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    • The report from National last week showed around 50,000 girls registered.  My understanding is that is strictly paid registrations received from Councils.  Do you think National is not accurately reporting those numbers? 
    • Exactly. I think we'll see the shift in numbers the next two years as the program gets going and the paper registrants, if any, aren't a part of the picture as much. 
    • My son's old troop had two nice alternative camping structures, instead of the standard tents. They didn't use them all year round, but they had them for various uses.   One was a carport tent. It's main use was at summer camps, either as the standard weather coverall over the tables in case of rain or as a group tent where the scouts lined up their cots and slept in a single hut. The sides were lifted out and tied down for maximum ventilation and in case of bad weather, they could be brought in for extra coverage.  The other was rather cheap to build and used at summer camp or at Trappers in Kansas. Online I can only find it as a "Monkey Hut". Basically rebar in the ground, PVC pipes as ribs, and a tarp spread over it all with the appropriate tie downs. A self made Quonset hut for the scouts to use a group sleeping tent. And extendable with another hut added to the end.  What sorts of alternative camping structures does anyone else use? 
    • Not sure about other councils, but here in Central Florida we were given a number of 1004 girls last month.  I know we picked up 11 in our pack, and that was a small number compared to some of the others in our district.  The tell will be how many of those girls continue the entire school year, or indeed, how many have even attended a meeting.
    • I watched a facebook live from my local council yesterday and the numbers given was 3,000 and something boys registered in the council as of end of September.  The number of boys registered was 5 more than at the same time last year.  The number of girls that had registered as of the end of September was 285 if I remember correctly.  Also over 60% of the adults registered had completed the new youth protection.  In my district 71% had completed the new youth protection.   
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