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  2. Eagle94-A1

    Council lost application

    I am told that my council will no longer allow Scouts to photograph turning in Eagle project books and applications because people have taken photos , and then the counci loses them.
  3. 🤷‍♀️ I've heard of this several times from several different avenues (email from both National and Council, seen it shared several times on Facebook, etc.). I don't know yet whether my daughter (4th grade) will wear her uniform to school tomorrow. It's a decision she needs to make for herself. She initially said she would. She's prone to changing her mind though. I made sure the girls in our Troop knew about it. Don't have any idea whether they are going to participate or not. I'm not pushing the issue. I guess we'll see what happens.
  4. With all of the District, Council & National emails that I get, I have not gotten one about this. I'm not on FB, or any other traditional social media, so if that's where it's advertised, I won't see it. We had our Troop meeting tonight and nothing was mentioned at all about it.
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  6. I don’t get ScoutingWire, but I do get Bryan on Scouting, who didn’t mention it. Great communications coordination!
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  8. Cubmaster Pete

    possible fee increase coming

    If $48 or $49 was true, that would put my pack dues at $95 a year. For my 4 scouts, that puts me in a range I probably can't afford. Myself, and a lot of other families that already told me no more increases. Will take clever ideas to hold the line..... beads sound better than belt loops....
  9. Well, give the scout unit applications to hand out. Got bullies? We got bear country! A great opportunity to work the 4th and 10th points of the law at the same time. Doesn't matter, our troop didn't meet this week so getting the word out is a non-starter. In general, BSA's fad-chasing doesn't impress me. I wore my uniform to school Feb. 8th. That's timing that I can get behind.
  10. ParkMan

    possible fee increase coming

    I'm guessing $5 a month - $60 a year. From everything I hear, $33 to $48 is too small a jump.
  11. National needs to fix the Scouting image problem before this will be doable. I predict at most 0.1% participation.
  12. fred8033

    possible fee increase coming

    I wouldn't be surprised. Registration was $11 fall 2000 and another $12 for Boy's Life. As fees increased, we always found a way to reduce our recharter costs. When the fee increased to $24, our pack went down to one Boy's Life per family. Then, we stopped registering the partially involved adults. For example, we stopped registering the mom who helped bake or the dad who reserved camp sites. We focused on registering direct contact and key committee members (chair, treasurer, etc). Then, we stopped automatically buying books for the families. Later years, we stopped rechartering unpaid scouts. IMHO, fee increases never result in a direct revenue increase. I fear $48. It might not be that huge, but the troops and packs have already collected annual dues and are well over half way through fund raising. My whole scouting career has been surviving major trends. Dale v BSA. Loss of United Way. Loss of school support. Loss of LDS. Ridiculous lawsuits.
  13. qwazse

    possible fee increase coming

    Not bad logic, but why round down? $49.20/12 = $1.10 a month. Brother, can you spare a dime?
  14. Private school uniform required, so no.
  15. While the idea would at one time likely been helpful, today, as someone else pointed out, would likely just draw the bullies to the scout. And we do not need more reasons for boys to shy away from the program. It is different when they are in public together or with adults, but in the school, it might be really difficult for many. Reflecting on the truth in society in this country.
  16. If you opt out or have a bad email (or block email.scoutingwire.org) you wont get Scouting Wire.
  17. Girlscoutmaster

    Scouts Uniform & Halloween

    OMG! What awesome ideas! It’s not only she who will benefit from your advice, but a few! Because of course now they all want to do these things together! I’ll mention it to our scouts in our next mtg, especially the patches & neckerchiefs! Thank you sooo much for the in-depth response and welcome! Thank you!!!
  18. I both got an e-mail from Scouting Wire and saw it on multiple Scout related Facebook pages.
  19. MikeS72

    Voice of the Scout surveys

    Actually, building the latrine was one of the first things we had to do at the start of my week long Wood Badge course back in '72! Didn't even count toward my ticket!!🤣 We usually end up sharing a campsite, since we generally take a dozen or so to camp. We then switch off days with the other troop being responsible for cleaning the shower room.
  20. 5thGenTexan

    possible fee increase coming

    Our DE is guessing $48 so its an even $4 a month. $49 would be $4.08 a month and that would be stupid to have to deal with change for when people pay cash at Join Scout Night
  21. I have no idea if this will help you or waste your time, but I've come up with the idea of "who's on first" goals. That is, when I list a group's goals, the first line of each goal is who we're helping. So, for example, for the "what kind of unit" step. The who is, broadly, "Youth". So that goal looks like: Who: youth What: a BSA, Pack Troop Crew, and Post. When: one evening a week and a weekend a month for the forsee-able future. How: Committee Members and Leaders and Willing Parents Why: They all need it. Well, obviously that's a terrible goal, because it's so nebulous. But it it changes perspective a little. @ParkMan's step #1 becomes 1. "Determine who you want to serve." Then when you list the type of youth who could be served through one of BSA's programs, readers can quickly decide if they really need to start just one unit, or more. Note that in subsequent goals, the "how" becomes the "who". E.g. parents who need to be recruited, committee who need training, etc ... Like I said, I am not sure how helpful this will be. But often, when we get eye-rolls when we say "we need another fundraiser" but when we say "These scouts want to hike and camp independently" or "these cubs would love a pinewood derby", we will get people rallying behind those goals.
  22. Scouting Wire email with a link to here: https://scoutingwire.org/call-to-action-for-scouts-to-help-take-on-bullying-during-national-bullying-prevention-month/
  23. Just curious how this was marketed? I literally get every e-mail possible it seems from the District, Council, etc. Nothing from Council on this and nothing it seems on the Council Website or Social Media Is Anti-Bullying one the 8 sorry...now apparently myriad aims of Scouting?
  24. Does kindness need a uniform these days. Barry
  25. Speaking from my own experience, wearing a scout uniform to school is much more effective at attracting bullies than it is at preventing bullying. When I read this email announcement, the cynic in me whispered that this is just a marketing ploy wrapped up in virtue signalling.
  26. Nobody will, especially because nobody has heard about this. Of course, few people have heard of scout me in. Just to totally change this thread, how is advertising money spent in the BSA? I never see any ads from the BSA on anything. Does each council have to pay for ads or does national?
  27. By way of reference here are the essential survival gear attached NASA's new astronaut flight suits (https://www.nasa.gov/feature/orion-suit-equipped-to-expect-the-unexpected-on-artemis-missions numbering is mine) Scouts could trade with an astronaut -- a full-size neckerchief for his/her kit -- and still have three optional items.
  28. Eagledad

    Cleaning and Drying a Sleeping Bag

    I laid my clothing between the bag and ground pad for a little extra loft and comfort. Barry
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