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Scouts with Disabilities

Where parents and scouters go to discuss unique aspects to working with kids with special challenges.


    • I was a part of our chapter ceremonial and dance teams for 6 years, from 1968 - 1974.  During most of that time Arrow of Light was not around yet, but even once it was, I do not ever recall our chapter being asked to conduct an AOL crossover ceremony.  Back then, all of our regalia was personally owned.  However, that did not mean that we could go against National or Lodge policy with it's use.   I agree with both @SR540Beaver and @HashTagScouts, that as members of the OA, who should be the best of the best, no chapter should say National has no right to tell me what to do, particularly at a Scouting event.
    • It's really not a camporee as we think of camporees, it's closer to wilderness reenactment. It's watching reenactors, selling and trading trinkets. Our troop goes often and the scouts just have fun. It's usually below freezing and often snowing. I have not been in a while, so others can fill in, but our scouts have always enjoyed it. Barry
    • I have to agree with @SR540Beaver here.  my son has done these ceremonies for the past two years, and is disappointed in the change.  He's also disappointed in the poor scripts that have been provided as well.  However, he respects that they have been told what they have been told, and his choice is either comply or just don't participate in them at all.  His lodge seems intent on offering the new format, but I doubt he'll volunteer for them.
    • Based on the news article, that was kind of what I took this comment to mean: Steffel claims she learned from Chippewa Valley troop leaders and an area school guidance counselor that the preference out there was for direct donations to the victims’ families.  I couldn't find the GoFundMe page itself.  This article probably had a link at one point, based on the last sentence.  The Council probably had an issue of the wording "You can donate to the Chippewa Falls Girl Scouts and families here." if it wasn't directing through the Council.  https://www.wbay.com/content/news/Local-efforts-to-support-Chippewa-Falls-Girl-Scouts-receive-international-attention-499719131.html
    • @Buggie, this certainly appears to be an intense camporee! The newsletter/program guide (in attachment) is huge and full of photos.  My concerns are:  1) Do youth have any planning in this event? It looks very polished, which is likely because it's been going on for 42 years. 2) Is there any incentive to have Patrols work together on anything? I see a lot of mention of Troops but nothing about Patrols. Perhaps you could clarify since you've been before and have experience. I worry sometimes when I see elaborate camporees that don't have youth involved in the planning and don't focus on the Patrol during the events. Looking forward to hearing more! 2019-Trappers-Herald-c-1.pdf
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