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    I'm not sure if we have any Lord Baden-Powell spotters here. If you watch the Netflix series "The Crown," you will see a photo of our founder proudly displayed on the mantle. Season 2, Episode 5, around the 41:00 mark. That is all. Happy new Year! Scoutmaster Teddy
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    Don't underestimate how much coaches need to train parents in youth sports. I've compared notes with coaches, and they have to deal with their fair share of helicoptering. However, most school leagues have specific sportsmanship training for parents. The thought that parents would need either sportsmanship training or patrol method training that addressed their behavior was unheard of in my day.
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    My Tombstone will read "Died without a FB account and was happy". This forum and a couple of others are as close to the public as I plan to get. I enjoy helping others, and would appreciate any help that you and the others can provide to me. Best