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    I saw the movie earlier this week. I find the recent Star Wars changes less odious than that repugnant Jar Jar Binks, but I’ll confess a secret joy in watching Laura Dern get blown up. The BSA membership changes are far more offensive, mainly because I care much more about Scouting than Luke Skywalker. The best response to unwelcome changes is to vote with your dollars and with your feet. My financial support for Friends of Scouting has ceased, and 2018 will be my final year as a registered Scouter. That’s the beauty and power of a free market system. However, I will probably still pay 12 bucks to see the next Star Wars feminist fable (in the hope they’ll somehow concoct a plot twist to resurrect Laura Dern just to blow her up yet again).
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    Chippewa Valley Council (WI) is sponsoring an airshow with the Blue Angels at Chippewa Valley Regional Airport in Eau Claire, WI on June 16,17, 2018. (Note Oshkosh ( EAA AirVenture Oshkosh) is on July 23-29, 2018) “It’s a great community event,” Tim Molepske, CEO of the Chippewa Valley Council of the Boy Scouts of America, said. “We put on a great show for the community, and all the proceeds go to the Boy Scouts and other nonprofits.” http://chippewavalleyairshow.com/ http://www.leadertelegram.com/News/Front-Page/2017/11/30/Blue-Angels-pilots-fly-into-city-to-prepare-for-June-16-17-air-show-appearance.html
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    One committee member would need to get a bunch of CMs and the CC together to advocate for change.
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    I’m likely to misquote here since I’m going from memory, but one of documents states that the Scout must be a registered Scout during the time the requirements are met. That seems reasonable. That requirement alone would preclude Miss Ireland. BTW - Nationals does not approve an Eagle app before it goes to board of review. The Council registrar verifies that all the information required is on the application, and that the dates are correct. The registrar does not approve anything either. I will query my 16 yr old Life Scout and my 13 yr old soon to be Venturer (and possibly a Scout) as well and get back to the thread. Though I have discussed it with both I will ask the in reference to this thread.
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    One does whatever the literature and training of the organization that one is a member of says to do in the position that one holds. What's in a name? Rex Tillerson is often addressed as "Secretary." There is also a woman in my office who is called a secretary. They have very different jobs. Maybe a better example is "counselor." I am sometimes called a "counselor." I am not a camp counselor, a merit badge counselor (well, I am, but you know what I mean), a counselor who you speak with when you're depressed, or a counselor who helps you choose your classes in high school. And don't get me started on "chancellor."
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    agreed....a committee member is not in any position of power to really make the change.... about all that can be done is suggest and hint every now and then when appropriate. Look for opportunities to encourage... I think the best thing a person in that position can do is to dig deep for the patients as previously pointed out. It can be very easy to get fruistrated also very easy to tick off the other adults (specifically the SM and the CC) when you step on their toes suggesting things that are opposed to what they are doing. A few years back, i asked a very similar question of Clarke Green over at scoutmastercg.com My question prompted a blog post and podcast mention about "cooperative volunteering". Basically his point was that as a committee member, especially a new person to the troop....about all you can do is work on building trust I don't know if it was here or elsewhere, but I liked an analogy he used You coming in saying that the troop needs to do X...... is kinda like you showing up at your Scout Master or your Committee Chairman's front door with a gallon of paint (you pick the color) and your telling him that what he needs to do is paint his living room this color.
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    @SSF, don't buy the "insider hype." Maybe they didn't like the turns their characters took, maybe they did. Regardless, Fisher and Hamill were more in their character than themselves. (It's called acting, after all.) I think you'll be pleased with their performances if your sons invite you along. The story line may disappoint, but I don't think the acting or the cinematography will.
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    I think I understand different perspectives from sitting on Eagle BORs for many years. While some highlight the maturity and experience of an Eagle Scout candidate who presents himself at 17 years and 11 months and 29 days, I find myself fighting back negative thoughts. Sometimes he doesn't even own a Scout shirt that fits him anymore, and his most recent patches are from attending summer camp in 2014. Asking a simple question like "when was the last time you went camping with your troop?" reveals that he went inactive years ago and only returned for some last-minute cramming to finish his Eagle. Occasionally he even admits his motivation is to list Eagle Scout on his college applications. I honestly scratch my head and wonder why others praise his procrastination as something we like to see in BSA. I contrast that with a recent 14 year-old Eagle Scout from our troop. He is on fire with Scouting and hasn't missed a campout in two years. He attended his Eagle Scout BOR wearing 42 merit badges on his sash. Contrary to dropping out of Scouting after earning Eagle, he is now pursuing OA membership and has plans to attend two different BSA summer camps in 2018. He leads by example and has motivated other Scouts by showing what is possible when you "strike while the iron is hot". I know some will reflexively dismiss him simply because of his age, but to me he epitomizes a dedicated Scout who has made Eagle a priority over other endeavors. (BTW: One of his biased reviewers spent 20 minutes trying to rattle him by aggressively quizzing him on the symbolic elements of the First Class badge, fleur-de-lis, etc - as if that would be somehow be a basis for denying him Eagle. It was embarrassing and the other reviewers were perplexed by the entire line of questioning.) We all have our biases, and I don't expect to change any minds on this topic. I will simply say that I take much more pleasure in reviewing an enthusiastic 14 year-old who is overflowing with Scout spirit as opposed a nonchalant 18 year-old who barely managed to limp across the finish line.
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    So, in other words, you provide similar content, only diluted by FB's feeble interface and maniacle commitment to oversize adds.
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    The problem is that you (and me, and all other local-types) are not on the same schedule as BSA National. They announce girls will be able to earn Eagle, we want to know how that's going to work. They will tell us when they are ready - which, hopefully will be before the situation actually comes up.