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    "To be or not to be , an Eagle, that is the question. Whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of hiking, camping, cooking out doors, mosquitos, blisters, broken GPS units or to join a boy led Troop and by ignoring the adults have fun. To Scout, perchance be a Patrol Leader, ah, there's the rub.... for in that chance to plan and learn cooperation and citizenship must give us pause. For to bear the whips and scorn of those who would value the souvenir more than the journey, pity that man. Soft you now, the fair Ophelia doth now join my Troop...." ((Tongue hereby removed from cheek))
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    Yeah, like 50-75 all at one time..... Make it a ticker-tape parade.
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    You're twisting GTA beyond its intent. We are to never accept work from a Canadian resident member of Scouts Canada. The guide is clear on the intended beneficiary: Youth from other countries who temporarily reside in the United States, or have moved here ... That wording precludes youth who never resided in the US, youth who permanently resided in the US, and youth who mostly reside in the US but temporarily (using the loosest possible definition of the term) leave the US to participate in another scout program. Moreover, it sets bounds on which ranks may be rewarded: Previous advancement work is reviewed to determine the BSA rank—up to, but not including Eagle Scout rank—the youth is qualified to receive. Furthermore, it is only intended to recognize skills acquisition, not participation, responsibility, or leadership: Requirements for active participation, position of responsibility, Scout spirit, the service project, and the unit leader conference must be completed in a BSA unit. Here's a "real-world" example of how I applied this last year: an exchange student already knew the oath and law (and the history of Scouting's origins and a whole lot of other stuff that our boys routinely forget) in Italian, so we reviewed those with the council venturing advisor and council committee chair. Everyone concluded that she didn't have to redo those for her Venturer award. However, her time since age 14, nor any meetings, activities, personal growth, etc ... in Italy would not count toward participation, etc ... for BSA awards. She would have to do all those here while in our crew if she wanted BSA's awards. It made scouting fun for everyone. Editied: I also want to point out that my example earlier (a BSA scout overseas away from his troop) didn't capture the intent of GTA
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    The collective actions of the climate change hoaxers do harm people.
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    "This above all - to the Scoutmasters' Handbook be true (circa 1968); And it must follow, as the night the day; Thou canst not then be false to any boy.”
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    I would rather read the facts from accident report and work from there. This is at least the second time a fatal accident has occurred here. Why? Learn from our mistakes or let this happen again. Maybe we should just agree to disagree.
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    Yes, it's how we stop the sky cows from escaping. Handy tip: When camping in Britain, always check you aren't in a field under a herd of sky cows, they can make a right mess if they "pat" your tent.
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    In my area, there are no girl wrestling teams. If you are female and want to wrestle, you wrestle the boys (or any other girls that wrestle). My daughter did it for one year but did not go back last year. There are a handful of girls that do it at various grades including high school and more and more colleges are starting to develop teams (and of course USA had a gold medalist in the Olympics!). No standards have been reduced to allow for girls to participate in a coed environment - but I am not sure that such experience is really comparable as there really isn't the same social dynamics. I never saw a boy hesitate in taking her down or by treating her any differently - and she of course had to do all the same stuff that the boys did. I am hopeful that she will go back at some point and that she will help create enough demand to create girl weight divisions.