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Scouts with Disabilities

Where parents and scouters go to discuss unique aspects to working with kids with special challenges.

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    • No offense Trelienne... but how many MALE leaders did you EVER have in your GSUSA unit?
    • I leave it to you guys to hash out just how bad the new rules are. But are far as managing to live with the rules:  In GSUSA we were required to have two registered adults for every event. Also, any driver had to be a registered girl scout adult.   So,  proactively,  we asked all the moms to register themselves (and do the CORI check) at the beginning of the year when they registered their daughters.  Almost all did so. (They were all already used to CORI checks for school volunteering, etc, so they tought it was normal.)  Thus if we needed an additional driver or a substitute adult in a pinch, we had a pool we could draw on.
    • This is a big concern for the folks in our troop, the SM, ASMs and Committee Members (along with COR) have discussed and continue to discuss it.  We have several points of view on BSA4G units from "its great" to "this is the end of scouts".... but the real rub is IF our CO moves forward with forming a parallel female unit... where does the leadership come from? There is a fine line between offering support, in the form or meeting space, shared gear, and adult leader manpower.... But our support staff (ASMs and committee members) are sometimes spread thin supporting the troop.  Example - it is sometimes a challenge to have enough committee members at a regular weekly meeting to get a set of three to do BORs for boys wanting them.  Two weeks ago, I had to step in to attend a troop campout because one ASM had an emergency at work and could not stay the entire weekend. The concern of many adults in our troop is IF we start a female troop (or help others do it).... how much of a time / talent drain is there going to be from the original unit?
    • So, can you show me in BSA guidelines / G2SS / YPT or any other place that states we are only responsible for scouts IN OUR OWN UNIT ?  You state that because she isn't a member of the troop, she is not the troops responsibility?  Ok maybe... So, if I'm an adult leader chaperone at a weeklong summer camp... and I see a YPT violation involving a camp staffer and a youth (gender does not matter), but that youth is NOT a member of my unit, its not my problem?  But, according to BSA - I'm expected to act as a mandatory reporter... If I KNOW said female youth IS registered with BSA in a unit (just not my unit) - and she shows up at a BSA unit function (i.e. Patrol meeting in a park), that as registered adult leaders, we have no responsibility to her?  Its either a must have a female leader rule, or its not.  I fail to see how someone can wash their hands of the situation just because the youth is NOT a registered member of your specific unit. If there is published guidance on this... I'd sure love to see it. Dean
    • I face the same issue with my daughter and I am her Den Leader. While I want to roll my eyes at much of this mess, I have to give a head nod to the idea that she is indeed a scout and should be treated as such with proper female leadership (believe me, I loathe this rule as it negatively impacts my ability to be a leader - made my wife sit through the YPT so I could at least give some lip service to having a YPT female around). You being there doesn't satisfy the YPT standards. We can imagine a different circumstance where you might be divorced and took your daughter to such an event and your x-wife filed a complaint against the camp for not following YPT rules. Accusations could be made (about you or maybe another staff member). Even if nothing happened, the camp did not follow the rules.
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