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    • I am so sorry for what you are going through.  Keep working through this and hopefully your son can have his name cleared or find another unit that's a better fit.  Best wishes and I am sorry this is so difficult.  
    • You know, after my boys went out on a hot day,  I can see the use of a class B.  At Wood Badge we wore t-shirts a lot but uniforms for some meals and all flag ceremonies.  I am OK with some flexibility.  
    • I still can't believe there is even outrage at all over a magazine title. Then again, this forum never ceases to amaze me with what brings out the pitchforks. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that someone is threatening to quit because there will be photos of girls in the handbooks. 
    • I think folks misunderstand what is really going on here.  The BSA is going co-ed.  While you can have boy troops and girl troops, it is becoming a  co-ed activity. It's not circling of the wagons, it's a clear choice of the executive board of the BSA.  Girls are becoming equal members of the movement.  That's why the name changes and admittance to the OA don't surprise me.  They shouldn't surprise anyone else either. These things are not program.  Program is activities, camping, youth led, advancement, etc. Program is not the name of the magazine or who can belong to the OA.  Program is what the OA does and how it does it. You can have all the outrage at it that you want, but it's just the evolution of the decision they made last year. 
    • Late last year I wrote a post on the comparison between the feminist and social justi.ce themes being injected into the Star Wars franchise; which seemed to mirror the BSA's 'progressive' decision to allow girls to join the BSA While The Last Jedi movie faced greatly mixed reviews from critics, longtime Star Wars fans and new, progressive Star Wars fans; the financial success of that movie could not be disputed. Many longtime fans who were deeply put off by the overt feminist and social justice themes and undertones of the Last Jedi, however, swore to no longer support the Star Wars franchise given its current direction. The Solo movie, which opened this weekend, is now being called the first Star Wars flop ever due to its extremely low opening box office numbers, as many of these ardent, longtime Star Wars fans, chose not to support Disney and Ms. Kennedy's progressive take on the Star Wars universe, by voting with their wallet and not seeing the movie (myself included). Is it likely that changes will be made to Disney's take on the Star Wars universe given this financial hit? Should the BSA expect a similar financial hit, over its decision to allow girls to join the BSA? I know that many on this board are championing the inclusion of girls in the Boy Scouts, but are there enough of you who share that view to outweigh the number of Americans who simply feel that the inclusion of girls in the Boy Scouts of America, is political correctness run amok and ultimately a huge mistake?
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