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    • In addition to the fact that there is no "cub-" or "boy scout-" specific trained patch per se these days (you can wear the red or the green at your preference), it's also important to remember that you should never wear two of any patch on the uniform. No doubles of anything, even if it's an award you've earned twice.
    • Understood @desertrat77. I'm reminded of a interesting Wood Badge fact I learned along the way.  The National Wood Badge director in any country is entitled to wear five beads.  As I understand it, in the United States the last person to wear five beads was Green Bar Bill.  Every person since him who has been entitled to be a five beader has refused the recognition.  I always thought that showed a lot of respect and class. Your experience, unfortunately like others, clearly shows that not everyone who has completed Wood Badge understands class.  You'd like to think the three and four beaders would get it - but I've sadly learned too well this weekend that not all do. Here's hoping that at least some of those folks will start getting the message that they need to think a lot harder about their own actions.
    • Thanks for the recommendation.  I just ordered one. 
    • Parkman, the kicker is that the comments weren't always delivered by a one-off, grade D WBer.  That I can accept any day of the week as he/she may not speak for the rest of the community.  More often than not, these comments were made by folks that were pretty high in the WB food chain, folks with more than two beads. So I play the cards I'm dealt, and go hiking and camping instead.
    • @desertrat77 As a supporter of the program, I'm embarassed to read that there are those that make those claims.  On their best day they are ridiculous exagerations.  Trying to say that Wood Badge training is superior to other management or leadership type training is the wrong approach.  Rather then saying it's better than someone else's course, we'd be better served by describing it as it is.  Making grandiose claims is really not needed.  There's more than enough good reasons for someone to attend without making those claims. Anyone who tells you that you're lazy, not up to snuff, or don't care is simply a bad ambassador for Wood Badge.  I'd rather have 100 empty courses than fill one through guilty and criticism.  Frankly if I was in a position to do so, I'd cancel their course.
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