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    • PAST ... Opening a bank account has drastically changed over the last 20 years.  Last time we did it, the bank employee routed us to a gov site to create a non-profit EIN.  Then we used that one.  Probably ... no definitely not the right choice.  BUT, that's how it was opened.   NOW ... ???   Policies and procedures are lagging and don't address it.
    • This was true for my older daughter and now my middle daughter. She is just at one year and is just about a month from 2nd class. She isn’t motivated beyond working on it during meetings and campouts. Which is fine. I am pretty sure 1st class itself will take the next year for her. She likes Scouts, but as she would say “it isn’t her life”. 
    • A few reasons for Venture crew/patrols demise. 1. Not really popular outside of LDS units, and then it was those units that did not focus on sports. When the old  Leadership Corps was turned into Venture Crews in 1989 (although some units like mine continued using Leadership Corps until we ran out of patches circa 1995), it did not have a huge following. I was hired in 1996 to create a high adventure program based upon the activity pins that were associated with the program, we had 0 interest, and I ended up doing COPE instead of because NO ONE signed up for it. 2. Varsity Teams and Venture Crews for all practical purposes merged, sometime after 1996 (want to say 1998). Prior to 1996, Varsity Team members could only earn the Varsity pins, and Venture crew members could only earn the Venture pins. While the letter for the sash, from 1983 to 1989 called the Varsity Letter and after 1989 the Varsity/Venture Letter, could be worn by members of both groups, they could only earn and wear the pins for their specific group. Sometime after 1996, that policy changed. 3. Confusion with Venturing did in fact happen, and still happens to this day. Venturing appropriated the Venture program's designation, CREW, for their units. This caused Venture crews to be renamed Venture patrols. Venture's color was maroon, and was almost appropriated for Venturing. I have official clip art with maroon Venturing logos. And Venturers are still called 'Venture Scouts," which is what members of Venuture crews/patrols were called. I would not use old Venturing insignia for Scouts as it is a separate program. As for old Venture pins, if memory serves they were restricted items. Now Venture patches, I see no issue with. Once uniform, always uniform. Even after Venture's demise, I wore a ASM Venture patch.
    • My guess - it would have to be weeks.  Lock all groups in a room and work through language ... understanding that the alt path is likely CH 7. I haven't seen any update from the court.  The BSA finalized voting ~March 11 and it has been over a month since the hearing ended. Purdue Pharma (which was a big bankruptcy) took from Aug 2 (voting end) to Sept 13 to get a judge's official ruling but the judge indicated he would approve Aug 27th.  (So they knew approval would occur <1 month after the vote). We are over 2 months since the final vote and a month since hearing closed and no clear sign if this will be approved.  Is this 1+ time since the hearing closed typical?  For those closer to this case, is the mood/discussions that the judge is likely to approve?
    • Even with an aggressive and skill intensive program, in which we provide huge amounts of opportunity, it takes new Scouts on average about two years to get to First Class.  That is, actually doing the requirements as written, without them being spoon-fed by adults.  (Fitness requirements, for example.) If a Scout focuses and learns by her own ambition and initiative, First Class can be done in about 90 days, which is the minimum time.   (This is for the ones who join later, like the 15/16 year olds.)
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