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    • I would expect good fall numbers for girls joining Packs from our school night recruitment programs. My concern is if a bunch of girls join our pack that become AOL scouts and then expect to join the associated troop next winter/spring/summer. There is currently a boy Scout, BSA troop. As I've been mentoring/training the new SM, we can barely staff the adult positions. If the church wishes to have girls in the scout troop, I'll explain the new BSA program offering. Unless the church can find all new leadership for the new girl Scout, BSA troop, it ain't going to happen. The current pack/troop adult leadership are the parents who are there to support their sons. Once I've explained the separate girls Scout, BSA troop, they understood. They get to keep their pack/troop just for their boys. If, however, the church demands a program for girls, there's going to be a problem.  There are no other troops nearby. Sounds like fun????? sst3rd
    • Problem solved, talked to several OA advisors and they all said she is dead wrong.  Talked with my son about switching troops and he was relieved.  He is happy to be free of the SM.  It makes me sad and frustrated that others will have to deal with her.  I can't wait to see there response when they receive my respectful letter to the CC that we are transferring troops and districts.
    • Okay looks like I needed to add more.  The parent that screamed at my son is the parent of a bully.  This bully is bullying my son and has received detention this past week. So in that regard my son has done nothing wrong.  But as stated and thanks to all for talking   But I will back away. 
    • Your Scout should not have to wait that long for a SMC.  That is entirely unacceptable!  I would request that either the SM do it immediately or he turn it over to an ASM to accomplish.  The Scout is being punished in this situation.  Absolutely ridiculous. 
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