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    • What kinds of activities do your dens and packs do for this?  The requirements seem a little vague in spots. What is an "outdoor sporting event" and what constitutes "participate"? Is playing Capture the Flag (and other outdoor games) at Cub Scout Camp participating in an outdoor sporting event? Or does it need to be more like being on a soccer team?  What kinds of conservation projects do you find are successful and meaningful for cub scouts?  Any other tips on this award?  http://usscouts.org/usscouts/advance/cubscout/Outdoor-Activity.asp
    • This is what we use.  My son is the SPL, a Chapter Chief (our lodge has a POR patch for that) and is a Camp Staff member, so he uses velcro.  I am an Associate Lodge adviser, chapter advisor, Troop committee member, and Unit Commissioner, and with only 2 uniforms I use the velcro POR for that change so I am wearign the right POR for the job. Jeff in KC
    • The new colors will only come out once the supply of current ones is sold, so I would guess next year, at the earliest, before we see them. 
    • " So tonight beneath the heavens sleep alone upon your ground sheet."
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