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    I can understand the frustration some feel when they witness a boy completing the requirements "at the bare minimum" or "with minimal effort". I think for most it comes from the desire to want the best for the boy. Some see the a boy who completes the reqs with minimal effort as cheating himself out of what he could achieve. We are scouters because we believe in the boys and their potential, so I can understand the frustration. The boy's pride in their own achievements is typically proportional to their efforts. That said, I think all we can do is model, encourage, and mentor. The cub scouts are "to do their best" and that is the requirement. The boy scout has a minimum metric to achieve but we should still be encouragong them to do their best. Not because it is necessary for sifn-offs, but because they will feel more proud of their accomplishments. Cubs leaders can help with this by not just signing off on the best-try, but also making sure it was their best, and focusing the boy to reflect on their pride of success based on their effort.
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    A group is maintaining a map of every council with early adopter Packs. See below: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1UMMudFUybRb5G2mun-tIQ7_jWU3_Lel1&ll=43.0890255520589%2C-97.97409562070374&z=4
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    I LOVE neckerchiefs! They add such a classic feel to the uniform, not to mention their little splash of color does a lot to brighten up the earth tones of the rest of its items. I admit I am starting to amass quite a little collection of neckers, all for different occassion - I have my Cub Scout Leader blue, and my Webelos plaid, not to mention the white NESA necker I just got a from a boy's parents to wear at his coming Eagle Court of Honor. I can easily see myself ending up with a whole plethora of colors to choose from; I love colors, and the neckerchief is the one part of the uniform where you can really add a bit of flair! Especially for somebody like me who otherwise tries to be an absolute stickler for proper uniforming, lol.
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    It will be a great project. I misunderstood until he explained his project in detail.
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    Volunteer coordinator office.... Project/community service coordinator.... media/publicity advancement guy.... How does one Scout organize and "lead" more than himself in this effort? Posters, social media connections, newsletters, public libraries, referrals of willing John and Jane Q. Public to the various possible service organizations, connecting the Town Council into all of this and making something "Permanent" left behind (!) when you (the Scout) have moved on with your life (and your Eagle?). Volunteer Possibilities Catalog Cross reference of all the public service agencies and who to contact and what they need.... A lot of possibilities. A lot of nice possibilities. Useful, appropriate, complex... Might make building a bridge on a washed out park trail sound easy and straight forward.
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    Ahem. Sometimes. Or, “Senator.”
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    What do you call the Law School graduate with the lowest GPA? Your Honor.
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    ""What do you call the Medical School Graduate with the lowest GPA? == Doctor""
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    I earned Eagle 35 years ago and was a brotherhood OA member. I have not been involved in scouting for 35 years but have missed it and reflected on my time in the scouts very often. My girlfriend's 12 year old son just joined a troop and I'm as excited as he is to get involved. I'm here to share my experiences and ask questions about how things have changed in the past 35 years and what to expect as a scouter.
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    If my brain had been working properly I would have added the link in my original post. http://nesastore.corecommerce.com/Neckerchiefs/2018-nesa-eagle-neckerchief-eagle-awarded-in-2018.html NESA is usually pretty good about getting things turned around in quick order.
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    @OldEagle83 Welcome back to Scouting! Glad to have you here too!
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    Per the 2015 Guide to Awards and Insignia The unit has a choice of wearing the neckerchief over the collar (with the collar tucked in) or under the collar.
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    I just took the new YPT out of curiousity, not because mine was going to expire, but I must say - I appreciate the tone of the new modules, even if they are a bit heavy handed. As a Child Development Professional, I am grateful they are committing themselves to keeping their information updated and the leadership informed. It's longer than the old one, but I am of the mind that when it comes to the safety of young people, any measure of my time is worth the effort.
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    I am sure there are many more cases than these floating around somewhere. I have a friend who is a third generation Eagle Scout, and he has kids of his own who will likely earn their Eagles within the next few years, so that's easily 4 generations. As for my family, we are slowly growing our own crop, lol. My father is a Life Scout, but all three of his sons earned their Eagles, and now I have a brother with four sons and another with two - that'll be nine Eagles within two generations (and if I can convince some nice girl to marry my someday, maybe I will have little Eagles of my own eventually too!).
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    Also, you could just tell them that they will considered as "Webelos 3" until they are in their own tent
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    I have strong opinions on this but since my unit years ago voted for no neckers I feel I must keep them to myself... (OK OK over the collar looks better)
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    New here....loved the thread so far. I think Oregon (and west coast in general) is an anomaly. You won't see this prevalence of co-ed'ing east of Nevada. I bet 5:1 boys:girls weeks on the eastern scout camps.
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    A few years back when I was in college, my roommate was gay. I am a conservative Christian. Major worlds apart. It was a rocky start, but we both worked it out to the point where we actually became good friends in spite of our differences. The time we finally realized it was when we were going on some trip someplace. He was driving and I was navigating. This was before GPS and Google Maps, so I had the old paper map out trying to figure out how to get to where we needed to be. We came to an intersection that was not clearly marked on the map and he yelled, "Which way? Which way?" I in my panic and at the last minute I yelled back at him, "Go straight! Go Straight!". After the dust settled and he smiled and said, "My Dad's been telling me that for years." Sometimes our differences are what makes us better.