but it should be to a degree that's appropriate to their age and accomplishment. The grand advancement ceremonies and Blue and Gold banquets with the huge costs and extravagant decorations are too much if you ask me. In my opinion, being compelled to simplify can only be a good thing.
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    That’s a good one. National does not care what I or anyone else thinks about this topic. Why would they suddenly start now? They will ram through whatever stupid decision they come up with, and then claim everyone is asking for this and they are just responding to popular demand. They will lie and manipulate as they always have.
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    What do you call the Law School graduate with the lowest GPA? Your Honor.
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    ""What do you call the Medical School Graduate with the lowest GPA? == Doctor""
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    Who is the instigator? Is the boy afraid to be without the dad? Or is dad afraid to let the boy go? Frankly, our rule is we just don't allow it, it is not healthy for the boy (or the adult). However, now and then we have a youth that just cannot function, so we work with them. But it is really a very very rare REAL problem. It is mostly a discomfort that is quickly overcome by sticking to the "rules". A conversation (likely several) about where the fear comes from will often fix the issue. EDIT: Oh, 100 yards is a suggestion, but a great one. It is usually easy to do if you are backwoods camping or private land. Less so for locations like National parks that have defined "campsites" and impossible for Camporees etc.
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    In theory, that option will not exist for Girl Patrols in Boy Scout Troops. It is an option for Girl Dens in Cub Scout Packs.
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    Freds right, if the scout has done what is required of him, anything else is adding requirements. Now I'm not preaching about the goods and evils of adding requirements, I personally think there are times and places for everything when it comes to growth. But, I have observed and experienced similar situations like this one and if push comes to shove all the way up the ladder to National, the scout wins every time. Actually this situation is very common with new scoutmasters because they tend to get emotionally tied up in old business trying to set their new standards on the troop program. And what makes it worse is the other adults have and opinion as well, which just adds complexity and confusion for the new SM. In reality this young man is not your scout because you weren't his mentor. I used to teach Scoutmasters that most problems like this scout don't just suddenly happen. The scout was allowed by his mentors to developed habits that has put him where he sits today. To some degree, I feel for scouts who have go through several scoutmasters because each scoutmaster his a different set of standards and expectations. In my mind, this scout should have had a few conferences before now. You are the new counscience of the program and you can work with scouts more actively as they grow and mature in the program to prevent this kinds of situations. But is it really fair to hold this scout to your new more rigid expectations now? Learn from this experience to better prepare you for the next, because there will be a next. And by the way, leave what you think about dad out of the equation. Yes, he might very well be the scout's main motivation. But adding that detail to your mix only makes you more frustrated and doesn't change the outcome at all. It's just a note in how to work with families of your future scouts. Barry
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    We do not allow that. The boy would have to sleep in a tent with a buddy. We would allow Mom or Dad to be in visible line of sight of each other and make frequent checks but under no circumstance (unless the boy was VERY disabled) would let the camels nose under that tent. By the 2nd or 3rd campout it is not an issue in just about every case the boys shoos his parents check ups away. We strongly encourage the Webelos visiting boys to sleep in boy-only tents even if the tent is 6" away from mom and dad. That helps expectations. I think the almost complete abscense of any camping at the Cub level in some units does not help matters. Now if the boy HATES camping that is another story. One time we had some newbies at a beach campout and it was so fair and dry no rain flies were needed and one pair just had the mesh top up under a cabbage palm. They were a bit freaked out by the chattering raccoons directly above them. When one of the tussling raccoons (a lot like young boys I noticed) fell out of the fronds right on top of the mesh they screamed pretty good. But we moved the tent, fixed some midnight hot chocolate and they had a good laugh about it in the morning.
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    First of all, thank you for stepping up to serve the youth. What I see missing here is TRAINING. Everyone needs to get Basic and Position Specific training for their respective positions ASAP. The Pack Committee (including Treasurer) works for the Committee Chair (CC). The Cubmaster ("Pack Master") recruits and leads the efforts of the Den Leaders. Everyone serves at the pleasure of the Chartered Organization (CO), normally delegated to the Chartered Organization Representative (COR). While this incident may not itself be a "big deal", a set of groundrules needs to be put in place as to how the Pack funds are approved and expended. No DL should be expending Pack funds without pre-approval, or set an amount that can be reimbursed without pre-approval. The fact that she held a $700 fundraiser (without approval?) is a separate issue. All unit fundraising efforts require the pre-approval of council and your CO via the Unit Fundraising application form. It is, after all the CO's funds.
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    Welcome! And thanks for all that you do for the youth. I used to pull stuff like this on my crew treasurer all the time. It really irritated her. Oddly, what didn't irritate her was when I left her in pitch dark in a cavern. (To my credit, I came back as soon as I realized I had misplaced her.) Tell your WDL: respect whoever's doing the work. Treasury issue, treasurer's rules. If it keeps pack $ safe, support it. Have the CC doc 5% from his end-of-year bonus. Tell your treasurer: it's scary being left in pitch dark in a cavern. If she actually deposited the funds, she is complicit in all that "co-mingling", such as it is. Have the CC doc 5% from her end-of-year bonus. Instruct her next time to return the deposit with a check for the WDL's expenses, asking him to sign it back to the unit along with his deposit. Ask him to do it as a favor to her to help make reconciling the checkbook and any future audits straightforward. Remind everyone that you work for smiles. And your WDL and Treasurer your year-end bonus better be the two of them together with their boys ... the lot of them with ear-to-ear grins. Payment in advance always welcome.
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    @SammyT welcome to scouter.com
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    The NRA a terrorist organization? Seriously??? I missed that comment. LOL ....about as much as the BSA in my estimation.
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    Alien families have clearly spoken and they are the future of Scouting. 87 percent of alien families would join Scouting if given the chance (in separate Dens, of course).
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    Are you kidding? I'm keeping the BSA4G patrol 200 yards distant uphill! But, seriously, your troop shouldn't be forced to change its culture, and I think it's on your CO to defend that. However, as with other new-troop start-ups some of your best boys should be called upon to help train the neighborhood's BSA4G troop -- should the need arise. I find that a little sharing of ideals is the best way to preserve the traditions of the senior unit.
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    Not only that but it takes time to generate a new unit. It took me 2-3 weeks of IT hoops and leader training just to add a den in an existing pack. If they want new Troops for girls ready by April 2019 they need to start soft launching this year. That will allow COs to generate the new Troops. Leaders for these troops to be put in place. Bank accounts created. Treasures, CC, SM, ASM all trained. Then what about new equipment? Reservations for meeting locations. There are a ton of activities for a new Troop and I’d expect they’ll need 3-6 months lead time so when the girls join the logistical items are complete. Given that, they should start this effort this fall.
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    I am starting to suspect you are Trolling and do not have a boy in the program. The way you phrase things is not how a parent of a child says things. If I am wrong I apologize. So WHAT program outside of scouting that is not work related are you involved in? I get it, I have a job and multiple kids...you pick your battles. But maybe I missed it what is yours? I volunteer in Scouts and Band and occasionally church. Most people on this board have similar resumes. I can say the "no" because I have a bigger burning "yes". What is yours?