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    YWCA?? isn't that just for Girls? How in the world can you have a club just for Girls? Isn't that a bit sexist? Won't someone get offended? Isn't GSUSA still just for Girls? How can such a thing exist? It is the current year! Oh wait. . . Girls can have their own clubs, but boys can't. Got it. It is sad to see the greatest boys club ever die like this. . . A death by a million helicopters and power point slides. . . From an outdoor game ---->>>> to a boring indoor classroom of advancement.
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    They changed the uniform strip to just " Scouts" back in '72. Probably what they will do again. I don't care what they change it to so long as they change it. I don't want any confusion between the organization I once proudly belonged to, and what it is morphing into in its declining years. I'm exactly one year I plan to set up my old canvas tent, light a huge bonfire, uncork a bottle of old Irish whisky, and toast my old scouting friends, some dead some living. It's called a wake
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    I wear a vintage BA22 patch that I got off ebay. Long story short, I was the last BA22 class my council did, and while they had enough BA22 strips for the uniform, the patch showing completion was discontinued. So the council issued Canadian B-P portrait patches instead. I don't know who earned it, but I know the challenges they wen through to get it.
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    Worked for Boys' Town.
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    How do the boys on coed teams feel? How do the boys feel playing against girls? I know my youngest hates the idea of girls joining Cub Scouts because he said it will ruin the program. When I asked why, he told me the story of the Boys Club and Girls Club the homeschool group had. Boys Club had a very active program, with lots of running around and Nerf gun fights. he didn't know what the girls did, but there was not a lot of attendance, and they started cancelling meetings. Someone came up with the idea of merging the two groups. Activities the boy wanted, life Nerf gun fights were stopped because of the girls. Eventually attendance at the coed club dropped because the boys no longer were having fun. The club folded within months of going coed. Maybe boys joined the Boy Scouts because it was one of the few safe places to still be a boy? And now that is taken away from them. Something to consider.
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    One thing to be careful of is bringing ANY knife to summer camp if outside your state. We went to summer camp the first year I was SM at a camp several states away, so we needed a bus to get there. I was busy doing all my pre-camp prep (logistics, etc.) when I happened to catch an old, old thread here about knife length and state laws. Turns out that if ANY of our Scouts had a knife anywhere on the bus that was 3" or longer they were violating state law in one of the states we were travelling through. A quick inquiry to the state police confirmed what I read. In short, anyone with a BSA pocket knife would have been in violation of that state's law back then. The state police's solution? Put them all in one bag and have that bag at the front of the bus in case we get pulled over. Oh, and the bus did get pulled over. We showed the trooper the bag and told him why we did it. He said, "Ya'll are a well-armed troop!"