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    I think there's still an opportunity to start a much better discussion than whether or not you'll become an eagle scout. If you were an SPL then talk about some skills you developed in that roll. Teamwork, leadership, making things happen, solving problems. That's why someone might hire you, so talk about that. If someone isn't really sure about what eagle means then it might be better to talk about what you've done in words they understand.
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    GSUSA has had a long-standing policy of inclusiveness when it comes to sexual orientation. It goes back to at least the 90s, although really they had the policy all along, as there was no ban on the books. I don't think they ever had a policy on transgender scouts either, but there was an issue in 2011 where a girl was kicked out and then later re-admitted, so I guess you could say their policy became more "official" at that time. They won't allow boys. There's no need to. I know this will sound kind of jerky, but... there aren't any boys that want to get in to GSUSA. Unless they change their own policy to try competing with the BSA, there's not much incentive to do anything different than they are today.
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    Should that matter when it comes to protection. It’s sad to hear adult leaders making a case for not protecting everyone. It’s a simple solution require a man to be present when male youth are present. We do this one Venturing all the time.
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    This is the Scouting program for urban youth, at schools, etc. Learning for Life (LFL) is a United States school and work-site based youth program that is a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America. It utilizes programs designed for schools and community-based organizations that are designed to prepare youth for the complexities of contemporary society and to enhance their self-confidence, motivation, and self-esteem, and for careers. Learning for Life is not considered a traditional Scouting program; it does not use the Scout Promise, Scout Law, uniforms or insignia of traditional Scouting. All Learning for Life programs are open to youth and adults without restriction based on gender, residence, religion, sexual orientation, or other considerations, other than minimum age requirements. Some Explorer posts may require background checks and satisfactory school transcripts as conditions of membership. There were many issues with "Scouts" being registered. As you can see the membership dropped 36% from 2010 - 2014 as these issues were revealed. Youth membership Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Exploring 113,180 112,783 116,584 114,894 110,853 Learning for Life 664,063 511,359 475,280 418,484 422,139
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    I threw that out as a mostly random number, with maybe the slight logic behind it being that it's the number at which I would guess it becomes impossible for National to maintain their operations in the existing structure. 2 million, and it's already happening. They just cut pensions. Pay cuts and job cuts will follow. Absolutely. But the governing body of the organization will have to be completely re-thought. It can't be this big corporate operation anymore. I don't think 100% volunteer-run is sustainable, if you want good people to run the show they need to be able to devote themselves to it and that takes a lot of time. But we could do it with far fewer salaried employees and much more modest salaries for top executives.
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    Can I interest you in a prime piece of property in lovely West Virginia?? Got some neat zip lines. There is a this rather annoying balloon bond payment coming up, but maybe we can work through that.
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    My understanding the OA (BSA) has NOT branded any images of Native Americans., just arrow images. Meanwhile, the long goodbye of Cleveland Indian Chief Wahoo has begun. ... well at least from uniforms and billboards. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/29/sports/baseball/cleveland-indians-chief-wahoo-logo.html
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    First, there are no audited numbers and a history of padding. We lost a Scout Executive in 1926 over paper membership, the executive who left circa 2008 left 30% paper members (Council took the hit the next year as the new SE would not tolerate the practice, bless him.), and NBC reported an FBI investigation of membership padding to drive charitable contributions in 2005 (AKA "the Birmingham Scandal," wherein Ronnie Holmes got caught doing it again http://www.starnewsonline.com/news/20060603/probe-finds-alabama-boy-scout-group-inflated-membership-by-13000-youths/2 ) So if we accept BSA unaudited numbers (And what else do we have?), you are correct. We lost only 25% by the end of 1976 and only 31% by the end of the last year of the ISP, 1978. But as the goal was a big increase (Recall "Boy Power"?), not much to crow about. And the bleeding was stabilized, not stopped, when BSA went BACK to the past with Bill. Cause and effect? One can speculate. But certainly the "new" did not correspond with improvement except in its title.
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    I don't think the GSUSA will ever accept boys as members. I don't think it's even an issue within that organization. As for "homosexuals," they dropped their policy of excluding "homosexuals" long before the BSA did. Not that I'm an expert on GSUSA. Both my daughters quit the Girl Scouts more than 20 years ago. But that's what I've read.
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    It’ll probably end up as “Scouts”
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    Can everyone at least agree that: When male Scouters are treated differently from female Scouters with regard to YPT, that is unequal. And unfair.
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    No. That is what you inferred. I said that the Oath and Law implies we -- all Scouts and Scouter, including national and our national leaders -- treat everyone equally. I also said that while "equality" is not mentioned as part of the Oath and Law, treating people equally and fairly is implied. So, in creating a standard by which female Scouters are treated differently than male Scouters, national is creating a double standard and not treating everyone equally. I also said that we do treat people differently based on needs and certain special situations, in general we should strive to treat people equal based on things like sex, and to do otherwise was unfair and against the Oath and Law. That's what I said.
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    Once again decline in participation in social organizations is not the same issue as changes in physical products for sale. It is a facile, shallow argument. I see why you use it, it is the language National keeps using but I think they are wrong too. @Col. Flagg has a point...if they are rolling the dice on this they really show no signs of that they had an organized plan.
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    Have you not been paying attention to the circus in Irving? There is no girls program in place to date, yet they've marketed a product they don't have. That's evidence plenty. The fact they've announced a new product -- yet to be developed -- and are marketing the heck out of it is proof they are doing this backwards. It doesn't require any inside knowledge. Just read what national has been saying and doing. It is obvious to anyone with any education and experience in running a large organization. No one is arguing that she hasn't been tagging along and doing stuff for years. The point is she is not yet (nor was she at the time) a Boy Scout, ergo credit cannot be given unless BSA changes the rules. Clearly, getting Eagle is clearly the MAIN reason she has been doing what she's doing, otherwise she (and her lawyer father) would not be pressing BSA to speed up the timeline.
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    Other than the obvious answer of not spelling Candidate as Canidate , I would not put it on my resume. Would you put Life Scout candidate if you were a Star Scout? You want your resume to reflect your accomplishments - Eagle Scout Candidate is not an accomplishment - it says you are hoping to become an Eagle Scout in the future. The only thing your resume should indicate is a hope for the future is a statement listing what kind of job or career you are desiring. For now, just state that you are a Boy Scout as one of your activities. Hold off on listing Eagle Scout until after the medal is pinned to your shirt.
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    You are an active scout with the current rank of "Life". That is actually pretty impressive.
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    Every soldier is a candidate for the Medal of Honor, but I don't think they all put that down on their resume.
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    I would read: "Not an Eagle Scout." And I was in charge of hiring for my department at the telephone company. You have, I think, the correct instinct. Don't stretch the truth. It may lead to uncomfortable questions if you reach the interview stage.
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    It establishes a double standard. It says we trust trained women to be around boys but we don’t trust trained men to be around girls. That’s wrong. Either you treat everyone equally or you don’t integrate the program. With all the noise about equality and equal chances to put in a stupid policy like this just shows they’re not serious about equality. It’s just a buzz word to get their way.
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    Ok, boys and girls...Here's Part 2 of Green Bar Bill's "Patrol Ideas" for your viewing pleasure. Good Scouting to you! Patrol_Ideas_by_Green_Bar_Bill_pt2.pdf
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    I found a 2010 printing of the Patrol Leader Handbook online. The Troop Program Features are simply canned meetings that anyone should be able to pick up and run with, provided they have the materials, etc.
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    What Ronnie Holmes did was NOT (emphasis) uncommon. I know of several councils that had issues like that.