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    The issue that I addressed was whether a Black Lives Matter representative stated that looting was acceptable. You suggested that the sources that you named saying that she did express that view were "conservative," implying that this made them untrustworthy. I cited several non-conservative sources for the same story, including Black Lives Matter itself. The representative of SBLM, Ariel Atkins, then told NPR - a left-wing source: " that her group '100 percent' supports the violent looters who trashed chunks of the Windy City Monday, again repeating her claim that it is 'reparations.”' 'The whole idea of criminality is based on racism anyway,”' she told ... NPR...." So, in Ms. Atkins' world view, Blacks - or Asians - who murder other Black persons are not "criminals." SBLM has not come forward to repudiate Ms. Atkins' spew. This seems to me to be unrelated to Russian perfidy and very much related to SBLM perfidy.
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    ...Adrian’s kits are full of materials that are described as anxiety and autism comfort items, and as a part of his eagle badge requirements, Adrian supplied the kit to the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department to use as a tool when they are responding to calls that involve autistic people or people in extreme anxiety. The kit contains headphones, sensory balls, fidget spinners, pipe cleaners, stretchy men and flavored tongue depressors, which are Adrian’s favorite. These kits are now carried by 42 medic units in Fairfax County, and when they are working with an individual with autism or calls involving mental health crises, the kit might be just the thing they need to help induce calm while the rescue workers tend to the task at hand. More details of this great Scout story at sources: https://ffxfirerescue.wordpress.com/2020/08/07/local-scout-creates-anxiety-and-autism-care-kits-for-fcfrd-medic-units/ http://www.connectionnewspapers.com/news/2020/aug/13/emergencies-autistic-people-now-have-adrians-resou/ Outstanding, Scout Salute
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    Skeptic, Do you honestly believe the National? They have a history of saying one thing, and doing the exact opposite. They have a history of doing polls, and then ignoring them if they posted the results, or never posting the results of the poll. Even the document said it is still an option, just at a later date. Note the bold The NEC also agreed that the following three recommendations will not be considered at this time: Combining Sea Scouting into Exploring, Ending all youth programs at the age of 18, and Sunsetting the Learning for Life curriculum Although we are not moving forward with these recommendations, we will continue the dialog that prompted the recommendations to ensure that we continue to benefit as a Movement from the evaluation and analysis conducted by the Churchill teams that studied those areas. So those of us who have are involved with, or have fond memories of our time in Sea Scouting, OA, and Venturing still see the risk. I think they are "punting" because the leaked Churchill slide caused a major protest of the rank and file. I think National hopes this protest of the Churchill document either A) dies down so they can enact it, or B) try to say it is being forced upon them because of the bankruptcy. Either way the decision has been made, they are just waiting to implement it. I wish I was as optimistic.
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