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    I was not attempting to make the absurd argument that a semi-auto would enable a person or even a group of people to go head to head with a government equipped with tanks and airpower. I'm sorry if I have given that impression. I do maintain however that have been, are, and will be circumstances that require the use or at least the threat of use of deadly force in order to preserve one's life and or freedom. These situations are thankfully rare but they nontheless exist. I personally have had two such incidents. I hope and pray that there will never be a third. I'm no Clint Eastwood. But neither will I bury my head in the sand and pretend that if I disarm everyone else will respond in kind. They won't, and I'm not going to be a sheep huddling helplessly and hoping the wolves pick off someone else tonight. I dont want a gun as good as the bad guys, when i am attacked I want a better one. The best one I can afford. I'm not interested in a," fair fight " I am interested in protecting my family and surviving until the police can get there.
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    I did 6 years as a DL, and was burned out. While the first 2 groups were a joy to be with as I had parents interested in helping their kids, so they stayed around and had fun too. Youngest son's Tiger den was a challenge. No one was willing to step up and help out. The parents there stayed glued to their phones. Grandparents there either had health issues, or also stayed glued to their phone.
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    AIDS to SCOUTMASTERSHIP - original 1920 pamphlet. Can use zoom to easily read it even with my old eyes. Can be printed. https://issuu.com/scoutingireland/docs/aidstoscoutmaster "SCOUTING IS A GAME for boys, under the leadership of boys, in which elder brothers can give their younger brothers healthy environment and encourage them to healthy activities such as will help them to develop CITIZENSHIP [emphasis in original].”
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    We do this every year when we have new parents come in to the troop. We walk them through everything and even invite them to attend our plc meeting and the annual planning. They love to see us at work and I think it really shows them what the older scouts can do.
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    Agree. IMO, need professionals teaching in real life settings with interactive exercises. Some serious individual thought as to what it means to be Brave.
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    Yes and no. Training should be done, but BSA is not the one to do the training. This can't be done with a one hour, on-line training seminar.
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    Our Pack had 12 den leaders and only 3 are female. That said, those three are some of our best leaders. One of our female den leaders spent a semester in NOLS and spent a semester camping out in Denver area. She is was teaching several dads techniques to stay warm and dry clothing overnight before Klondike. She somehow manages our den of 26 Tigers. She will be our future Cubmaster. Not sure how common our male/female ratio is in our district.... I agree that keeping den leaders energized is very difficult and a leader that may work out well for Tigers is not the same leader that works for Webelos. I think re-evaluating den leader decisions each year may be a good practice. @Eagledad what was the program changes that you made that helped retention? Overall ours isn’t bad but I’m always interested in hearing ideas that could improve the experience of leaders and scouts.
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    @Urbanredneck welcome to the boards! Mind sharing what your idea might be? :-)
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    @Urbanredneck Welcome! Try these links: http://usscouts.org/mb/proposals.asp https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2013/08/12/how-to-suggest-a-new-merit-badge/
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    because it's people, responsibility and application that matter, not the object. I just find it funny that Donald Trump is literally a dictator, Mike Pence is going to electrocute homosexuals, cops are racist murderers who prey on black Americans and yet the tool one would need to fight an oppressive tyranny, everyone wants to restrict to only the government use. That seems like a not so smart strategy.
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    Utah has had armed teachers for something like 20 years, and there has never been a school shooting, or an incident with teachers harming students with guns. If a teacher is "nuts" and potentially a danger to students, telling the teacher "don't bring guns to class" isn't going to stop the teacher from harming the student.
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    Change will be hard. Even if we take up all the AR-15s and handguns lying around, kids could still make other things to cause harm. When people seek to do harm they will find a way whether it is a box cutter, pipe bomb or AR-15. We can take steps to eliminate some of the weapons but we will never get rid of all of them. For me the answer lies with family, faith, friendship and fairness.