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    So today in Texas it is freezing, basically we shut the state down. It is 28 degrees. I got a note from a mom of a scout that brightened my day and I thought I would share it. Mom: I was telling my son to drive slowly and if he hit ice to not slam on the brakes, he said "Mom, I got this, Mr. XXX taught me when we went to Philmont." Thank you! Me: Glad I was helpful 🙂 Moral of the the story, You never know when they are actually listening to what you say. We were driving through ice and snow last winter to Philmont and apparently one of my scouts was listening to the old man driving.
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    The kid is playing his parents against you? Play the parents against the kid. "Do you really want your parents here the next time you get into trouble? Won't your friends tease you about that? Won't your parents be embarrassed that their son is a troublemaker who can't control his mouth? " To the parents: "I'm so happy that you'll be available within 30 minutes to attend any future counseling sessions at weekly meetings, monthly camp outs, and Summer camp. Most parents are not that committed to micromanaging their son."
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    I remember (during the Reagan years) taking a Webelos den with my Explorer post on an overnight camping trip. We did hiking, rapelling, and climbing. Great chance for the Explorers to do instruction and move from doing to teaching. They had a blast (Explorers / Webelos / Parents). As the Webelos and parents talked with the Explorers we talked about an upcoming outing (the next month) which involved a ferry to a barrier island, hiking up the beach a few miles and camping behind the dunes for a couple of nights. They tagged along and very much enjoyed the experience. Go have adventure, THAT is what will make Scouting continue to be great.
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    I'm with TMSM, just do a group trip and don't call it scouting. Or call it unofficial scouting so that families understand liability is on them. I guess I was a bit of a Pirate as well. We took our Webelos to a state park for five nights each summer. I did inform Council and the only suggestion they had for us was do a swimming test so we would know each scouts skills, even though the park we attended had a Lifeguard. We acted like scouts with uniformed flag ceremonies each morning and evening, but the parents knew it was unofficial. We had a blast. If the parents are going, then just do it. It's really more for the adults experiencing a group of youth on camping trips. Everyone will have fun because a 1 mile hike will not take much time at all. May I suggest good-ol campfire cooking instead of the typical backpacking meals like oatmeal in the pouch. Bacon, eggs, potatoes and coffee. Something about cooking on a campfire that really brings out the romance of adventure in nature. Save the minimal stuff for the 5 mile backpacking trip next year. You can carry a skillet for a mile. Barry
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    Are there Cliff notes for this? I got 30 seconds into it and it reminded me of talking to my 92 year old dad when he has something really important to tell me, but Can't. Get. To. The. Point. I skipped and sampled and all I got was kids can pick what they want to work on.
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    You have no evidence for any of this. You are making assumptions about a kid you have never met. You have no idea what his motivation is (you offer a single possibility). It is possible that his parent's would have come to his defense no matter what. He could have been 100% truthful with his parents and they could have still reacted like this, some parents do this with teachers no matter how bad their kid is. You don't think scout age kids learn language from friends at school? I certainly did. I went through a similar stage around my early years in scouts. I had a wake up moment during an interaction with some good friends and a good teacher who called me out. Assumptions without evidence is 90% of what is wrong with the discussion on the internet.
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    Yes, parents are going. And I would rather cook out there than eat freeze dried stuff, or sandwiches. I sat down with them (boys) and I asked what does everyone enjoy the most, they all said camping. I suggested a "backpacking" trip and they flipped out. Parents are on board too. This all stems off my oldests AOL experience that has been less than stellar. That's a whole other topic (If you ask nicely, I might tell you) Anyways, he was jealous of what we are doing, and told me he wants to come be in our den. He crosses over in February, and he is very much looking forward to Scouts BSA
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    The headline follows from story lead. The story is about Grand Teton Council's membership loss (Titanic disaster ) and their response (care for the survivors) - retention. IMHO, the cost of retention is less than the cost of recruitment. The Titanic analogy is a good one in terms of the number lost due to arrogance and stupidity of the big wigs. I too wish Grand Teton Council and every Council the best. Keep as many as you can. In my memory, never has National upset so many members for so many different reasons in so short a time. My $0.02,
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    Fellow Scouters, the winner of the Scouter.com slogan contest is: @SteveMM! - @SteveMM: "Scouter.com - Uniting Scouters Worldwide" Runners up: - @mrkstvns: "Make Scouting Great Again" - @MattR: "The scouter's campfire. Pull up a stump and join us." On behalf of the Scouter.com moderator staff, thanks to all for your great submissions and participation! @RememberSchiff, @MattR, @John-in-KC,@desertrat77
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    That's the first thing I thought of. He's allowed to take JUST his own son, but not JUST the other kid. If he takes his own son AND the other kid, it's acceptable.
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    That wouldn't violate 1 on 1 and presumably there were 2 registered leaders at the event.
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    Nov 12-13, 2019: I noticed some new videos have been uploaded to Boy Scouts of America youtube account. Here's one:
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    Yes! It followed a Klondike Derby. Weebs with Dads had about a mile night backpack thru dark woods to cabins. Their packs contained sleeping bag, clothes, personal gear. The sled they pulled over snow contained water, cooking gear, and food. Council sent out a guy beforehand to see if cabins had smoke detectors as each cabin had a wood stove. Next morning, a hardy breakfast, clean up, and backpack to cars. A lot of fun and a great adventure.
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    Saw this and wonder where the breakdown was. The troubling detail (and it is only alleged) - The abuse allegedly took place “on multiple occasions” at Boy Scout retreats and meetings between January 2018 and November 2018 This implies this is not a one incident issue, it happened at meetings (assume that was the weekly Troop meetings), it happened at retreats (assume that is outings), and it took place over a 10 to 11 month period. Not sure what may be occurring with that troop and how is the 1 on 1 apparent access not being noted. Meetings could be the guy gave the kid a ride to or from, which would be a violation, but could be how it happened. Outings possibly the same. Just wow, you certainly want to trust and rely on other leaders; with that being said, it is important to be situationally aware of what is occurring.
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    We had something along those lines from some parents, "hey you are being unfair, not listening to their kids side, we should have involved them, etc etc". Honestly was surprised because we, as you seemed to have done, approached the issue (and it was not the first one) as a teaching moment, this was leaders to Scouts and the NEXT step if this persisted would been to have a sit down with Scout and Parents. Sooo they came in and we sat down, talked about some prior challenges, they asked why they were not looped in. We reminded them we had in fact touched on some of the challenges with Dad at a few of the outing return times...Mom looked at Dad...dad looked at the floor, but again we wanted the Scout to grow and take responsibility. They had some pushback, Scout sort of looked smug like he may be winning this and we were being put in our place (honestly my opinion of the Scout changed through all of this process). We then pivoted on the family and explained that we understood their concerns, going forward one (or both) obviously needed to be at meeting, outings, summer camp to be available if there were challenges, no phone would not in fact work. They would need to get back with us. A few weeks later moved to another troop and actually got tossed out of that one for some behavior. Understand from some of the Scouts he had some School challenges also
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    Is he really? He is a manipulative brat who has learned to play his game his way. He gets a rise out of his fellow Scouts. He knows if he couches his story the right way (oh, he told the truth all right, his version) his parents will always come to his defense. He wants his parents' attention, no matter how he gets it. Language, topic? He learned it from the same people anyone learns language, dad, (mom?) Uncle, TV ( which the parents do not censor). He likes the sexy talk because it makes him feel grown up and superior to his "baby" fellow Scouts. He has learned how the "he=men" talk. Locker room talk will be his forte. I was once a sub teacher who accepted a Full Time assignment as a "Special Tutor" for Certain Kids. The Assistant Principal sat me down and explained that he had a few kids that had learned to play the system. Case #1: Cheryl was in 7th grade, a smart young lady, who was constantly acting up in class. Asst. Pr. calls a meeting of Cheryl, BOTH her parents, and ALL of her teachers, and me , the new guy. He read several official reports of her misbehavior, noted that it wasn't just one or even two teachers, but ALL SEVEN ! the parents could not deny their cherub's culpability. Chery sat there silently, said nothing. The Asst. Pr. noted that Cheryl would be in my charge for at least one class, we chose English. The parents sat there and silently fumed, starring at Cheryl, A.P. and me in turn. The other teachers gave stories in turn. The A.P then told the father HE had homework, for he was now the "homework checker". He had to sign every homework assignment, that the SpecialTutor(me) sent home. Three months into this, Cheryl was making all As and Bs in every class, and had been re-assigned back to her regular English class. By all means, make sure the parents of your Scout (BOTH OF THEM) attend any SMConference. Any SMConference, the bad ones and the good ones. You cannot modify the Rank Requirements, but you can insist on conditions for your SMConference(s). This is an excellent example of how Another Adult (teacher, sport coach, Scoutmaster? ) can have an effect on a kid. Make standards, hold the kid to them and Make The Consequences Stick. Oh, and ALWAYS have another adult Scouter with you whenever you speak to these people. YP 102. You want to be liked? Be likeable. You want help when your in trouble? Help somebody when they need it ("naw, I ain't going to do dishes...."). Need to be believed? Tel the truth in ALL things. You want your parents' attention and approbation? Give them GOOD reasons, and then you can learn it ain't your fault if they ignore you, it's their mistake. Be consistant. Be vigilant. Scout Promise, Scout Law.
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    Yeah, tell the parents that they need to be present when their son scandalizes scouts with his foul mouth.
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    Scouter.com - "See. Share. Learn. Lead."
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    "Packing out personal waste is not a new concept. Climbers on Mt. Rainier started using "blue bags" in the early 1980s, and mandatory carry-everything-out programs later spread to popular peaks like Shasta and Denali, as well as to environmentally sensitive Utah canyons like Buckskin Gulch and the Virgin River Narrows. But the addition of Mt. Whitney to that list signals a new willingness by land managers to use this tactic on trails where backcountry toilets are impractical to build, and the routes are too trafficked or rocky to absorb the impact of numerous cat holes...." https://www.backpacker.com/trips/packing-out-waste-you-can-take-it-with-you
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    Yep. We are camping next weekend, and I am sure I will hear a few comments about how cold they are, as it is supposed to drop down to 68 Friday night!
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    What, no "Pioneering" ? Lash, knot, poles, and voila ?
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    Here's my take on why. Back in the 60s most organizations were very top down. The Japanese took advantage of it using an American's idea, and started making better quality cars and electronics. They were hungry and more amenable to trying something new, like a more bottom up problem solving culture. The US auto industry eventually caught up. The BSA, however, hasn't. They haven't been hungry because there were always people around to make donations. Case in point: the failed idea that one can get eagle without camping. They had to bring Hillcourt out of retirement to fix that mess. There are no more Hillcourts. Scouting is still a good idea. It's the BSA that needs fixing. They have not adapted to anything other than push eagle and push membership, which is really just about money. While there are challenges there will always be kids that enjoy camping with their friends and parents that want them to learn responsibility.
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    Nov 22, 2002 here. Yes, the early days were wild and wooly! My greatest sorrow was when Old Grey Eagle (aka OGE) passed away suddenly. I had a special connection when I found out the troop he served was sponsored by the Moravian church my cousin attends in Bethlehem, PA and is located a few blocks from my Grandparents' home she still occupies. Small world. He was always a voice of temperance, reason and wisdom. I miss his wise counsel.
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    While I appreciate your optimism I think this is simply naive. First, no matter what settlement comes out of the bankruptcy, it will be belittled in the MSM and progressive media as insufficient. The BSA will be portrayed as a greedy organization trying to short-change the victims by declaring bankruptcy. Second, I can think of at least 4 additional membership fights to come (in no particular order): Local option for fully co-ed packs and troops because separate but equal isn't working Mandatory fully co-ed packs and troops because nobody should be allowed to discriminate Removal of the DRP, changing of the Oath/Law local option to allow atheists, because it's already happening anyway Mandatory allowance of atheists and changes to Oath/Law because nobody should be allowed to discriminate One can imagine all sorts of additional issues the "cause" will take up: BSA isn't doing enough to recruit girls (or insert your favorite intersectional group here) BSA advancement structure is a remnant of the hierarchical male power structure and has to change BSA is still utilizing the Catholic Church (or Baptists or whatever) to deliver their programs, they haven't really changed at all BSA discriminates against "trans" by having boy/girl handbooks rather than using truly neutral pronouns language BSA discriminates against urban youth by having outdoor requirements (stop me if you've heard this one before) etc. The problem with "cause" movements is once they've met their initial goals, they have to seek out new targets or cease to exist. As long as the BSA is standing, it will be a target, no matter how many concessions it makes to the postmodern mob. Why do I believe the BSA will continue to be a target you ask? Here's why. Your discussion is a BSA redemption story, but, redemption is a two-part processes. The "sinner" has to sincerely repent, and, the aggrieved/offended has to sincerely forgive. An by forgive I'm not talking about "that's ok but hold a grudge" forgiveness. It's a "thank you for acknowledging the hurt, I believe you are sincere, let's rebuild our relationship without reference to the previous sin(s)" forgiveness. The current zeitgeist, progressive and populist, isn't exactly overflowing with that kind of forgiveness. Until that kind of forgiveness is available, donors aren't coming back, nor is membership, nor is "societal opinion" of the BSA. The BSA will probably survive, but, it will be unrecognizable.
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    1 lb. Bacon, cut into 1" lengths 1 Large Yellow Onion, chopped 1 T. Garlic Salt & Pepper to taste 5 lbs. Potatoes, diced to 3/4" 1 Bell Pepper, chopped 1-2 lbs. Cheddar Cheese, grated Heat 14 qt. Dutch Oven to 350°. Sauté bacon and onions until cooked. Add potatoes and spices. Stir and cover. Cook covered for 20-30 minutes until potatoes are soft. Add bell pepper. Cook 5-8 minutes. Remove from heat. Sprinkle grated cheese on top. Cover and allow cheese to melt before serving.